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Mr. Murduck’s    Homework/Practice   11/24 – 11/28

Monday – Science – Today we will review last week’s discussion on the effects 
of Earth’s revolution around the Sun and rotation on its axis.  We will 
discuss the inner and outer planets and their revolution around the Sun.  We 
will watch a short video on Mars. Mars rotation of 24.6 hours on its axis and 
availability of some Oxygen makes it the most likely place for humans to 
explore. Today we will discuss the asteroid belt, meteors, and comets.   
Homework – Read or re-read pages 199 to 203 in your workbook.  On a loose 
piece of notebook paper, answer question #1 on page 199, and #’s 5, 6, and 7 
on page 203.  Restate in complete sentences for full credit!!

Tuesday – Science – Today we will review Monday’s discussion on meteors, 
comets, and asteroids.  WE will continue to discuss the distances of the Sun 
to the different planets.  As distance increases, this affects temperatures 
and revolution speed due to the decreasing gravity from the Sun. WE may have 
a lab today.
Homework – Have a safe and fun holiday and weekend!  **Bonus **  Find a 
current event article related to Astronomy or Space Science.  Write a ½ page 
summary from the article in your own words.  Attach the article or a copy of 
the source to your summary.  Make sure the article is from 2014!!  Turn the 
summary and article in on Monday. You may do up to two articles!

Wednesday- Science Club Hike at Hiram.  Bring a bag lunch to begin our day at 
Hiram Field Station at 12 noon.  We will hike from around 12:30 until 2:30 
p.m.  Wear comfortable shoes and proper clothing for temperatures in the 30’s.
Thursday – Thanksgiving!  For those interested.  The Cleveland Zoo is free 
for everyone in the family every Thanksgiving.  Arrive early to miss the 
parking and traffic problems.  Maybe I will see you there!

Friday – Science – Enjoy Black Friday at home or in the stores!  Have a safe 
and fun weekend!

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