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Resource: Grade Seven Links

 Pure Substances and Mixtures Video (Introduction)

 Solutions and Mechanical Mixtures Video 

Solutions:  Concentrated or Dilute (Slide Show)

Separating Mixtures Techniques (SlideShow)

Pure Substances and Mixtures (Lesson #1) ---Notes

Grade Seven Science is Awesome (Pure Substances & Mixtures)

Pure substances and Mixtures Glossary (2015)

Pure Substances & Mixtures Site (Research & Lessons)

How to Build an Element Atom Video:(2015)

3-D Atom Samples (Video) 2015

More 3-D Element Atom Samples (video)

Classifying Pure Substances & Mixtures (Lessons) Video

Elements (For Reseach)

The Element CARBON (Chem4 Kids)

Elements -SuperHeroes 

Elements -SuperHeroes

Elements-Periodic Table Comic Books

The Element Explained

Pure Substances and Mixtures: Resource

Pures Substances & Mixtuires: Resource

Pure Substances & Mixtures: Resource

Pure Substances & Mixtures:  Resource

Pure Substances & Mixtures:  Resource

Pure substances & Mixtures:  Resource

Factors that affect the rate that a solute dissolves: VIDEO

Factors that affect the rate that a solute dissolves (Video)

Experiments for the Classroom

Cool Science Experiments

Cool Science Experiments

Pure Substances, Solutions (Resource)

Separation Methods (Resource)

Pure Substances & Mixtures (Booklet) Resource

Amazing Reactions (Video)

Video on Saturated, and Supersaturated Solutions

Video of Solubility of Sugar and Salt (Preview for Lab #9)

Separation of Mixtures (Future Lab #10)   Video

Separation of Mixtures (Furture Lab # 10 )  Video

Saturation of Solutions (Video) Preview of Lab #9, 10

Solutions, Solute and Solvents (**)

Other Resources

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