1.  With your brothers and sisters(your group), decide what makes good 
beach weather.

2.  Then, each of you must forecast the weather for one of the 4 
possible beach destinations.  Use internet sites below.

3.  Get together again and decide which destination is best.

4.  As a group, you must show Friday's weather map for the "lower 
48" states showing fronts and pressure systems. Indicate expected 
weather for each possible destination by writing words like "clear," 
"rainy" or "cold" by the destination.  Draw a similar map for Saturday 
and a third for Sunday.  This may seem like overkill but Dad wants to 
make sure the weather at each possible destination has been thourghly 
researched and your final decision on where to go is a good one.  
Finally, state which destination should have the best beach weather.

5.  Your report should be a Microsoft Word document or Powerpoint with all 
group members names on it submitted by the end of the period Thursday.