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First Grade Photos

Class Photos

Below are 1W photo albums that you can view as a slideshow. 

We had lots of fun seeing our friends again!
First Day of First Grade - 2016

First graders had lots of fun celebrating Clifford Day all in red!
Clifford Day in First Grade

We met Nesty the Lizard and Pocahontas the Chicken!
Cincinnati Zoo visits First Grade

We found out all about the history of fire fighting in Cincinnati 
and saw lots of old trucks and equipment.
Cincinnati Fire Museum

Check out all the carving techniques to make our many, varied and 
unusual jack-o-laterns!
Pumpkin Carving Fun

First grade had fun celebrating Halloween with the school in the 
parade and then together with a party in the afternoon.
Halloween Parade and Party

We learned a lot of the life of an Ohio Indian.  We played their 
games, did their chores and found out about how they dressed.  We 
also went on a nice hike in the woods and try to be as quiet as 
they were when they hunted!
Caldwell Nature Center

We celebrated Thanksgiving early!
Thanksgiving Feast

Once Upon A Christmas

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