Please check the this announcement page often to see what we are working on in the classroom.

We have spent a couple of weeks on place value and most of the children seem to understand this concept.  Our second math chapter brings us to the dreaded regrouping (or carrying over.) However with plenty of practice this concept will begin to make sense for the children. It is confusing for most at first, especially when regrouping ten tens to a hundred.

Superkids will take a look at nouns and verbs as well as words that end in -le and -ng.  In our Super magazine we will learn about "Goofy New Gadgets," and how Leonardo DaVinci influenced the development of many inventions!

During writers' workshop we are delving into writing personal narratives. We have begun to read many books on memoir to model this genre of writing.

We will be finishing up our unit on communities.  We've learned about rural, urban and suburban communities and will also discuss different types of transportation and communication.

Shortly, we will begin our first Science unit on plants and animals.