Visual Perception

Visual Perception refers to the ability to interpret visual information from the information from the environment.

Visual perception terms, definitions, and activities are as follows:

Visual Discrimination: the ability to see differences and similarities in shapes, patterns, and objects
"What is missing?" puzzles
"What is different?" puzzles
Guess Who?
SET (game)

Figure Ground: the ability to locate objects in a busy background
Hidden pictures puzzles
Word searches
Finders Keepers (game)
Picture Link (game)

Visual Closure: the ability to identify an object, shape, or symbol from a visually incomplete or disorganized presentation
Jigsaw puzzles
The Hole Picture (game)
"Guess what it is?" - Show the student a portion of a simple picture and require him/her to try to guess what it is
Squint (game)

Spatial Relations: the ability to perceive the position of two or more objects in relations to each other
Traffic Jam (game)
Copying designs on a geoboard

Visual Memory: the ability to recall or reproduce a number/letter/figure that has previously been seen for a short period of time
Memory (game)
Concentration (game)
Stare (game)
"What did you see?" - Show the child a picture for a short period of time and then ask him/her to recall as many details as possible
"What's missing?" - Show the child 2-5 items. Have the child close his/her eyes and remove one of the items. Require the student to say what the missing item is.

Position in Space: the ability to understand and perceive the position of an object in relation to one's own body
Simon Says
Play a treasure hunting game. Have the child hide an object and give you directions to find it using words such as right, left, in front of, behind, on top of, ect.

Form Constancy: the ability to identify, name, and sort objects/shapes/symbols despite differences in size, shading, texture, or position
Ned's Head (game)
Tanogram puzzles

Directionality: the ability to distinguish between left and right
Simon Says
Left, Center, Right (game)
Right Turn, Left Turn (card game)