Mrs. Zecchin's 7th Grade Homework

Ms. Scrima's 7th Grade Homework
 Monday 11/13Tuesday 11/14Wednesday 11/15Thursday 11/16Friday 11/17
ENGLISHsign 3 test - quiz on participle main help linking irregular present past and future verbQuizTest tomorrowp. 365 #'s 7-11 
SCIENCE identifying your rock activity sheet   
SOCIAL STUDIESsign testCheckpoints for Chapter 3 Lesson 1study studyTest Chapter 3 Lesson 1
MATHfinish problem setproblem set page 85-86pages 89 and 90  
SPANISH    Famous people conversations
COMPOSITION Rikki essays typed for Wedessay due tomorrow   
LITERATURERead textbook 148-149 Read pages 150-151Read 152-153 
REMINDERBring Smock for ArtBring in Parent Teacher Meeting formsMeals on Wheels due Thursday, Friday morning latest!!!Current Events for Science due November 30thDNI project due next class. Also finish Section D from textbook page 60