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A BIG thank you to Mrs. Pagan for the electric pencil sharpener! We really appreciate it!!

Reading Unit of Study
We will be using our inferencing skills to help us wonder about stories and providing evidence for our thinking.

Writing Unit of Study
The children are finishing up their non-fiction books and many have shared their published pieces.  Our next unit of focus is poetry.  The children will be immersed in poetry and learn the importance of line breaks, similes, onomatopoeia, descriptive language to help a reader visualize, shapes of poems, voice poems, to name a few.


We are now returning to Eureka Math, Module 7  to practice money.

Social Studies
As you know our focus for social studies is on immigration.  We are using our Listening and Learning Strand on immigration as well as  books and video.  We will also be taking a "virtual tour" of Ellis Island via


Houghton Mifflin Science program will focus on three areas of science: Plants, Animals and Living Things, The Earth's Surface and Matter and Energy.  Our next focus will be on rocks and minerals.