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Images to Inspire : Student Poster Project

To celebrate Black History Month, use the following resources to create a poster in Google Slides that shares an impactful quote or image from Black History.

Some tips for Quotes:


  • Choose a quote that inspires others to greatness.
  • Give credit to the author by including their name with the quote.
  • Include an image of the author or another image that goes along with the quote.


Some tips for Images:


  • Share an image (photograph, drawing, painting, etc.) that will make the viewer think.
  • Write a caption that describes your image (ex: Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955).
  • Be respectful. Don’t choose an image that is offensive or inappropriate.


Resources for Quotes:

Xavier University Black History Month Quotes 

20 Inspirational Quotes 2015

15 Inspiring Quotes for Black History Month

African-American Quotes for Kids

African American Quotes (searchable by person or category)

Resources for Public Domain Images:

Google Images (Click Search Tools and select a Usage Rights filter for images that can be reused.)

Images from LIFE Magazine

Wikimedia Commons (There are tabs for photos and clipart.)

Flickr Commons

Behold Image Search