About the Physical Therapist

NAME: Shoshana Bazini, PT

SCHOOL: Howell, Wheeler, Dever and Willow.

SPECIAL SERVICES FAX #: 516-564-5427

E-MAIL: sbazini@valleystream13.com

December Parent Teacher Conferences:
Walk-in times (please call the school to let me know you are coming as I 
am also attending meetings in classrooms and don't want to miss you)

W Dec 9,2015: HOWELL Road: 12:30-3:00 (lots of spots)
Th Dec 10, 2015: DEVER 12:30-3:30  (lots of spots)

THURSDAY EVENING: WILLOW 5:30-7:30 (very booked)

I am a NYS Licensed Physical Therapist with many years of experience 
working with children.  Physical Therapists work with teachers, students 
families to help children with special needs learn how to move around the 
school safely and participate in classroom activities.  

I welcome parent input and participation.  Please let me know what your 
enjoys (favorite toy, song etc...) as well as any special needs or goals 
may have.  Parents are encouraged to come in and work with me during a PT 
session to help your child carry over a new skill to home.

Physical Therapists use exercise to help children improve their energy, 
balance and strength.  We work with families and staff to modify and change 
school activities to make them easier for children with special needs.  We 
modify or identify adapted equipment for school.  Physical Therapists are 
also knowledgable about wheelchairs, orthotics and medical conditions that 
impact a child in school.  

I also coach adapted sports through the Nassau County Victory Challenge 
Empire State Games for the Physically Challenged.