Self Defense Form: Self-defense-form.docx


Below you'll find the handouts for each unit.
Football - football-handout.docx
Soccer - Junior-Soccer-Handout.doc
Basketball - Junior-Basketball-Handout.doc
Badminton - JUNIOR-BADMINTON-Handout.doc
Weight Room - Weight-room-handout.doc

Health Units:


Substance Abuse:

Period 1  
Week PPL 1OM-06 Ceccarelli
31-Jan Intro
Feb. 3-7 Fit. Test
Feb. 10-14 Fit. Test
Feb. 17-21 Weight Train
Feb. 24-28 Health-SA
Mar. 3-7 B.Ball
Mar. 10-14 B.Ball
Mar. 17-21 March Break
Mar. 24-28 Low Org. Games
March 31- Apr 4 Ball Hockey
Apr. 7-11 Badminton
Apr. 14-18 Badminton
Apr. 21-25 Health-Sex
Apr. 28-May 2 Soccer
May. 5-9 Soccer
May. 12-16 Health-CPR
May. 19-23 Softball
May. 26-30 Fit. Test
June. 2-6 CPT
June. 9-13 Self Def.
June. 16-20 Aussie Games


Make up assignment:
Download this assignment pe_make-up-assignment.docx for units in phys ed where 3 or more days were missed - due date is one week after the unit has been completed.  Do not wait for this to be assigned - if you miss 3 or more days in one week - then you must complete this assignment.