Computer Applications

 Course Syllabus
Mrs. Turner
Phone: 348-6100 Ext. 2346

Course Objectives:
During this course, the students will:
1.	Create professional documents using a variety of software   
2.	Explore the web and the wealth of resources available
3.	Understand different computer hardware and peripherals
4.	Peruse popular operating systems
5.	Define communications and network technologies
6.	Explore computer ethics and social responsibility
7.	Understand the role of security and privacy in the digital world
Your grade will consist of:
60%	Daily Assignments
30%	Tests and Quizzes
10%	Semester Test

Materials Needed: (Each class is responsible for one of the following.  I 
will let you know which one)

1 Ream of Copy Paper
1 Box of Kleenex
1 Bottle of Antibacterial Gel
1 Package of Antibacterial Wipes

Make-Up Policy:

It is the responsibility of the student to get with the teacher to make-up 
missed work.  Check my website for assignments.


Respect yourself, your classmates, your instructor, and the computer 
Follow the Academic Honor Code.
Have a good attitude.