Please refer to this page often to see what we are working on in the classroom.

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Reading Units of Study
We continue to encourage children to use strategies that will help them build good reading habits to become stronger readers. 
We have been looking closely at features of non-fiction texts and how they can help us understand what we are reading.  This is an important unit of study as children are expected to read more informational texts. 

Writing Units of Study
 Children have chosen a topic that they would like to become an expert on.  They will write a non-fiction piece and will use some of the non-fiction features they are learning about in their written pieces.

We are beginning a new unit in math: addition with regrouping. Afterwards we will also delve into 2-digit subtraction with regrouping. We will also be returning to the HSP program and the Practice Workbook for homework, most of the time as well as the On Core some of the time.
Don't forget to utilize the HSP website to practice and review these concepts.

Social Studies
The children have been learning about how diverse our Dever families are by learning about each other's countries and sharing their fabulous posters!  We are also practicing the songs from different countries for our culminating Multicultural performance on Friday, March 14th.


Houghton Mifflin Science program will focus on three areas of science: Plants, Animals and Living Things, The Earth's Surface and Matter and Energy.  We have begun our first unit on Plants & Animals and what living things need to survive.  We will now focus on Rocks & Minerals, soil, weathering, erosion and fossils.