Homework  for 1/23/2015  Happy January

Reading:Read for 1 hour. Reading for 60 minutes will help you build stamina for the ELA test. As you read stop and jot on a post it the following:
If I were the main character I would……………
This part was interesting to me because…...

Writing: Take home your SS notebook and use the information you gathered on Chinese Culture to write a 5 paragraph essay on looseleaf paper. Choose one of the 2 claims to use in your essay or write your own claim.

China has a rich culture.
The Chinese culture is fascinating.
You can type in Chinese culture on yahooligans or google it by typing in : Learning about chinese culture for kids

Math: Study your review sheet for out unit 7 test on Monday.

Please return your progress reports signed by your parents
Reminder : Please bring back trip slip!!!