Homework  for 12/18/2014  Happy December!!!!

Reading:Read for 40 mins. 20 mins of Fiction and 20 mins of Nonfiction. Reading Response notebook Prompt #10

Writing: Draft out your essay for your noteworthy person. Use the persuasive essay organizer person to help you write the 5 paragraphs. 
Ex: Teachers are hard workers. ( claim) 3 reasons could be .Reason#1 They plan lessons at home. Reason #2 They care about kids and learning. Reason #3 They make learning fun and easy. 

Math: 6.5 Complete multiplication Table!! Multiplication Drill!

Please go to the library and take out some books on Expository Non Fiction text. Pick a topic your interested in and get 2 or more books.
We will celebrate the holidays on Tues December 23. You can bring cards to class to give to your classmates. Bring candy to give out as treats.