Trailblazer Homework

September 23, 2016

-Bring Back ticket if you received one
-Bring Midterm signed if you received one 

Scholastic Book Links:

*You may order at any time*

Shop Online:
Class Activation Code: GVW42

Math: Worksheet Practice 3-3, Xtra Math (lots of students still need to log on 2 times this week)

**All students have been introduced to  They must complete 2 sessions a week (on different days). This can be done at school or at home.  Their pins are located in their assignment books** 

Language (Ragan): 
 Ninety Minute Reading Log due Monday, 9/26
The Wonders Language Program is available online :

Username:  awls2024_ _ _ (3 unique digits)
Password Example: supper22

Language (Barnswell):   Reading log due Monday

Social Studies: Constitution Poster due September 28th 
Our Social Studies textbook is online.
Click on our current unit. The student access code is  EC79E86C3B

Science: none

***Students will have access to the online science book through PowerSchool. Their username: Their 7 digit # 2024_ _ _ and password: awlunchcode. These can be found in your child's assignment notebook. 19th.1