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Intervention--Mrs. Zickefoose

April 21-25, 2014
This weeks spelling words

Group A Lesson 25- lazy, volcano, flavor, piano, recent,really, item, pilot, 
triangle, climate, gigantic, program, obey, puny, prepare, vacant, pulley, 

Dictated sentence: The puny pilot saw the gigantic volcano erupt. 

Group B Lesson 26- ghost, neighbor, high, knew, knot, unknown, rewrap, wrong, 
written, wrapper, unwrap, climb, limb, gnaw, gnat

Dictated sentence: My neighbor had to unwrap the meat because he knew a gnat 
got in the wrapper.     
Group C Lesson 25- trip, tree, say, said, hop, train, number, stop, stopped,
one, travel, stairway
Dictated sentence: 
The number four train stopped one of its trips so a bunny could hop on the


Intro Spelling Lessons
Group A- Lesson 25
Group B- Lesson 26
Group C- Lesson 25

HW: Spelling words 3x each- 
Spelling test, dictated sentence and completed workbooks will be due Friday.

Vocabulary review- students will pair up to find the meaning in the dictionary
Fill out the form for each word and match with the correct sentence that 
matches the meaning. 

HW: Crossword puzzle of the vocabulary words
Spelling test, dictated sentence and completed workbooks will be due Friday

Synomym, antonym, and homonym game on the computer to review the meanings of 
usage of the words

HW: None

Spelling test and dictated sentence
Hand in completed workbooks

HW: None



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