Trailblazer Homework

January 20, 2017
Bring back ticket if you received one!

Yearbook orders by paper due February 28th, or order online until May 19th.

Our food drive starts Monday!  You may bring in items until February 10th!

Art (Black only)- paper signed by 1/27 

Scholastic Book Links:

*You may order at any time*

Shop Online:
Class Activation Code: GVW42

Math: Fractions Model WS, Log onto Khan Academy!

Language (Ragan):      90 Minute Reading Log 

The Wonders Language Program is available online :
Username:  awls2024_ _ _ (3 unique digits)
Password Example: supper22

Language (Barnswell):   none

Social Studies:  none
Social Studies Text Book:
The student access code is  EC79E86C3B

Science none
**The Science textbook can be found through Power School**