Tarea- Sp 3R pd 2

2016- 2017

Thurs 9/8-  Get class rules signed; create Quizlet account- HMQZ #1; National Spanish Exam money ($7) due 9/16

Mon 9/12- HMQZ #2
Tues 9/13- No Class
Wed 9/14- HMQZ 1&2; Wkbk pgs 89-90 Acts A,B,C
Thurs 9/15- HMQZ #3; Wkbk pgs 90-91 Acts D & E

Mon 9/19- HMQZ #4; Finish Sesame Street reading/wksht
Tues 9/20- HMQZ 3&4 Combo; wkbk pgs 94-95
Wed 9/21- Make BINGO board- write Spanish words only from Chpt 8 vocab list, must include definite article, 5x5; QUIZ tomorrow on Chapter 8 vocab
Thurs 9/22- No homework, rotate out tomorrow

Mon 9/26- HMQZ #5; Watch Preterite Tense video, answer questions, take notes
Tues 9/27- HMQZ #6; Watch imperfect Tense video, answer questions, take notes
Wed 9/28- HMQZ 5&6; Watch Preterite v Imperfect video, answer questions, take notes
Thurs 9/29- HMQZ #7; QUIA Preterite v Imperfect.  Create QUIA account if you don't already have one.  Instructions are HERE.  If you already have a QUIA account, make sure to add this class, use CLASS CODE: