The ENRICHMENT CENTER is a not-for-profit corporation providing school-age child care for Kindergarten through eighth grade students in the Yorktown schools.

What ?


The Enrichment Center offers several child care programs.


Before School programs for K-5 students and After School sessions serving all K-3 and 4th-8th grade students.


Activities in all the Center programs include music, science, outdoor play, cooking, sports, games, literacy, nature and crafts. Opportunities for learning through recreation, socialization and discovery are provided daily.


Why ?


We provide opportunities for children to:  feel good about themselves, make friends and develop their curiosity & enthusiasm for learning.


How ?

We encourage the growth and development of the whole child by providing an environment that is nurturing, active and relevant to a child’s needs.


Where ?

Center programs take place at the Yorktown Elks Lodge and the Yorktown Community and Cultural Center. 


Here’s What Our Parents Say:

“The Center is providing exceptional care. It is a nurturing, learning and fun place to be.”


“This is my second child who has gone to the Enrichment Center. I think you have a wonderful program…Keep up the good work. I couldn’t be happier.”


“…It’s great to go to Enrichment and have fun without the confines of a ‘play date’. (My daughter) can make ‘choices’ not ‘compromises’. She has a great time!”


“…It is a working parent’s greatest relief to know that his/her child is in competent, caring hands in a quality educational and social environment.”


Register Today


We require a non-refundable application fee of $35.00

Program is tuition based

Please call for further information



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