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Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. A.Koestler

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Links to web resources

This site contains hundreds of links to literacy and 
language resources starting at the earliest level of language 
acquisition to adult literacy. The resources suit a wide variety 
of needs including students who are 'at risk' for low levels of 
literacy and might have  learning difficulties  as well as those 
who are designated ESL/ELD and/or  ASD.  Whenever possible,
resources have been chosen that are both audio and visual.
Literacy and Language resources -all levels

If you have most of the information about your book, journal, 
article etc. you can type it in ( after choosing the citation 
style) and it will search it out for you and produce the final 
format which you can use in your citation section.  
Quick citation maker 

How to reference an essay -MLA style
MLA style

Speaking books at all levels. This includes selected 
Shakespearean plays with an entire cast of voices as well as many 
ORCA youth books. You have to go through a library site in order 
to access it without having to subscribe. Youth/reading resources/ebooks/orca(search)
If you try to bookmark the actual screen it will take you back to the site where you have to pay.

Speaking books , all levels, includes Shakespeare

Complete works of Shakespeare (which you can hear using our 
reading software and make speaking study notes)
Shakespearean plays 

Reading: stories from the news are included with a series of 
exercises -vocabulary, sequence, comprehension, key words, 
prediction etc.(marked on line). Sound and video are also 
included although not all computers support these features so if 
you need audio use the  Premier Suite software on the school 
network or at home,if downloaded.  (excellent for all
kinds of student needs: review/practice, remedial,multiple 
learning styles, ESL...student use) If you want advanced level 
reading sites look  at the OSSLT tab.
Reading : News stories;with vocab and other drills

How to write an essay.
How to write an essay

Grammar exercises which are either marked online as you go, or 
you can self check for answers--all levelled into categories i.e. 
low beginner, intermediate and so on. Also good for review with 
Applied and Academic students.
Grammar exercises

French, English (as a second language) and Spanish: illustrated, 
speaking vocabulary site. Click on a language category and then 
the pictures,which are audio--wonderful resource.This is also a 
greate site for teachers or parents of students in the ABLE or 
DD/MF Lab; it can be used for vocabulary development and reading. 
For advanced vocabulary go to the first link-Literacy and  
language resources.
Early Vocabulary::  Visual / audio dictionary (thematic)

Speaking ILLUSTRATED Mathematical dictionary--speaks in English 
and in Spanish and offers the opportunity to print out hard 
copies of the same information in 12 other languages i.e. Urdu, 
Vietnamese, Korean,  Russian, Portuguese etc. Some areas are also 
animated. Try out the 'acute  angle' tab to see one with both 
sound and animation.
Illustrated speaking math dictionary

Make your own graphs online--just type in the data, choose the 
type like pie graphs, bar graphs etc. and produce it in 
attractive colours. This is a great tool allowing students to add 
great graphs to  projects and class presentations.
Make your own graphs

Complex numbers (imaginary numbers): a site that has many short 
and easy to understand examples or leaflets related to adding, 
subtracting and working with complex numbers.
Complex numbers

Quadratic equation solver.
Quadratic equation solver

Math--all levels--resources
Math site -multilevel resources

Grade 11 biology links and more--huge area related to Botany.
Grade 11 biology

Human anatomy--illustrated step-by-step anatomy dissections for 
students interested in careers in science.
Human anatomy

An extensive but easy to navigate site that covers all areas of 

A great site for any student, any level who likes science and has 
an inquiring mind.
Science -fun things for science lovers

Periodic table with links to information about each element--just 
click on the element and you are taken to a page with more 
detailed information.
Periodic  table with information about the elements

Huge site related to copyright permitted historical texts.
Historical texts-free   online

Link to a great web site for students wishing to know of 
Enrichment activities as well as a host of other resources and 
useful informaton---TEENERGY.
Enrichment .Teenergy

An exceptional French language site with lessons in video form as 
well as audio exercises. (there is a similar one for Spanish also 
at the bbc url)
French videos and lessons

French/Spanish/Italian/English translating dictionary--one of the 
best I've encountered
Translation dictionary

French site-Question words, quantities, weather and time.
French easy sentences

For teachers and parents--an excellent series of easy-to-read 
tips and information pages in the form of handouts related to 
many learning needs such as ADHD, executive functioning, OCD, 
Autism spectrum,  mood or anxiety disorders and much more.
Strategies and descriptions for special learning needs of students

ESL--speaking, reading, listening, grammar; a comprehensive site, 
which I find especially useful for ESL students when practicing 
speaking--that  section is very comprehensive and matches nicely 
to other resources like  the 'Side by Side' workbook series. 
Remember if the audio feature fails  online, anything can be read 
and heard by  various programs of  our Premier  Suite software ( 
both at school and at home if downloaded) 
Multilevel site for all ESL needs or for remedial needs of native English Speakers

Many dictionaries in a variety of languages.
Dictionaries in various languages

For ELL teachers: Lesson/article with examples of graphic 
organizers for introducing reading through a scaffolded or 
gradual process.
ELL teacher resources

This is absolutely the best site for newcomers to Ontario to 
obtain information in their own language about the Ontario school 
system and the ways that schools operate i.e. parent-teacher 
meetings,  assessment and expectations, first days in the new 
school etc. There are also many other sections to the website 
that help newcomers navigate getting  jobs, learning 
day to day survival skills and more.
Settlement site for school info ( new comers/ in many languages)

Research tools-online: This page allows you to search databases 
for articles you need when researching and writing papers.
Research tool

Research tools-online: Using the password and user i.d. (get this 
from the library and write it in your binder)you can select 
the 'student research centre" and access a large number of 
databases when  doing  research.
Research tool

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