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Now that it's October, the children are beginning to settle into class routines.

Superkids Program
The children have been getting to know the characters that are part of the program and have been utilizing good listening skills during the dictation and decoding part of the program.  We have been practicing fluency in our decodable reader as well as in our "Super" magazine where we have been reviewing non-fiction features that will help our comprehension. They seem to really enjoy the interesting articles and features of the magazine.

During our writing time, we have been discussing where to get ideas for writing. We have been reading many books that help us make personnel connections to jump start our thinking.  We've talked about "Smart Spelling Strategies" as well as nouns and verbs and complete sentences.  We will discuss how to fix run-on sentences and begin a plan to write an autobiography.

Math has been a bit of a challenge as our new program is delving into adding 3 digit numbers with and without regrouping. The "making a 10" strategy follows the Common Core curriculum and helps to give them a strategy to visualize the problem so the children can do math mentally.  This can be very difficult, but some children are starting to get the concept.

We are almost finished with our study of the 5 senses and then will move into our science program where the focus will be plants and animals.

Social Studies
Soon we will be learning about citizenship and then get into the topic of voting.