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A BIG thank you to Mrs. Pagan for the electric pencil sharpener! We really appreciate it!!


Reading Units of Study
The children really seemed to enjoy our unit of study on Fairy Tales and Tall Tales.  They were rich in vocabulary and many of the children are starting to use them when speaking.
Our next unit of study is making connections when reading.  Readers will often think about how the events or people in their books remind them of their own experiences.  Making a connection helps readers enjoy and understand a story.

Connections also lend themselves to visualizing.  When reading and listening to a story, children create mental images of what is happening, or "make a movie" in their mind.  Both connections and visualizing can help to make their comprehension stronger.

We will also start to discuss inferencing about characters.  What a character does or says can tell us something about them.  This is a difficult concept and we will practice this throughout the year.

Writing Units of Study
Writing is such a wonderful part of our day. Our next unit of study will be letter writing.  We will culminate this unit with writing a letter to deployed troops through "Operation Gratitude."  We learned about this through our Scholastic News and we hope to hear back from some of them.


The class seems to be having fun with our third module about place value.  They seem to be getting a stronger grasp of this concept.  We will continue to work on this module using manipulatives and our place value numbers and charts.
Our interactive computer program, FAST Math will help to practice addition and subtraction number facts throughout the week.

Social Studies
Our Social Studies program begins with learning about the different types of communities, transportation and communication. However, first we will discuss active citizenship: rules and voting.

The children enjoyed the lesson on paying taxes and expenses.  They were each given money and had to pay a tax and expense to use the bathroom, sharpen a pencil or get a drink. They learned that the money communities collect go to pay for various things such as parks, playgrounds, roads, police and fire departments, libraries, post offices and schools.  We discussed how citizens should have a say where their money goes because they are using their money to fund these departments.  We also learned how to exchange dimes and nickels and make change.


Houghton Mifflin Science program will focus on three areas of science: Plants, Animals and Living Things, The Earth's Surface and Matter and Energy.  In preparation for our visit from the Nature Company, we will begin to focus on different types of animals, their life cycles and adaptations that help them to survive.