Trailblazer Homework

Monday,August 31st 2015

Black ONLY ART- Optical Allusion due September 17th 


Flex-Shields due WEDNESDAY, Flex Packet With Place Value due Monday

Math: Practice Lesson WB P1-5, Topic 1 Test over Place Value will be this Thursday

Language:   Workbook Page 6 and 7

The Wonders Language Program is available online :

Username:  awls2023_ _ _ (3 unique digits)
Password Example: supper22

Social Studies: Study for States test for this Friday.  Students can take the nine Northeast Regions State test or the entire 50 states test on Friday, whatever they prefer.  They have a copy of both maps.

Our Social Studies textbook is online.
Click on our current unit. The student access code is  EC79E86C3B

Science: RAP WS front only

***Students will have access to the online science book through PowerSchool. Their username: Their 7 digit # 2022_ _ _ and password: awlunchcode. These can be found in your child's assignment notebook.