We do not remember days,we remember moments!
SubjectMonday 11/13Tuesday 11/14Wednesday 11/15Thursday 11/16Friday 11/17
ENGLISHQuiz on verbsTest Thurs.studystudy 
MATHProdigy Due Wednesdayfinish front of sheet and get quiz signed and correctedfinish worksheet  
SCIENCE finish outline and complete assessment questions assessment questions page 127 Review Sheet for Test Tuesday
SOCIAL STUDIESsign testsCheckpoints and focus for Chapter 17 Lesson 1 study Test Chapter 17 Lesson 1
RELIGIONSaint Essay due Wedessay due Chapter 4 up to p. 36 
LITERATURE Read 267p 268p. 269 
SPANISH    Chile Quiz on Tuesday
REMINDERSMeals on WheelsMeals on WheelsCurrent Events for Science due November 30th1/2 day Report Card Conferences you must be here with your parent