Health & Wellness Site for Children, Teens and Parents.

“Journey to the Present”: A Black History Month Exhibit - Journey 
to the Present traces the history of peoples of African descent. 
This comprehensive exhibit consists of nine components, each 
focusing on a different era.:

This is the link to a homeless shelter/centre for youth in 
downtown Toronto:

Timely, relevant news articles for kids, educators in the 
classroom and parents at home:

Click on the link listed here and enter one of these student 
login classroom codes: genova17 (7B), 7Aroom15 (7A), hdavis16 
(8B) or rwaxer14 (8A) to create Bitstrips comics (please use 
correct spelling and punctuation):

Website containing information about the HIV/AIDS pandemic in 
Africa and how it is affecting children:

Online Math Homework Help: Students can create an account using 
their school OEN number (available from their teacher). Online 
tutoring available on this site Sunday - Thursday from 5:30 - 
9:30 p.m.

Dovercourt Public School website: This is the main site for our 
school and contains important notices and announcements, as well 
as information about our school.

National (U.S.) Library of Virtual Manipulatives: Great website 
full of virtual math manipulatives - this site will help you with 
math and is a lot of fun.

A city of Toronto parks website with information on a variety of 
High Park features, facilities, and amenities.

A city of Toronto website with links to forestry facts and plant 
lists, information on invasive species, High Park management
and restoration.

A city of Toronto website with information on Colborne Lodge, the
home of John and Jemima Howard, founders of High Park. Colborne 
Lodge also offers school programs.

The Tallgrass Ontario website with information on Black Oak 
Savannahs, information on prescribed burns and locations of tall-
grass remnants.