Second Grade News   

                        November 2017

Conferences will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, November 8th and 9th. We are looking forward to our conferences with you. It’s great to work as a team and share information with each other. On Friday, November 20th your son/daughter will be bringing home their Report Card for the First Trimester.

On November 21st, we will have our Thanksgiving Feast. The second graders will be pilgrims and we will make costumes in class. We will also be learning about colonial times to help us prepare for this special feast.

Religion: We have begun working on the Sacrament of Reconciliation unit. We are working on making good choices and we are discussing forgiveness. Please make sure your child has a good understanding of the following vocabulary words: confess, penance, contrition and absolution. (We have discussed all these terms in class.) At this time your child should be very familiar with the Prayer of Sorrow and should be practicing the prayer every night.

Important Dates: Reconciliation

December 11 – St. Vincent Ferrer

December 12 – All Saints

December 13 - All Saints

Language Arts: We are working on Unit 2 -The stories have been very enjoyable for the students. The students enjoyed writing the Fall acrostic and we hope you will get a chance to enjoy reading them when you visit.

Math: We will be starting on Chapter 4–Two Digit Addition. Continue to review the lessons and practice pages that are given for homework. Remember to use your GO Math website for additional support with the math homework.

Please make sure your child knows their addition and subtraction facts through 18. Your child needs to review these facts daily. Please use homework time to practice these facts. You may want to check out these math web-sites for fact review:,, and We think the students will enjoy the games and review on these sites.

Social Studies: We will be preparing for our Thanksgiving Feast and comparing life of long ago to today. We will be working on an invention time line and soon the students will do a time line on their own lives.

We wish you all a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!


Morgan Griffiths and

Carol Lecher