Trailblazer Homework

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

              **Book Orders due Friday, March 6th**
                           Order online here->      

Art (Jesko Only) - Footprint due March 19th


Flex- " Moons in Orbit" Flex Packet due Friday

Math: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions Packet due Friday

Language: Jesko and Ragan PARCC tomorrow

Social Studies: Test over the Age of Exploration and pages 52-71 in our textbook will now be Tuesday, March 10th due to the school closing.  A study guide will come home Wednesday, March 3rd. Students will work on it in class tomorrow and complete what is left for homework tomorrow so they can have it to study. Finish 9 Explorer cards by March 13th.
*Don't forget the link to the left, "Social Studies Class", where students can print out more cards and view examples of detailed, amazing cards.

Our Social Studies textbook is online.
Click on our current unit. The student access code is  EC79E86C3B

Science: Ch 5 Test Friday 3-13-15
***Students will have access to the online science book through PowerSchool. Their username: Their 7 digit # 2022_ _ _ and password: awlunchcode. These can be found in your child's assignment notebook.