Please refer to this page often to see what we are working on in the classroom.

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Superkids Program

Parents should be able to access Superkids online.  You will be able to print the Backpack pages, see the spelling list and view the decodable reader as well as Super Magazine.  You can also learn how to access fun learning apps as well.  Please let me know if you are having any difficulty.  I gave each child a random "icon" to use as their "password." I will send it home to each of you.

Also, as per further training, our spelling tests will NOT always be every Friday, but will fall on the last day of each unit in Superkids. Each "unit" has 5 lessons.  

In this chapter, children will learn about new plane shapes, the trapezoid, hexagon, quadrilateral, pentagon and angle.  Children will also learn to combine smaller plane shapes to make larger plane shapes, and separate larger shapes to make smaller shapes.  Children will be taught how to draw and cop plane shapes and figures on dot paper and square grid paper as preparation for the introduction of congruence and symmetry in Grades 3 and 4.  Children will also learn how to build models by combining sold shapes as well as identify the solid shapes used to make the models.  Finally, children will identify, describe, extend, and create more complex patterns using different sizes, shapes, colors and positions (turnings). After, we will work on measurement with inches and feet and, time permitting, multiplication with the three and four times tables.

We are completing using and saving our natural resources and our final unit will be on matter and energy.  We will also be receiving our butterfly eggs and will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.