What We are Learning This Week:
Reading-  This week we will be reading and learning about reptiles!
Comprehension Strategy- Research and Non-Fiction Features. 
Writing-  Research reptiles.  The class is beginning to edit their own written work by using a checklist.  Things to look for are capitals, punctuation, neat handwriting, good spacing, an introduction, 3 details, and a conclusion.
Phonics-  Words with ace and ice.   
Math-  Chapter 13- Addition/Subtraction to 40. 

The class took an assessment on math chapter 12 on Friday.  In chapter 13, the class will learn how to add and subtract two digit numbers without regrouping and with.  Also, another objective is to be able to add three 1-digit numbers.  This week we will continue to work on researching amphibians and then reptiles in small groups.  
There are only four vocab words this week!

The class has a morning snack time so be sure to pack a healthy snack each day!

Have a great week!