About the Teacher

NAME: Nancy Sferrazza

SCHOOL: Howell Road School

CLASS: Room 9

SCHOOL PHONE: 516-568-6630

About Mrs. Sferrazza

Welcome to my website! I'm Mrs. Sferrazza and I have been teaching 
elementary students for 23 years.  I have been in this amazing district 
for 17 of those years! This is my first year at Howell Road and I am 
loving every minute of it as one of the Math Specialists in the building.  

Currently, I am working with Grades K through 2 as well as Grade 6.  I 
work with the students in many ways.  Each week, students come to the Math 
Lab with their class where we review strategies and work on developing 
number sense and concepts through a variety of activities such as hands-on 
games, SmartBoard lessons, and other small group tasks.  I also get to go 
into each class I work with to support the students both independently and 
in small groups on the current math concepts that the class is working on.

When I am not working, you can usually find me at home spending time with 
my family.  I love listening to music whenever I can, traveling to warmer 
climates, and shopping for just about anything!

Thanks for visiting this page!  Stop by room 9 to say hi!

~Mrs. Sferrazza

Math is For EVERYONE!

I believe that everyone can find success in math.  So many students feel 
that being good in math is only for a special few and that a person is 
predisposed to being "good at math."  This kind of thinking stops students 
in their tracks - causing them to be afraid to take risks and possibly 
make a mistake. It makes it almost impossible for them to realize their 
full potential.  My goal is to alleviate the fear, take away the stress 
and make math available to everyone in any way that I can.  When a person 
has confidence, the doors begin to open up!

Do not fear mistakes. You will know failure. Continue to reach out.
~Benjamin Franklin