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Whenever there is a last minute change in athletics, there is an announcement made at school and the participants are told to contact home via phone at Brady.

You can subscribe below to receive a message to check this site whenever there is a change in athletics due to weather, closing, etc.  We will also use this service for occasional updates. The message will alert you to check this site for an update,
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Update-  3/20/17 10:30 am

I have updated the online downloadable schedules for Softball, 7th Baseball, and 8th Baseball as follows-

Girls Ms softball-  Shaker will not be fielding a National League team.  4/5 at home is cancelled, 4/17 at Shaker is cancelled.
7th baseball- South Euclid Memorial will not be fielding a National League (our 7th) team.  4/28 at South Euclid is cancelled.
8th baseball- Euclid will not be fielding an American League (our 8th) team.  4/21 at Euclid is cancelled.  5/12 vs. Euclid at home is cancelled, but we have added Garfield as a home game.  So only the opponent changes on 5/12.
I will let you know of any additions as soon as I know. 

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