Reader's Workshop

rk8_girl121.gifEach Reading Workshop session will begin with a mini-lesson that lasts approximately 10-15 minutes. Each mini-lesson will focus on a reading strategy. There may be times where a strategy will be studied over the course of several days, in which case the mini-lessons that week will be related to that strategy.

Examples of Mini-Lessons:
* "Just Right" books
* Abandoning books (books not being enjoyed)
* Locating Genres 
* Selecting and returning books
* Recording the difficulty level of your books ClipArt91.jpg
* Keeping a reading list
* Keeping a list of reading interests
* Learning the expectations for reading
* Using routines for independent reading
* Book report format
* Writing a letter in your notebook
* Using context clues, visualizing, sequencing
* Determining theme and main idea
* Recognizing and using base words
* Recognizing and using prefixes/suffixes 
* Fluency
* Self-correcting
* Identifying sequence of events
* Summarizing
* Crrk8_boy91.gifeating sensory images from words
* Making and confirming predictions
* Locating evidence to support thinking
* Extending the meaning of the text
* Thinking beyond the text
* Sharing throughts about the story
* Using an index
* Using a glossary
* Comparing texts
* Text-to-text connections
* Text-to-self connections
* Text-to-world connections
Independent Reading
* Read Independently
* Practice skill from mini-lesson
* Meet with Mrs. Fitzgerald for Guided Reading - A small group of students read a book together with support from Mrs. Fitzgerald
* Use the strategy from the mini-lesson and come back to share how you have applied it. rk8_girl111.gif
* Meet as a whole group to refer back to the mini-lesson and think further
* Meet together to think about and respond to questions such as: What did you learn about reading today? What did you learn about yourself as a reader?
* Meet in small groups to have a quick chat about how the reading is going