Room 10 News

Open House is tonight at 8:10 PM (parents only) for Grades K-2. I will speak about the curriculum and second grade routines.  I hope to see you in Room 10 tonight!

   Your child's first week of second grade passed quickly.  We got to know one another, made a class quilt, played an addition game, wrote poetry responses and learned to find a "just right" book to read.  Next week we will begin the Superkids Reading Program and our Math in Focus Program.  Our first Spelling Test will be on September 15th.                   

   We had a wonderful first day today!  The second graders organized their desks and school supplies.  We got to know one another by playing a game called "Find someone who..."  They listened to First Day Jitters and discussed how they felt about coming to school today (nervous, excited).  We even graphed the data. We talked about our summer activities and learned some of the daily routines for second grade.  I truly enjoyed meeting the children today and look forward to a great year ahead!