New York State Exams

NYS Test 2013-2014

There are four New York State Exams in Fourth Grade.  Here is the schedule.
•The English Language Arts Exam will be held April 1-3
•The Mathematics Exam will be held April 30-May 2
•The Science Performance Test will be held from May 21 May 30
•The Science Written Exam will be held June 2

To View Sample Test...

Unfortunately, there is no sample test this year.  Here are some 

sample questions to help you guide your child.  For each grade 

level and subject, we have provided approximately 12 questions. 

These questions include multiple choice, short constructed 

response, and extended constructed response.


The sample questions are teaching tools for educators and can be 

shared freely with students and parents. They are designed to 

help illuminate the way the Common Core should drive instruction 

and how students will be assessed starting in the 2012-13 school 


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Testing Schedule for you to Print!