Policy Statement

Regulations have been adopted to meet specific requirements to maintain state licensing and to provide families with the highest quality child care.  We encourage you to ask questions about any provision if you are unaware of its intent.

1.  Hours of operation are as follows: 

            K-5 Before School Program – 7:00-8:30 a.m.


            K-3 After School – dismissal-6:30 p.m.

            4-5 After School – dismissal-6 p.m.

            6-8 After School – dismissal-6 p.m.


2.  A non-refundable $35.00 registration fee is required for the first child enrolled. A fee of $15 is required for each additional sibling.


3.  A current completed health form must be on file for each child at all times.


4.  If a child is in need of any emergency medication during after school hours, a Medication Permission Form must be signed by the child’s doctor and parent. Forms are available at the Enrichment Center office and on this website.


5.  The tuition payment schedule is computed on a 182 day school year (allowing for 5 snow days), divided into 10 equal monthly installments. Monthly fees are based on the number of days per week enrolled. Credits are not given for any absences unless a change is made to a child’s original schedule. We do offer random scheduling on those unexpected days care is needed.


6.  Payment for all programs is due 12 business days after the date of the bill. Checks should be made payable to the Enrichment Center of Yorktown. First month’s tuition is due prior to start in program.


7.  If your child is expected at the Center but is unable to attend, you are expected to call the Center – Brookside and Mohansic: 352-6050, Crompond and Strang: 302-2118 and leave a message. We must know about your child if his/her attendance differs from the application information.


8.  If a child becomes ill during the day, we will notify the parent to have the child picked up as quickly as possible. Only people with names listed on the application will be allowed to pick up the child.

9.  When schools close due to threatening weather or an emergency.  The school district initiates phone calls through the automated Blackboard Connect System. The Center also closes if weather is threatening. 

 Parents are welcome to visit at any time during operating hours.


11. Developmentally appropriate methods of behavior management will be used in dealing with unacceptable, inappropriate behavior. Discipline will be in the form of discussing the problem with the child. Methods to reward and reinforce desired behavior may include offering acceptable choices, natural consequences and when absolutely necessary, a short time (never to exceed 5 minutes) away from the situation to regain composure and self-control.


12. Late charges of $15.00 for every 15 minutes or part thereof will apply to any child left at the Center past the 6:00/6:30pm closing. Please call if you know you will be late. If staff has not been able to contact anyone to come and pick up the child and the child remains at the Center until 7:30pm, the police will be called for assistance.


13. The Center retains the right to discontinue its service to any family at the Center’s discretion. This includes, but is not limited to, any non-discriminatory behavior problems, any non-discriminatory parental problems and payment issues.