Mission Statement

 We encourage the growth and development of the whole child by providing an environment that is nurturing, active and relevant to a child’s needs.


To provide children with opportunities to:

¨     feel good about themselves as capable, unique individuals.

¨     make friends.

¨     develop their curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

¨     grow in decision making and problem solving skills.


To provide:

¨     a child-centered environment that encourages competence and self esteem.

¨     a nurturing, non-competitive atmosphere that fosters an acceptance of the uniqueness of self and others.

¨     opportunities and support for children to interact with peers and adults in authentic and rewarding ways.

¨     a physical setting that allows children to safely explore age appropriate activities.

¨     a learning setting that facilitates intellectual growth through guided discovery.

¨     enjoyable and meaningful activities that provide a sense of accomplishment and a positive attitude toward learning.


To provide experiences that will:

¨     foster and reinforce each child’s natural instinct to explore the world.

¨     encourage children to value all members of their community.

¨     help students to recognize the importance and uniqueness of every effort and contribution.