Homework for Monday April 7, 2014  Day 5

Reading: Read for 45 mins. Complete the Biography packet. Use all the strategies you have learned to understand non fiction reading. Go to the library and find a biography of a person you are interested in learning more about.   A modern individual can also be included. 

Writing: In your writing notebook, choose a time in your life that was difficult for you. Write a poem about the topic. Remember to make stanzas and white space. Extra Credit. WALL OF POEMS!! 

MAth: 11. 7  3 post its. 

Reminders: Bring in a Restaurant menu and any little things at home you would like to decorate your butterfly with. Example, earrings, buttons, necklacejj

Homework for Tues April 8th 2014     Day 6

Reading: Read for 45 mins. Read the first 2 chapters in your biography book. In your reading notebook answer the follwoing questions: Who is the subject? What did you learn about them?

Writing: Write 2 paragraphs in which you describe to someone how poetry is different than other genres you have read.  

MATH: 11.8 3 post its

Homework for Wed April 9, 2014  Day 7

Reading: Read  for 60 mins. Read 2 to three more chapters of your biography book.  Answer the first 2 prompts in your reading notebook.

Writing: Read the poem "Happy." Read and annotate the song in which you break it up into sections and ask yourself: What do I think? What do I wonder? Write a poem in your writing notebook about a subject or topic that makes you feel happy.

MAth: 11.9 3 post its  Test Ready page 9 Q# 17, page 11 q # 21,page 22 q #44,

Homework for Thurs, April 10, 2014  Day 1

Reading: Read for 45 mins. Complete the next 2 prompts about your biography. 
Writing: Fill out the template for your I am poem and then publish it on paper of your choice
MAth: 11.10 3 post its. Unit test tomorrow.