TOOLS FOR SUCCESS: School Supplies

The Super 6s and Sensational 6s will be supplied with duotangs and notebooks to start the year. The following are the school supplies that would help your son or daughter to be successful this year.

1.  OPTIONAL:  This grade 6 school year your son or daughter is encouraged to bring their technology to school to help them with many of their assignments. In fact, many of their written assignments can be started at school, and completed at home, and either printed off, or sent to his or her teacher via email using their Microsoft 360 account.  See free office 365 for students on index bar to be one of the thousands of students in Ontario that are taking advantage of using the same programs at school and at home.  Cool!

2.   NECESSARY:  MATH:  a graph paper notebook (these will help the students immensely to practise numeracy skill activities such as graphs, tables, add & subtract, and much, much more).

3. a combination lock. This is very important as students will be encouraged to bring and use technology such as ipads, laptops, etc. in many of their classes this year (see school technology contract in index)

 4. a calculator and geometry set (specifically will need a compass and protractor)

5.   lined and graph paper

6. pencil case supplies including scissors, pencils, coloured pencils, pens, markers, a ruler, highlighters, etc.)

7. students are encouraged to bring a pair of running shoes to keep in their lockers and a refilled water bottle to refresh themselves during the day.