Mrs. Herbert's-Fourth Grade

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Class Schedule

This schedule is subject to change. Please feel free to contact me during the prep times.
8:40amSchool Begins!School Begins!School Begins!School Begins!School Begins!
pd. 1: 8:50-9:50MathMathMathMathMath
pd 1: 9:50-10:10Read AloudRead AloudRead AloudRead AloudRead Aloud
pd. 2: 10:10-10:50SpecialsSpecialsSpecialsSpecialsSpecials
pd. 3: 10:50-11:00LiteracyLiteracyLiteracyLiteracyLiteracy
pd. 3: 11:40-12:30Science / SSScience / SSScience / SSScience / SSScience / SS
pd. 4: 12:35-1:20LunchLunchLunchLunchLunch
pd.5 1:25-2:30LiteracyLiteracyLiteracyLiteracyLiteracy
pd. 6 2:30-3:15LiteracyLiteracyLiteracyLiteracyLiteracy
pd. 7: 3:15-3:30End of Day RoutinesEnd of Day RoutinesEnd of Day RoutinesEnd of Day RoutinesEnd of Day Routines

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