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Mr. Murduck’s    Homework/Practice    9/29-10/3

Monday – Science - Today we will start talking about inferences (page 27 in 
your workbook) and why it is so important for scientists to gather lots of 
information and data before they make educated guesses about how something 
happened. They also have to gather lots of information about an organisms 
before they begin grouping or classifying it.  Inferences are used in all 
subjects and all the time in real life situations.  Today we will also 
discuss the importance of the classification and grouping of items.  Just 
about every living and non-living thing that has been identified has been 
grouped and classified. It is much easier to find things based on their 
common characteristics.  Homework   Grade Printouts will be passed out today. 
Remember to get you grade printouts signed and returned to me by Friday!   
Journal # 10  Read pages 90& 91 in your workbooks. Explain (a) Why is it 
important to group or organize different things or items based on their uses 
or similar characteristics?  (b) Give at least 3 examples and explain!!  For 
example think about how things are organized at the grocery store or at home 
as discussed in class.  Cereal in the cereal isle, towels in the linen 
closet. ½ page minimum. Restate the question in complete sentences! (c) 
Bonus/optional – If you owned a grocery give at least 2 examples of ways you 
might group or organize things differently.  Explain your reasoning for doing 

Tuesday – Science – Today we will start a lab requiring the naming, 
describing, grouping, and classifying of objects.  This lab is due at the end 
of the period tomorrow. Make sure to work effectively and efficiently with 
your partner! You will be using qualitative (senses) and quantitative 
(measurement) observations.   Homework -  Journal # 11  Today in lab you 
separated different types of macaroni into separate piles based  on their 
characteristics.  In your journal explain how and why scientists separate 
different animals into different groups (birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, and 
amphibians for example) of the animal kingdom.  Read and refer to pages 92 
and 93 of your workbook. This journal is due on Thursday!  Restate in 
complete sentences!  ½ page minimum. Grade printouts are due on Friday!!

Wednesday – Science – Today we will finish yesterday’s lab on grouping and 
classification. These labs are due at the end of the period today. Make sure 
you have drawn each of the macaroni types, that you have given each type of 
macaroni a name (nomenclature), and that you have given each type of macaroni 
all of the characteristics required for this lab discussed in class. These 
include the mass, length, color, and shape.   Homework –  Finish journal #11 
from Tuesday! Read pages 94 and 95 in your workbook. Grade Printouts are due 
Thursday – Science –  Today we will discuss our lab and journal #11.  We will 
discuss pages 92 and 93 of the textbook on classification. Using a flow chart 
we will place our macaroni in different groups based on similarities and 
differences.  This is how scientists separate different organisms in groups.  
Starting with the Kingdom level, next we separate the organism into the 
Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and finally the Specie levels. If an 
organism has already been classified we can find where it fits by using 
dichotomous keys.  Dichotomous keys allow scientists to group and identify 
an  organism that they are not familiar with by their characteristics. 
Homework –  Complete the dichotomous key questions in the packet.  
Optional/Bonus – Take the macaroni from your lab and separate them by their 
similarities and differences like we did in class. At the end each macaroni 
should be in its own group like at the species level.   Use my example to 
help you to group them.  Remember, you will have to use mass and length along 
with the other characteristics. Grade printouts due tomorrow!

Friday – Science – After looking at the homework, today we will further 
discuss dichotomous keys. We will look at a dichotomous key that identifies 
aliens. Looking at the different leaves in class (simple and compound), what 
characteristics could be used to identify them?   Homework – Have a safe and 
fun weekend! Optional/Bonus – For fun, create your own alien dichotomous key 
with at least 5 creatures.

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