With our Grade 1/2 buddies we have shared the book My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks written by Hanoch Piven. In this story, a child creates family portraits of each of his family members by using items that represent that person. You will create a portrait that represents who you are. Please gather items that can be glued on paper, or which represent important pieces of who you are. The items listed below may help you get started. Please be prepared to explain how each item represents you. Please have all items at school on Monday, September 15. 

Examples of Possible Items:

* balloons (because I am silly)

* feathers (because I like to laugh)

* Pinecones (because I like nature)

* Buttons (because I am a good friend)

* Spaghetti (because I like to eat)

* A heart (because I am a good person)

* Game pieces (because I like to play sports)

* Dice cubes (because I like board games)

Our outdoor class photo will be taken on Friday, September 12, 2014.

Please review the Family Letter included in the Family Life tab in Curriculum Connections.