Dear Parent(s),
"Swing into First Grade and go bananas about learning!"
Reading- CCRS#
Key Question: Can you...?
1. Explain difference between fiction (tells story) and nonfiction (gives information)- AUG.
2. Retell stories including key details (beginning, middle, and end)- SEPT.
3. Identify and describe characters, setting, problem, solution and major events of story (story elements)- OCT.
4. Identify and use text features (table of contents, glossary, index, caption, labels)- NOV./DEC.
5. What was the book mostly about? (main idea)- JAN.
6. Ask and answer questions about key details of a text- FEB
7. Compare and contrast adventures and experiences of characters in stories- MAR./APR.                      
Practice "Word Attack" strategies on pink skill card
Math- addition/subtraction 
Writing- Can you write...
1. Narratives "Small Moments" AUG.-OCT.
2. How To NOV.-JAN.
3. Opinion FEB.-MAR.
4. Research APR.-MAY
*SPELLING- Word Sorts. Test end of week.
Tues- Writing Sort
Wed- Fusion Day
Thurs- Practice Test
Fri- Test
*Please have your child practice writing the words. Watch for incorrectly capitalized letters and also letter reversals.
*Please, review with your child any and all papers that come home with errors. Explain to your child that mistakes are okay to make but we review so that we learn the right answers :) Thanks!

Thank you,

Mrs. Calanni