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Star Chasers Club

What is the Star Chasers club?

The Star Chasers is a club for students who are interested in achieving “above and beyond” the normal classroom expectations.  Student work at their own pace and pick their own topic(s).  Learn all about a topic and then make an appointment to come tell Mrs. Urmston the answers during recess or lunch break.  You can become a 1 star member or even work all the way up to an 84 star member! 

How does Star Chasers work?

On my home page, there are 5 Star Chasers subject pages (Social Studies, Science, Language Arts, Math and Miscellaneous).  Choose one to get started!  All of the topics have a website link to help you get started on your journey.  While these websites contain a lot of information about the topic, they will not have everything you need to learn about the topic.  You will have to search other sites and read some book as well.  When you think you are ready, make your appointment. At your meeting with Mrs. Urmston you must prove that you have indeed learned about the topic you picked.  Once your knowledge has been proven, you will get a star on the Star Chaser chart.  Once you have earned 16 stars on the chart your name will be put on the Wall of Fame where it will stay until Mrs. Urmston retires.

How long do we have to learn about a topic?

Take as long as you need!  You may choose any topic in any subject area that you wish.  This is your learning and you have control over what and when you learn about each topic. 

Where did you come up with this idea?

Mrs. Renz is the teacher who started "The Mastery Club" for her classroom.  We have chosen the name "Star Chasers" for our club.  Read the topics in the various subjects and you are on your way.  Have fun!

**Mrs. De Fazio and I would like to thank Mrs. Renz for allowing us to use and adapt her Mastery Club for our classrooms.**


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