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What to do before your season begins!

Here are the general steps to take before your season begins-

1.  Make sure that your online forms are complete.  This needs to be done
before each season, so that we are sure to have the correct emergency
information.  Online forms do not carry over from year to year.  Online forms
need to be complete before an athlete can participate in practices and
tryouts.  Please note that online forms for school are different than online
athletic forms.  See the Athletic Participation Forms link on the home page of
this webpage to get to the online forms system.

2.  Make sure the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT has a current OHSAA approved physical
form on file. The required BMS medical and release forms are NOT the physical
we need. Camp and CYO medical forms are not accepted. Physical forms are good
for one year from the date of the physical. They must be turned in before an
athlete is able to practice or participate in tryouts.  See the Athletic
Participation Forms link on the home page of this
webpage to get to the approved form.

3.  Ask your child whether they signed up for the sport they are going out
for.  We hold meetings before each season because we want to know who is
coming out and so we can check that all forms are in and up to date.  If your
child did not sign up, contact the coach via the home page of this website.

4.  Prepare for your child to be at all practices and contests.  We need our
athletes to commit to our programs to make them stronger, and this includes
practices, contests and end of year tournaments.

5. Contact the coach via the webpage contact info with any questions you may
have regarding
the team.  The coach is always the first contact for information.

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