Since we have finished our unit and webquest on the Civil War, I hope 
that you have learned more about the background of the United States. 
Throughout your project, youÂ’ve had the opportunity to explore and 
gather information on this era in our history. You have worked diligently, 
and I expect that you will walk away with not only a basic knowledge of 
our war, but also an interest and a realization that history has impacted 
our nation today. 

Thank you for all your efforts. If you have any final thoughts or concerns, 
please bring them to our attention as soon as possible.  Your final work 
will be on display throughout the next month in both the LMC and our 
class rooms. If you have further interest in this topic, please visit our 
library and ask for books on history or see us for references to books we 
have in our classroom.