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Novel Project--11th grade

Outside Reading Novel Final Assessment

English 11



Although you will be assessed throughout the semester with journals and/or quizzes on your outside reading novel, you will be given a choice on your final assessment. You may take a traditional test (essay, short answer, multiple choice, true/false combination) OR you may complete a novel project. This novel project may be completed in a group; however, there will be several stipulations for the group:

1. No more than five in a group-everyone must be in the presentation

2. Only my students may be in your group ( no other English teacher’s students)

3. No student may leave another class to present a project (study hall or lunch is okay)

4. Everyone in the group will receive approximately the same grade

5. The project must be presented even if someone in your group is absent (the show must go on even if your grade may be  affected since you are choosing to work in a group)

6. If you choose to complete a project which involves technology, you must put it on the Icsman share drive for your period (student share drive—Mrs. Icsman-then go to your period) as well as your personal “P” drive by October 24 so I may preview it and we may take care of any technical difficulties

7. Limit time of presentation to ten minutes (minimum three minutes)



Timetable for first quarter outside reading:


Monday, September 15, 2014: receive instructions and choices

Monday, September 22 ,2014: obtain copy of outside novel—bring to class every day in case you finish classwork early

Tuesday, September 23, 2014: turn in assessment statement

September 23- October 24—read outside novel, work on project outside of class

October 24: Projects due any technology projects on the “P” and Share drive

October 27: FINAL TEST (for those choosing test) and GROUP WORK (final discussions, last minute preparations)



Please cut below the line and hand in by September 23, 2014:








Test (yes or not) Project ( number of your project )___________


I understand all stipulations involved in my choice of assessment:


Choose from the following projects:


1. Write a movie trailer for this book. (Use the internet to see examples.) Act out and video tape.


2. Create a collage (using pictures, headlines, etc., from magazines, computer clip art, your own drawings, or other resources) that portrays a chapter or character in your novel. A collage will not have any white space.

3.Recreate a scene from your novel in a different time period or the same time period of the novel. You must hand in your script as well as presenting to the class (either live or videotaped).

4.Choose an object that is significant to your novel’s plot and build a 3-D model. You will explain this to the class.

5. Create a poster which summarizes the plot, characters, setting, and/or theme. Include a few quotes from the novel.

6.Present a PowerPoint to the class summarizing the novel. Use at least ten slides and include visuals and quotes.

7. Treasure Box

Include at least seven items which relate to the book. The items should be well thought out and symbolic.

8. Scrapbook

Display the elements of fiction such as character, theme, and/or plot in the book.

9. Website

Create a website which describes the book. Include at least three links.

10. Other (fill in the blank with teacher approval) 



Other project examples are:

          ® Advertisement

          ® Board game

          ® Comic Strip

          ® Detailed illustration

          ® Diary

          ® Display

          ® Drama

          ® Dramatic monologue

          ® Editorial article

          ® Fable/ fairy tale

          ® Family tree

          ® Illustrated story

          ® Large Scale Drawing

          ® Map with legend

          ® Mobile

® Model

® Montage

® Movie

® Mural

® Musical composition

® Oil Painting

® Photo essay

® Picture book for children

® Pottery

® Puppet and/or puppet show

® Sculpture

® Skit

® Travel Brochure      

® Watercolor painting

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