Please check the this announcement page often to see what we are working on in the classroom.

I am so impressed with how well the class has tackled addition with regrouping.  At first, some were struggling and now with more practice, most really seem to understand it! Next Tuesday we will have a math test on regrouping and then will begin unit 3 on subtraction with regrouping.


Superkids: We have started to learn about mysteries and are now reading Nate the Great.

During writers' workshop we are delving into writing personal narratives. We have begun to read many books on memoir to model this genre of writing. We are "zooming" in on a story and are learning about similes and how they can help make a picture in a readers' mind.

Our next unit of study in Social Studies will be the election process.  The class will work in small groups to create a "cookie" that people will want to eat.  Together they will create a "campaign" as to why their cookie is the best, and we will cast a ballot and vote on their favorite cookie! 

We have begun our first Science unit on the life cycles of plants.  We have placed beans in a ziploc bag with a wet paper towel.  The children are making observations and recording them in their science notebook.  They are very excited to see their seeds start to grow! Next Tuesday we will also have a science test on plants.  Look for a review guide in your child's folder.

Also, we will have a visit from the local fire departments on Fire Safety and the children will visit the Smoke House.

                              Red Ribbon Week!
              Monday-      Wear school shirts or school colors.
              Tuesday-     Wear a hat, cap, ribbon, bandanna or head band.
              Wednesday - Wear a College/NFL shirt or jersey.
              Thursday -   Wear something red.
              Friday -      Wear Halloween colors (orange, black or purple)