Reference by Subject Area

ArtLEX Defintions, images, cross-references for those interested in art.

Art Cyclopedia can supplement the AMICO site found within the INFOhio databases. This database explores 125,000 great works of art. The site can be searched by artist, by the title of the piece of art or by museums

All Music Information about songs, artists, and albums

What Is.Com An information technology encyclopedia and learning center  

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids will teach how our government works and the use of the primary source materials of Government Printing Office Access.

Biographical Dictionary has information on more than 28,000 notable persons who have shaped our world from ancient time to the present.

World Factbook maintained by the CIA has basic information about countries, maps, history, and flags of countries of the world.

Decade Parade provides links to historic headlines and sound samples by decades.

Encyclopedia Mythica is an online encyclopedia of world mythology, folklore, and legend.

50States not only has a huge amount of information on each of the U.S. states, but also has maps, public records, sports, college, city, and biographical guides.

History Channel has This Day In History as well as subject links to different periods of history.

History for Kids contains information on the food, art, fashion, history, religion, economy, etc. in Europe, Asia and Africa before 1500 AD.

Holidays Around the World provides brief information about holidays from around the globe. 

IPL POTUS is a link within the Internet Public Library to all the U.S. presidents. It will be a helpful site to upper elementary through high school students about our presidents.

Mapquest will take you from your house to your destination with a map and written directions.

Poets’ Corner helps students find poetry by subject, author or title and information is available about the lives of poets.

Science Made Simple is a conversion site, converting area, currency, distance, money, power, pressure, stress, speed, temperature, time, volume, weight and more.

University of Texas Library Map collection will help students find historical maps, outline maps, city maps, country maps, state maps and more.

Virtual Museums on different topics and from around the world.

Webmath gives students practice in solving problems and equations for different math topics.  In addition, there are useful online math tools.