Homework for Wed Nov 25, 2015

: Read 25 mins of Non-fiction and 25 mins of Fiction.Reading  packet.

: Write a 2 paragraph fiction story using all the elements of narrative writing in which you imagine that you are a child who came to New Amsterdam and started a new life. Use characters, dialogue, setting and problem/solution in your 2 paragraphs. 

MAth: 4.10 2 post its!! Study with a Buddy!

We have our trip on Monday when we come back to school after Thanksgiving. Please remember to dress according to the weather! 

Bring in copy paper please.
Bring in a water bottle!
Bring in Cans for the food drive!
Test prep am and pm on WED's and THUR's. 
Bring in goodies for holiday party on WED.
Trip Monday to Alley Pond Center. Parents invited: Brandon's mom and Julissa's mom.  Dress according to the weather and bring in lunch from home otherwise you will have Peanut Butter and Jelly!