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Homework will only be given if a concept needs to be reviewed or if your child has not completed the assigned work during the allotted time in class. I encourage you to be vigilant in asking your child to bring home all homework, even if it was completed in class. Once you have reviewed  EACH home assignment, please initial the agenda. There is much work to cover so please check on your child's homework assignments - don't just absently initial the agenda.  Please ask to see the homework so you become aware of the calibre of work your child is completing. This strategy should alert you to any potential problems so we can work together to offer early intervention and support strategies. Should your child be absent, it is his/her responsibility to find out what they missed and ensure that the work is completely in an extremely timely manner. It is unacceptable to not do work because they were absent. It is recommended that, after an absence, students ask the teacher if the work should be completed or if it is sufficient to simply study the work and know the concepts.

Assignment information for parents

Assignments will be reviewed thoroughly with your child in class when they are assigned. Please bear in mind that verbal clarifications may be given to students in class so you may have trouble deciding how to best help your child complete the work since you were not present for the verbal parts.  Discuss the assignment with your child and ask what verbal instructions were given in class.  It is a reasonable expectation that they take jot notes (during verbal clarifications) and ask questions to ensure they understand what they are being asked to produce.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to email me by clicking on the Email link to the left on this page.

Your Email address

It would be helpful if you could send me your email address so I may keep in better contact with you throughout the year and notify you of concerns as they arise.


I respectfully request that should your child talk about problems he or she is having at school - or should you as a parent have concerns - please contact me first instead of contacting the principal or vice - principal. The most important reason for this is that I may not be aware of a problem..and if I don't know about it, I can't begin to address it. Secondly, it would be beneficial to get a clearer picture of events that may or may not have occurred, so it makes sense to speak to me first. I thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Should your child be absent, he or she should be able to download any handouts missed from this site as well as upload assignments should he/she be absent on the due date. Please note that should your child miss a due date or a test due to absence, he/she will be expected to submit the assignment or write the test when he/she returns to school.  Should a student need an extension, he/she should speak to me (
before the original due date, not on the day it is due) and present a signed note from a parent stating that they aware of the extension request. I will then add my signature to the note and it is to be stapled and submitted with the assignment on the new due date.  Should parents feel there are special circumstances that require additional extensions, please contact me via email so something can be arranged.

School policy requires that a parent/guardian notify the school when your child is absent for any reason. You can also choose to email me instead of calling the office, however should you choose to do that, you must do so before 8:20 (for it to be read before attendance is done).  Should you email me later than that, please know that the school will call regarding your absent child.


A copy will be given to the students as soon as it is finalized. 

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me, either through the email link on this site or by phone at (705) 523-9235.
Please be aware that voice mail is not checked regularly, so email would be the best option. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you throughout the year.



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