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Whenever there is a last minute change in athletics, there is an announcement made at school and the participants are told to contact home via phone at Brady.

You can subscribe below to receive a message to check this site whenever there is a change in athletics due to weather, closing, etc.  We will also use this service for occasional updates. The message will alert you to check this site for an update,
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Update-6/6/17 9:45 am

A few things for next year-

1.  The parent portal for filling out online athletic forms for 2017-18 is due to go live some time in the next week.  If you log in now, it will only give you the option for 2016-17.  Please wait about a week to fill out online forms.

2.  The summer letter will be printed and placed in the report card envelopes for all current 6th and 7th graders (next years 7th and 8th).  Please see the letter for all fall sport information.

3.  The website will be changing.  I have used this website for MANY MANY years, but sadly the company that hosts it is closing it down in December.  I'll be honest, I like the current website because of it's ease of use.  I'm working on a new website, hopefully it is as easy to use.  So, look for a NEW website to go live June 15th!

4.  Ask your athletes to check their school emails over the summer.  That is the easiest way for a coach to share information.

Thanks for another great year!


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