Homework for Monday MArch 16, 2015 

Reading:You should be reading every night for 60 mins.Read 30 mins of fiction and 30 mins of non fiction. The ELA is on April 14,15 and 16. You should read in a quiet place so you can build stamina for the ELA.


Complete the passages. Make sure you are chunking the text and using all strategies learned. Complete the short response and extended response on looseleaf paper. Make sure you are using the "FUN" and "RAFT" method. Read you responses out loud to make sure it makes sense. 

MAth: 10.4  Review all multiplication and division facts

Upcoming Events:
Parent Teacher Conferences on Thurs.
Dismissal Thurs at 11:20
Spring Pictures on Friday

1. Please contribute a pack of 500 sheet of computer paper!!!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE
2. Please bring in paper towels and tissue boxes!!!! Thanks so much!!