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After School Program



The Enrichment Center has been in operation for over thirty years as a self-sustaining, tuition-based program located in the Yorktown School District.  Quality care is provided by a well qualified, child oriented staff.


The goal of the Enrichment Center is to nurture the emotional, social and physical development of the children through a variety of activities, structured and non-structured.  Activities are designed to be age appropriate and to extend the children’s skills and educational experiences in a safe, family-like atmosphere.



Ø      After-School Sessions K-3 (Brookside and Mohansic Schools) - from dismissal - 6:30 p.m. Students are bused from their schools to the Yorktown Elks Lodge.  Each afternoon begins with outdoor play, followed by a choice of organized activities including arts and crafts, sports and cooking. Supervised free play activities which include drawing, board games and constructive toys.  Children are also given time for reading and homework.


Ø      After-School Sessions 4-8 (Crompond and Strang Schools) - from dismissal - 6:00 p.m.     This program is planned and structured to offer activities for this specific age group.  There is allotted homework time and special projects are occasionally planned.  Students are bused from Crompond and Strang to the Yorktown Community and Cultural Center.

Parents must arrange for bus passes by e-mail to Psauber@yorktown.org.

Snacks are provided daily in each program and consist of fruit, popcorn, yogurt, cheese, soup, etc.


Tuition for the Center is based on a daily rate.  The payment schedule is computed on a 182 day school year (which allows for 5 snow days), divided into ten (10) equal monthly installments.  After school monthly tuition deductions are given if your child is picked up before 5:00pm.


Please go to the Fee Schedule Index for our rates.

Click to view/print the After School Application:



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