Please check the this announcement page often to see what we are working on in the classroom.

I'm working on uploading pictures of the children from our visit to the Hospital, the Smoke House visit and the Nature Company visit! I apologize that they are coming out sideways!! When I downloaded them they were in the right positions! I'm trying to figure out how to rotate them the correct way! Sorry for the stiff necks!

)ur new unit in math is Chapter 17, Graphs and Line Plots In this chapter, children will learn how to analyze more complex picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots.In Grade 2, the reading, analysis and interpretation of picture graphs involve symbols that may represent more than one item.  Children will learn to solve word problems using data they find in the picture graphs, bar graphs, and line plots.

Google Classroom and Google Apps

You all should have received a user name and password to log onto Google Classroom and Google Apps for Education to receive announcements from and share assignments with me.  It is and their password is the same for FastMath.  The Google credentials that you've received will also provide your child with access to some sites recommended for extra practice, such as Khan Academy.  To log in to Khan Academy, use the credentials you've received to  Next, go to and click Sing-in/Sign in the upper right hand corner. you can then log in with Google by clicking the red bar, and you're all set! Please note, this is not an active emao address, simply a username to give your child access to Google Apps for Education.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

I've learned about a great website called which has many activities for practice and reinforcement.  


Our next writing unit we will begin poetry. We will spend a week immersing children in poems and discuss poems make pictures in our mind.  We will discuss line breaks and white space and how poets craft their pieces.

The next science unit will be "Treasures from Earth." The class will be learning about , saving our natural resources. We will discuss the importance of conservation, recycling, litter, pollution and natural resources.