Homework & Important Items

Thursday January 29, 2015

1. Grade 3 Math : 
   Grade 4 Math: 

Math Unit Test (Time, Money, Mass & Capacity) - Thursday Feb 5

2.  Language - Last Book Club meeting on Friday January 30, all responses finished for then as duotang will be collected for assessment.

3.  DANCE A THON forms due February 9th.


Mrs. Malisch-Brouse, Week of January 19
SOCIAL STUDIES - Both grades are working on projects right now - the grade 4's are learning about the different regions in Canada and the grade 3's are learning about the settlement and development of early Canada.  We have been learning the finer points of creating great presentations using Power Point.  Grade 4's are designing their slides this week and the Grade 3's have just started researching.  
All work for these projects are being done in class.  
We will be sharing the finished products with parents when they are done.  

Congratulations to our bi-weekly draw winners this week - Alexis, Olivia and Elthan.