Please refer to this page often to see what we are working on in the classroom.

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Now that it's October, the children are beginning to settle into class routines.

Superkids Program

Parents should be able to access Superkids online.  You will be able to print the Backpack pages, see the spelling list and view the decodable reader.  You can also learn how to access fun learning apps as well.  Please let me know if you are having any difficulty.  I gave each child a random "icon" to use as their "password." I will send it home to each of you.

Also, as per further training, our spelling tests will NOT always be every Friday, but will fall on the last day of each unit in Superkids. Each "unit" has 5 lessons.  Since we had Tuesday off, our test will now be on Monday.

The children have been getting to know the characters that are part of the program and have been utilizing good listening skills during the dictation and decoding part of the program.  We have been practicing fluency in our decodable reader as well as in our "Super" magazine where we have been reviewing non-fiction features that will help our comprehension. They seem to really enjoy the interesting articles and features of the magazine. Our next trade book will be Henry and Mudge, by Cynthia Rylant.

During our writing time, we have been discussing where to get ideas for writing. We have been reading many books that help us make personnel connections to jump start our thinking.  We've talked about "Smart Spelling Strategies" as well as nouns and verbs and complete sentences.  We have begun a unit of study on poetry.  The children have been learning adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs and will publish a poem using similes, alliteration and onomatopoiea.

In Chapter 4 children will learn strategies such as adding on and taking away sets represented by bar models to solve addition and subtraction problems.  They also learn to compare to models to solve more complex addition and subtraction problems.  A combination of all these strategies is used in solving two-step real-world problems.

We have completed our unit on plants and will learn about animals and adaptations in the beginning of December. We will also have a visit from The Nature Company to discuss animal adaptations.

Social Studies
Soon we will be learning about citizenship, patriotism and then get into the topic of voting.