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Whenever there is a last minute change in athletics, there is an announcement made at school and the participants are told to contact home via phone at Brady.

You can subscribe below to receive a message to check this site whenever there is a change in athletics due to weather, closing, etc.  We will also use this service for occasional updates. The message will alert you to check this site for an update,
you will not receive a personalized message.

Update-7/24/17 12:35 pm

The new BMs Athletic website is active!!     You can get to the new middle school athletic website here-

It is likely that this is one of the final updates emailed from this site.

Three things-

1.  Please note that as of 7/24/17, only 47 athletes have completed online forms through the parent portal.  Forms MUST be complete before an athlete can attend practices or tryouts.  Please go to the above page and check out the "What to do before my season begins" page for instructions.

2.  We have named a new middle school head football coach.  His name is Coach Ed Jones.  He can be reached via email at edbjones88@gmail.com

3.  We are changing the time for summer football practices, which begin August 1st.  We will now practice from 8:30-noon, rather than the 7:30-11:00 previously published.


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