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		Mr. Murduck’s    Homework/Practice   4/14 – 4/18

Monday –  Science – Today we will review last week’s discussion on sound 
waves. Electromagnetic waves do not need a medium to travel thru. 
Electromagnetic waves transfer energy without a medium and have some 
electrical and some magnetic properties.  They travel as a wave in changing 
electrical and magnetic fields.  Electomagnetic waves travel much master than 
sound, 300,000 meter per second compared to 331 meters per second for sound 
in air.  Light can act as a wave or as a stream of charged particles.  All 
electromagnetic waves travel at the same speed, but have different 
wavelengths and frequencies.  Only a small portion of these waves are visible 
light.  Although visible light comes to us as white light from the sun, this 
light can be broken into the individual wavelengths of light of the rainbow. 
Microwaves, radio waves, infared waves, and visible light are safe to humans 
and have long wavelengths and low frequencies.  Ultraviolet waves, x-rays, 
and gamma rays are dangerous to humans and have shorter wavelengths and 
higher frequencies of  energy.  Time will be given in class to work on the 
homework questions.   Homework- Complete the lesson 10 handout.  Restate in 
complete sentences. Use your textbook and/or pages 265-275 in your 
Interactive Science book for help if needed. Grade printouts were passed out 
and need to be returned and signed by Thursday!

Tuesday – Science –We will review Monday night’s homework.  Light waves are 
many times faster than sound waves and do not require a medium to travel 
though.  Light can travel through space which is a vacuum even though it does 
not contain any air molecules. Light can also pass through Earth’s 
atmosphere.  Although light is slightly slower in our atmosphere, light is 
still much faster than sound.  This is why we see a flash of lightning before 
we hear the thunder. All the colors of light together form white light.  
Light can only travel in straight lines and is either absorbed, transferred, 
or reflected. We will look at how mirrors reflect light.  We have both 
concave and convex mirrors. We see only light waves that are reflected.  
Light is one wave length found in the energy given off the sun called the 
electromagnetic spectrum.  Homework – Complete the homework question review 
packet.  Make sure to restate and write extended response questions in 
complete sentences.  Grade printouts were passed out and need to be returned 
and signed by Thursday!  Quiz Thursday on Sound and Light!
Wednesday – Science – Today we will review last night’s homework.  
Transferred light waves are either transparent or translucent.  Light or 
sound waves that travel from one medium, like air, into another medium, like 
water, change direction and are refracted or bent. Sound and light can both 
be reflected or refracted. Refraction of light causes a rainbow and separates 
white light into colors of different wavelengths from a prism.  We do not see 
colors that are absorbed.  We only see colors reflected back to our eyes At 
night you should wear white and light colors when walking along the road so 
drivers can see you.  Dark colors are absorbed and do not reflect back to the 
driver of a car on a dark night. Dark colors absorb radiation from the sun 
and are much hotter to wear in the summer on a sunny day. Light is refracted 
in different concave and convex lenses. Colors of light are much different 
than colors of paint when mixed together. Homework –  Grade printouts are due 
signed and returned on Thursday! Read Sound and Light Part III packet to 
review for the quiz on Sound and Light which is tomorrow!

Thursday – Science –Today we will take a quiz on Sound and Light!  Homework-  
Have a safe and fun Holiday!

Friday – Science –No school today!   Good Friday!    Homework-  Have a safe 
and fun weekend and holiday ! 



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