Please refer to this page often to see what we are working on in the classroom.

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Our Multicultural Show was a huge success!! Thank you for all your help! The children learned a lot about other countries and we hope this will facilitate an understanding about our diverse community!

Superkids Program

Parents should be able to access Superkids online.  You will be able to print the Backpack pages, see the spelling list and view the decodable reader as well as Super Magazine.  You can also learn how to access fun learning apps as well.  Please let me know if you are having any difficulty.  I gave each child a random "icon" to use as their "password." I will send it home to each of you.

Also, as per further training, our spelling tests will NOT always be every Friday, but will fall on the last day of each unit in Superkids. Each "unit" has 5 lessons.  

Collecting, organizing, reporting and interpreting data are important activities related to children's everyday experiences.  It is important that children learn many forms of organizing and presenting data.  In this chapter, children will learn how to analyze more complex picture graphs, bar graphs, line plots and solve word problems using data from the information in the graphs.

Today we introduced rocks and minerals for our new unit Treasures of our Earth.  The class is learning about the properties of rocks: color, texture, luster and hardness. We will also delve into fossils and using and saving our natural resources.