Trailblazer Homework

September 22,2017

Bring back ticket if you received one!

If you would like a book order they are back next Friday 9/29/17. There is also a link below to order online.

Parents, please visit the link below in regards to a community service project students will be participating in!

Scholastic Book Links:

*You may order at any time*

Shop Online:
Class Activation Code: GVW42

Math: Workbook Practice Page 3-1

**2 sessions due every week (by Sunday at midnight)**

Language (Ragan):   Reading Log due Monday
                                        Spelling Test and Vocabulary test                                           Tuesday                                  
The Wonders Language Program is available online :
Username: awls2024_ _ _ (3 unique digits)
Password Example: supper22

Social Studies:


Social Studies Text Book:
The student access code is  EC79E86C3B


Schoenrock Only: Finish their multiplication sheet.