Social Studies Links

3rd grade/4th grade Resources

This page has a wealth of Social Studies links.  

We now have a subscription to World Book online at SLS.  The username and 
password are both the same:  sls4041
World Book Encyclopedia Online

3rd grade: Information about Japan

3rd grade:  A kid's life in Japan, good for background knowledge.

3rd grade: Ancient Egypt for Kids - good interactive site

3rd grade:  Information about Egypt.

Create your own cartouche with Egyptian Hieroglyphics!

Well organized, easy to navigate website about Egypt.
Ancient Egypt

Good information for students on Egypt.
Ancient Egypt

3rd grade:  Information about Italy

Digital copies of past issues of the Young Explorer magazine by 
National Geographic.  This is an excellent non-fiction resource.
National Geographic Young Explorer

3rd and 4th:  Good search engine for information

3rd and 4th:  Take a tour with Ben Franklin and learn about the 
history of our government,especially the documents that are 
important to our history.
Ben's Guide to the Government

3rd and 4th grade:  Be President for a day, and see how 
government affects you!
The Democracy Project

3rd and 4th grade:  Learn about the US Government, about the 
president, and how government works.
The White House for Kids

3rd and 4th grade:  Learn about the FBI and what they do to 
protect our country.

This site has a lot of links, including the ones 
above, to great governmentwebsites.
Kids Government links

Enrichment activities for Pedro's Journal

Website to go along with "Acropolis Adventure"
Ancient Greece

Use this website for "The Great American Mail Race"
New York State

Take a geography quiz!  See what you know and don't know.
Geography Quiz