Please check the this announcement page often to see what we are working on in the classroom.

I'm working on uploading pictures of the children from our visit to the Hospital, the Smoke House visit and the Nature Company visit! I apologize that they are coming out sideways!! When I downloaded them they were in the right positions! Trying to figure out how to rotate them the correct way! Sorry for the stiff necks!

We will be starting a new unit on Bar Models.  Bar models are another strategy used to solve addition and subtraction problems. It is also known as the part-part-whole concept and will be used to "add on" and "take away sets." I've learned about a great website called which has many activities for practice and reinforcement.  There is an activity on bar models that will be used to introduce this concept to the class.

*We will have a test on Tuesday on Bar Models and then we will be on to multiplying!


We are finishing up our personal narratives and will move onto parts of speech: nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  We will use what they learn to help write poetry.

Our next unit of study in Social Studies will be the election process.  The class will work in small groups to create a "cookie" that people will want to eat.  Together they will create a "campaign" as to why their cookie is the best, and we will cast a ballot and vote on their favorite cookie! 
Update: The Lego Movie Cookie won! Congrats to Jaydin, Ethan and Andrew!

Our next Science unit will be on mammals, insects, amphibians, birds and fish.  Then, we will have a special visit from Mr. Anthony from The Nature Company in December to follow-up on this unit.  It is a wonderful in-house visit that will take place on Friday! Mr. Anthony brings four different animals and we will learn about their habitats and adaptations.

*We will have a science test next Wednesday on the different types of animals we've learned about.