1. URT (Uninterrupted Reading Time) - 20 minutes - Reading log.
  2. Silent reading books.
  3. PARP calendar!!!

Note - Plastic bottle returns: We are looking for volunteers to take home the deposit/returns.  One nickel per bottle!  

Trip slip and check:  Cradle of Aviation trip is June 7.  We will need two chaperones. The chaperones do not need to pay the museum admission fee; however, the chaperones will need to find their own transportation to and from the museum. 

  1. Work on the TenMarks!!!
  2. xtramath.com
  3. Think Central.



  1. Cradle of Aviation slideshow due Tuesday, the 23rd. 
  2. Spice up you notes.
  3. Vocabulary eword review game.
  4. Vocabulary review crossword puzzle
  5. Vocabulary review word find
  6. Extra Credit: Pages C11, C19, C29 & C88 LINKS.

SS:  Extra credit: page 67 ACTIVITIES.

Learning.com: Work on your assignments.

Question of the day: This is how far the moon is from Earth.
Extra Help Monday - 8:10 - 8:45