Unfinished Class Work/Announcements

Parent Homework Concerns:

Please note that class time is provided for all work completion (no work is designated to be completed solely at home). If a student is unable to complete the work and requires extra assistance or time, they may attend homework club or stay in and see me at recess.

After class lessons, students are consistently and strongly advised to use their class time wisely, especially when the time is designated for in-class assignments and projects. Students are given plenty of time in class to complete all assignments and they are also allotted scheduled working blocks for major projects. Students also have instant access to technology to assist them with either the research for their projects and/or for completing their work neatly for presentations. Students can also submit most work electronically to the teacher through the use of email, saving on USB drives, or airdropping these activities. Students and parents are able to access the teacher via email at any time.

Email Me at: a_schiafone@outlook.com


Gym Zone Field Trip- Tuesday June 27th
                                  - Dress appropriately

Splash Pad Field Trip: Thursday June 29th
                                    - Dress appropriately (see parent letter)

SUMMER FUN DAY- Wednesday June 28th
                                   - Dress appropriately (bring extra clothing, as students may get wet)