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Don't forget to sell raffle tickets!  Great prizes!!!!! We've even gotten a couple of bonus prizes!

IMPORTANT!  When Teacherweb goes away (and we don't know when that will be), be sure to start accessing the cheer website https://sites.google.com/a/msd.oregonk-12.net/mhs-cheer/home for important information.  To get text and/or email reminders, please go to remind.com or download the "remind" app and enter the code @cb4a5 to continue to get Newsflash reminders that will basically tell you to go to the website!!!!


Tonight's Team Bonding Movie Night is at the Schoenthal's house. 820 SE Vine St.McMinnville.
503-434-3922 for directions

Daily Doubles begin tomorrow.  Both morning and afternoon practices will be at the high school this year.  Morning practice is 10-12.  Afternoon practice will be 4-6.  We have not set up your practice clothes schedule yet, so please just come to practice in practice appropriate clothing tomorrow.  

Registration is coming up! The first date is next Tuesday from 11 am to 7 pm. Cheer does not have to pay the sports participation fee, but you will need to pay the ASB fee. All "clubs" pay ASB fee of $45. You will also need to pay your cheer bill at registration if you get a cheer bill in the mail. Those are going out in the mail today.

DVD's are ready for learning most of the game material. See me in the bookkeeping office at MHS. The DVD's are in the cheer room and I can get one for you. Also many of you have not done ImPACT testing or have physicals turned in. You WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN DAILY DOUBLES until this is complete.

Needing physicals: Malayna (I think you were getting yours sent over from Summit?), Jessie B, Madysen C, Hannah L, Jessica M, Priscilla, Burgundy, Mariana, Jessica O, Lizette, Erika.

Needing ImPACT: Marla, Kirsten, Malayna, Diana, Hannah I, Delanie, Pricsilla, Sara, Kaelyn, Asia, Mariana, Sandra, Jessica O, Lizette, Erika.

Any parents interested in purchasing cheer sweatshirts can contact Janelle McCormick (cheer parent) at 971-237-5645. She can collect the money from you on Friday morning when we all meet to leave for cheer camp or you can make arrangements with her if you are not going to be here in the morning or are a freshmen parent. Give her a call or text if interested and want more information.

Remember, meet in the MHS parking lot at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning. It is almost camp time!! Four fun-filled, team bonding days!! It will make for a great start to a great year of cheer and getting to know each other. Please review the packet I gave you or your parents so that you remember to bring everything.

Tonight at practice (4-6) I will get the car pool lists finalized and give you a copy for your parents to keep. Tonight we will finalize the camp stunt groups and work on basics. Then we can start the "fun day" shirts, answer last minute camp questions and then send you home to finish packing. SUNBLOCK, SUNBLOCK, SUNBLOCK - PACK IT! At least the forcast is for somewhat cooler weather.

DVD's are ready - we will hand them out tonight at practice. Freshmen can come by tonight at 4:00 and pick one up, too. They will contain most of the material you will need to learn. We will review all of it during daily doubles and teach anything not on the DVD at that time. Keep working on stretching, especially flyers.

If you needed a sports physical and did not get it last night, please remember that you must do so before daily doubles or you will not be cleared to participate. Same with the ImPACT test. Get it done and bring a copy of the completion certificate to me or to Mrs. Winkler in the athletic office.

And last - please look at your cheer balance and make payments. I have paid for all camp fees and now I must pay the Varsity Fashions bill. This is one big bill for all uniforms and camp clothes. So if you take your bill and multiply that by 50 orders, you will see that I have a very large bill to get taken care of. Thanks for your attention to this very important matter.

Remember that tomorrow, Aug 6, you can get your sports physical between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm at MHS. The cost is $20. All freshman are required to get a new sports physical, even if you got one last year in middle school. All others need one if you did not get a sports physical for MHS sports last year. It must be on an OSAA sports physical form if you choose to go to your own doctor. This form can be found on the school website under athletics.

Many of you also need to do the ImPACT test online. You can find this on the school website under athletics. The code is in the instructions on that page. It takes about 30 minutes to do from your computer at home. Make sure you have no distractions when you take this test. This is used for determining possible concussions if you take a hit to the head later on in the year.

Varsity and JV leave for camp on Friday!! Meet at MHS at 8:30. I still need forms from some of you. I have not heard anything recently from Sara or Xochitl - you two please come to MHS this week to pick up your camp clothes and fill out permission forms. I have lots of info about camp that you need to know about.

ENTERED 8/1 Parent Message


If you did not come to the meeting last night for Varsity & JV Parents, please give me a call at your convenience so I can arrange to get uniforms, etc, to you. I still need camp waiver forms for Xochitl, Carissa, Erin, Malayna, Ariana, Sara. and I need to give you information about camp which is coming up quickly. There are things you need to know about camp, such as what needs to be packed. We will be staying in dorms so the kids will need sheets, blankets, etc. The hand out I gave to parents at the meeting have all the info.

Also please check your balances on the billing page. Access this by putting in your student's school ID number. I don't know how long this website will be accessible as it will be expiring soon and we will have everything on the new website but it is a work in progress. (Thanks Andrea Brown for helping with this!!) So check your accounts to see if everything looks correct.

Payment can be made payable to MHS and you can call me to let you in the door at the high school to make payments since I am the new bookkeeper there. My phone number at my desk is 503-472-4209. I can't have contact with the kids this week as their coach but I can as the school bookkeeper if they need to drop their balance off.

JV "fun day" at camp - the girls need to bring a dress, like a formal or long dress that they can put over their uniform to "dress up". I will explain this to them at practice next week but I wanted to give them a heads up so they could plan.

Practice for JV and Varsity will be next Thursday, Aug 7, from 4-6. (instead of Monday and Tuesday - not everyone could make those dates).

Please - call me at my work number if you have any questions at all about camp. 503-472-4209

Looking forward to next week when I can have contact with the team again!!

Lastly, we need to have a car wash in August to help cover some coach costs for cheer camp. I need some parents to help with this so let me know if you want to be in charge. What that means is you pick a date and arrange a place - I will notifiy cheerleaders and get more parent volunteers. A few people cancelled out on camp so I filled the spots with the Freshman team coaches since I could not get camp refunds and now I need to raise funds to cover that.

ENTERED 7/28  New Website! 
One of our parents has designed a new website for the team, through the school district.  It is still a work in progress, but as Teacherweb will no longer be available, please be sure to start using this new site.  Not all features are transferable, but she is working on getting it going.

The address is:  https://sites.google.com/a/msd.oregonk-12.net/mhs-cheer/home

There is no nifty "Newsflash" tool, but once you access the page, you can follow the directions below to get notified when there are changes to the "Announcements" tab.

To get notified when a site or page changes

Site owners and collaborators can sign up to be notified by email whenever a site or page changes:

  1. Visit the site and, if you want to be notified when a specific page changes, the page for which you want notifications.
  2. Click the More drop-down menu.
  3. Select Subscribe to site changes or Subscribe to page changesdepending on the type of notifications you'd like to receive.

Once you've subscribed, you'll receive an email each time the site or page is updated, someone makes a comment on the site or page, or someone uploads an attachment to the site or page. The email will highlight the additions and deletions to the site or page to which you've subscribed.

Please know that this is a very basic site, but the parent volunteer will be adding to it as time allows!

ENTERED 7/18 (please read all of the information below - there is a lot)

OSAA Moratoruim Week will be July 27 - Aug 2. During this time period, coaches are not allowed to have any contact with any team member - not by phone, text, email or in person. Violation of this rule could result in a monetary sanction by OSAA as well as coach suspension from one or more games. So please know that if a team member tries to contact ANY cheer coach, we will not be able to respond until Aug 3.

So that brings up an issue with the meeting on July 31. We can only have parents attend this meeting about camp so please do not bring team members with you to the meeting. We can discuss camp without them as this meeting is mostly for parents to get the information anyway. We will also give you the practice clothes and uniforms to take home, too. We have a packet of information about camp and need to collect any outstanding waiver forms.  Blank forms can be found on the Camp Information page. We will need to collect the remainder of your cheer bill at this meeting. The camp fees have all been paid out of the cheer fund and the invoices for uniforms and camp/practice clothes, bags, poms all need to be paid in full, too.  We need drivers to take us to Eugene and to pick us up. We will get this information from you and how many people you can transport so that we can make sure we have transportation all figured out.

August 4 and August 5 - we will have practices for JV and Varsity on these days to prep for camp. Times will depend on any activities for football / football practice.

August 6 - Sports Physical night. The cost is $20 for a sports physicial. ALL INCOMING 9TH GRADERS will need a sports physical - no exceptions. Any others who did not get a physical last year will be required to get one this year. Since camp begins Aug 8 for Varsity and JV, you must have this done before camp so if you personal physicial can't do it, please DO NOT MISS GETTING A SPORTS PHYSICAL ON AUGUST 6.

In August, warm-ups will be ordered for new team members as well as the football jerseys for the varsity team. The costs for these items will be due September 30.

Varsity team members need to get their sponsor names to me ASAP. I need to create an excel sheet of who you want to take letters to for sponsorship to Nationals. Only one cheerleader can approach each business or person so you need to get my permission before you ask sponsors for money. The balance for Natioanals is due by December 1st, so we need to get started on that. Only two members of varsity have given me names so far.

We will be selling the month-long raffle tickets in August. Our goal is for everyone to sell 20 tickets each. I am sure each of you know people who like to win fun items and possibly an Ipad mini. The minimum value of items will be $20. Proceeds to help cut individuals costs for Nationals. We would appreciate JV and Freshmen teams selling tickets, too. More information on this will be coming.

As a reminder - this website is supposed to cease to exist as of August 1. Hopefully we will have the new website information to you before August 1 as this is the most convenient way to communicate with so many cheer parents and cheerleaders all at once.

Here is a list of competitions that will be on our calendar for JV and Varsity. The new website will have a calendar page dedicated to keeping you informed about games, practices and competitions, as well as other events like fundraisers and community service.

Oct 18 - Wildcat Pre All State, Westview HS (varsity only)
Oct 25 - All State, Springfield HS (varsity only)
Dec 6 - McMinnville Precision Exhibition (varsity & jv)
Dec 13 - Wildcat Cheer Challenge, Wilsonville HS (varsity & jv)
Jan 10 - Laker Rumble Cheer Competition, Lake Oswego HS (varsity & jv)
Jan 17 - Pacer Invitational, Lakeridge HS (varsity & jv)
Jan 24 - Crusader Challenge VII, Jesuit HS (varsity & jv)
Jan 31 - Cavalier Cheer Invitational, Clackamas HS (varsity & jv)
Feb 7 - Tualatin Last Chance, Tualatin HS (varsity & jv)
Feb 14 - OSAA State Cheerleading Championship, Memorial Coliseum  (varsity only)
Feb 15 - Oregon Cheer Championships, Memorial Coliseum (varsity & jv)
Feb 21 - Spirit of the West Championships, Salem Pavilion (varsity only)
March 19-23 - USA Nationals, Anaheim Ca (varsity only)

Other dates will be posted soon (football schedule, community service dates, etc)

Due to a coaches certification class on Thursday, the JV/Varsity meeting will need to happen July 31 instead of tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.  Freshmen team camp meeting will still happen today at 7 pm.

Remember to attend the Freshmen meeting on Wed @ 7 pm, and the JV/Varsity meeting on Thur @ 7 pm. (food court).
I will be handing out the camp clothes and pieces of uniform that I have received to all of the Freshmen team so that you can begin packing everything for camp.
I will hand out the varsity and JV items for those who have paid.
You will get the camp packets with all the information you and parents need. The meeting should only take about 30 minutes. I just need to go over the packets so that parents are feeling secure about what is involved with camp. I would like to collect the remaining waiver forms for camp, too.

Please make sure you have completed the ImPACT test (see newsflash of 6/20 for information about this).

The camp page on the website has some camp information - the whole packet will be given at the meeting.


I am working on getting the Camp Information page updated. Right now it has blank camp waiver forms and soon it will have information about what to bring to camp, etc.

The Freshmen team leaves for camp on Tuesday July 22 from MHS at 9:30 a.m. On Friday, anyone can come to watch their performance and evaluations beginning at 9:00 a.m. I tried to have one parent meeting about camp but only a few parents could make the meeting so I am going to try again. I would like to meet Wednesday night (July 16) at 7 :00 pm in the food court at MHS. This will take about 30 minutes. I just want to make sure that parents have all of the information needed. I may need one parent to help get us to and from Corvallis, but it might be possible that the coaches going will have enough room to take everyone.

I would like to have a meeting for Varsity and JV parents at 7:00 pm on Thursday (July 17) in the MHS food court. I need to get drivers set up to deliver kids to Eugene and also to pick up. We will leave MHS on Friday Aug 8 at 8:30 am. Then on Monday Aug 11, performances and evaluations will be at 9:00 am and anyone is welcome to come and watch. I need to make sure enough parents come to transport all team members back to McMinnville.

Also, anyone who needs to make payments on cheer bills can do that during weekdays at MHS. I am now the bookkeeper at the high school. If you do try to get in the building and the doors are locked, pleases all my work number and I will let you in. 503-565-4209. 

Cheer on the runners at the Turkey Trot tomorrow. Arrive at the tennis courts in lower city park no later than 8:30 a.m. After that you can go to the cheer party. We will leave by 9:45 in order to get to Chegwyn Farms Park (NE Hembree St) for the cheer party by 10:00, so arrange for your transportation accordingly. For instance - get a ride with another cheerleader if you don't drive. We will start the cheer party right at 10:00 and be done no later than 1:00. Remember to bring something to drink (water is great) and $5 to help pay for pizza for lunch.

Varsity needs to wear your community service outfit - red shorts and the shirt you got at Tara's clinic. Everyone else wear anything "grizzly" if you have it. Bring poms if you have them.

Bring your camp waiver forms if you have not already given them to me. Also bring any payments you need to make to cover the cost of camp. I have already paid for camp and really need to get this money into our MHS account.


There will be an optional practice tomorrow (Monday July 7) for the Freshmen team to work on stunts/stunt drills to prepare for camp. Varsity is welcome to come as stunt demos. This practice will be from 6:00-7:00 pm. It will be especially helpful for those 9 of you that are going to camp. Please enter through the side door nearest the gym (the one by the stairs right between the new and old part of the building on 15th street). I will park my red car right by that door and will prop it open for a short period of time, so don't be late as it may be shut. Bring your permission forms for camp, too.

Tuesday, July 8, there will be an optional JV practice from 4:00-5:30. Again, varsity is welcome to come as stunt demos. Enter through the side door. Bring your camp waivers.

Thursday, July 10, there will be an optional varsity practice from 4:00-5:30. Bring your camp waivers, please.

The cheer orders have been arriving at my house. I will hand out cheer shoes to those who do not have them, and I will hand out your new poms if you have paid your bills off. Over the next few weeks before camp I should be receiving the rest of the camp and uniform orders and will set up a date for pick-up for those who have paid for them.

We hope to have the DVD's ready soon so everyone can get a start of game material so that you can have the game chants and 8 count dances learned before daily doubles practices in August. It takes time to put this all together and copied onto enough DVD's to hand out to everyone.

All Team Cheer Party! - McMinnville cheer gathering....Games.....Fun....Lunch......9:30 to approximately noon on Saturday July 12. Come ready to have fun and get to know the team. Bring $5 to pay for lunch and bring your own drink (water is always best). The location will be at the park by Grandhaven School - directions will be posted on newflash some time next week. This is being sponsored by cheer parents, aka The Fun Committee :) Come ready for fun and games and, as always, food (pizza). Still working on how we can do this and community service at the Turkey Trot on the 12th. I have not heard from the organizers of the Turkey Trot yet.

On July 12 I will have camp packets for you with instructions on what to bring to camp and will need parents to help carpool us to camp and then come and pick us up on the last day. All parents are welcome to come the last day to watch team performances and awards. This information will be included in the camp packets, too.

This is an additional waiver form for camp.  So you should have 2 waiver forms for Camp.  One for NCA and one for StyleShock.  

All JV and Varsity cheerleaders I have a camp waiver form that I need to have filled out and returned to me as soon as you are able to.  I can send it to your email address if you email or text your email address to me.  If you are unable to print one then you can contact me and I will set up a time for you to meet me and pick one up.  Each of you are required to have one filled out before camp.
Coach Karin- 971-237-1072 or khoggard@msd.k12.or.us

If you are not going to camp, please email or text me today. I have not heard back from some JV. Here is a list of who I believe will not be going:
Ariana, Delanie, Asia, Jasmine, Hannah I.
Please contact me if I have missed anyone not attending from any team. It is not required for the Freshmen Team but highly recommended. It is required for all JV and Varsity that are competing.

Varsity stunt clinic is Sunday. Arrive by 12:30 so you can stretch and warm up the groups we worked up last time we stunted. We will be in our regular practice area.

Anyone who received an F on their final report card will need to meet with me. At tryouts I let everyone know that if you will be in 10th, 11th or 12th next year and failed even one class that you would not be able to cheer this year. I will try to meet with you in July to talk about the possibility of returning shoes and other things recently purchased so you will not have to pay for them. There are only a few things I can't return and I may be able to keep them on hand to sell to others in case things are lost or ruined during the year and need replaced. Money you raised through fundraisers will go toward costs I can't cover. This is a hard thing for all concerned but between tryouts and now, you had ample opportunity to bring up your grades.

Anyone who did not do the ImPACT Test last year, and all incoming freshmen, need to do this test. You can now do it online from home. This needs to be done to be cleared to cheer this year. The link for this test is on the school website under Athletics/Activities. Read all of the instructions. It should take you around 30 minutes to complete and I would like for you all to get it done this weekend if possible so it is out of the way.  

Same goes for athletic physicals. All incoming freshmen must have a physical, even if you had one as an 8th grader (those don't count for high school). If you are going to be 10th, 11th, or 12th grade and did not get a physical last year you MUST have one this year. Physicals will be offered at school in August for a fee or you can get one now through your own doctor. You MUST use a physical form from OSAA and you can get one of those blank forms from the athletic secretary at MHS next week. Please do not wait until the last minute to take care of these items.

The only people totally cleared at this point who do not need a physical or ImPACT test are Bri, Erin, Nancy, Maranda, Haley S, Rochelle, Kessia, Jordan B, Lily.

A lot of things going on today. Remember we have tumbling practices today
5:45-7:00 Beginning Tumbling (not yet working on back-handspring)
6:45-8:00 For those close to or already have back-handspring
6:30 Freshmen team meeting (parents please) food court

Also - even if you are not tumbling, you need to stop by and turn in your sports cups orders and money. It will take two weeks to get the orders for you to deliver.

I have had a few people quit a team but I have a few freshmen interested in joining the freshmen team so I will be having a quick tryout for them today at 4:00. I am hoping to fill some spots so that those who left MHS Cheer will not have to pay for the practice clothes, poms, etc. Coaches Gina and KaLynn will be working with them from 4:00-5:45. Karin will check them and their parents in at the beginning and I will be there as soon as I am able.

Since vendors were late getting costs to me, bill payments can be made through the month of July. Please make sure that you have paid enough by the end of June to cover you camp payment. The rest is due by July 31.

Run Walk Ride is this Saturday. Be at Duniway by 8:00 a.m. if you are volunteering. So far I have a form for Katelynn G, and Janelle has Maranda's. If you are going, please show up with your signed form and give it to Janelle when you get there. It looks like I will have your community service shirts by then!! You can get it when you arrive at Duniway.

I am going to fax a waiver form to the front office at MHS if you lost your form. Please politely ask Ms. Robins if you may have a form.

Bills are ready to review. Please double check my addition/subtraction and that I have given you credit for personal payments. If you paid the bookkeeper and I did not get a copy of the payment, it may not be recorded. Plus I am tracking bills and payments for 51 people so let me know if I made any errors.  I try to keep costs down but cheer is expensive. Also I have not ordered or billed you for the warm ups (for all), or the football jersey (for varsity) and will do that in August. Warm ups will be $80 and jerseys $25. The freshmen team may not need warm ups as their games are in the afternoon and not evening but it may get chilly in October. We can discuss this at the Freshmen Team meeting (see below).

Bows & Jackets from cookie dough sales are here!

Freshmen team
- it looks like the majority of the team want to attend an away camp. Most have marked the July 22-25 camp in Corvallis. A couple of people have a conflict with that date. Is there anyone who would be opposed to going to the Eugene camp July 14-17 so that all could attend all four days. If we attend the Corvallis camp some people would need to miss the last day of camp.

I know it is not possible to please everyone, and for JV and Varsity level teams I don't give the parents the choice of camp dates - so be prepared for that in the future :)

I would like to meet with the Freshmen Team parents next week (Monday at 6:30 at MHS - possibly in the food court) to make sure everyone knows what is involved with camp, what they need to bring, etc. I will need parents to carpool to camp to drop us off and to pick us up. The school does not provide transportation to cheer camp.

Habitat for Humanity - Run, Walk Ride community service. I gave out a lot of forms and got back 3.  I will contact those three students individually with the information you need for June 14. Janelle McCormick is the parent that will be in charge of team members.


Below are the some things coming up:

Today - Thurs, June 05
6:00 Fundraising meeting with parents, bring your ideas

Mon, June 9 Tumbling Classes
5:45 -7:00  For those close to a back-handspring
6:45-8:00   For those who already have aback-handspring

Sat, June 14 @ Duniway
Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity Run/Walk/Ride (I need waiver forms)
I also need parents to chaperone the volunteers

Mon, June 16 Tumbling Classes
5:45-7:00 Beginning Tumbling (not yet working on back-handspring)
6:45-8:00 For those close to or already have back-handspring

Sun, June 22
1:00 – 4:00   Varsity Team Stunt Clinic with Tara Mahoney

Sat, July 12
a.m. TurkeyTrot – cheer on runners at the finish line. Will have more details later

I have a few questions for team members before I can finalize your bills. My main questions are regarding summer camp. I have added a "response" page for you so I can make some decisions. Please answer the questions for me on that page. If the questions do not pertain to you, you can still respond to the last item if you have questions for me. I then hope to have total costs all ready by the end of this week. Once the billing page is posted, please look it over and let me know if you have made payments you did not get credit for. I only know about the payments that the bookkeeper  has given me duplicate receipts for or the payments you gave to me to give to the bookkeeper. Sometimes payments do not get reported to me. I want to make sure my records are accurate.

I have the order forms and sample cups for the Sports Cups Fundraiser. I think you are going to like these. We need to begin selling now and then meet on June 16 to turn the orders and money in. You will get an order for and one sample cup. I have samples for U of O, OSU, Seahawks. Please meet me tomorrow at 4:00 pm in the practice area to discuss this fundraiser. It should only take 10 minutes if everyone is on time. Bring a pen to fill out your form.

To make the costs less painful, I am going to wait to order warm-ups and the football jerseys (worn on game day and at games) for football season. I will order those at the beginning of August. The cost will be $80 for the jacket and pants, and $20 for the jerseys. That way you can wait until August 1st to pay that. The rest of the costs, unfortunately, are more immediate. This involves summer camp, camp clothes, poms, bags, uniforms, shoes.
Keep in mind that this is a "changeover" year, meaning that once every four years we buy a new uniform and jersey. The warm ups will probably stay this style for another four years as well.

Remember, fundraisers that take place after July 1 will all go toward team costs for competition and choreography.

If parents want to do other fundraisers this month such as car washes, I just need the details of that so I can get permission from the school district. If you are interested in meeting to discuss those types of fundraisers, please meet me on Thursday at 6:00 pm at Columbus in the cafeteria. Come with your ideas.


Parade chaperones, please remember to wear jeans and black shoes tonight. The dance coach said she had shirts for you - those cost $9. If you want to help carry water for the girls, you can use their zebra cheer bag.

I have been unsuccessful in getting a response from the organizers of the triathlon for tomorrow. Someone called me three days ago and told me she would get back to me about when and where we are to meet and I have not heard anything more. I have called and left messages, as well as email messages. So at this point I am going to just say we will not be volunteering since I have no detailed information to give you. Sad to have to cancel since 20 of you volunteered to help.

Here is a letter from the Drumline director about Saturday for the parade:

Dear Parents;

The schedule for the Starlight parade, we will be loading up
equipment at 5pm. The buses will leave at 5:30pm. We will be
stopping to pick up band students that will be playing at Oaks Park earlier in
the day at 6:15pm in Tigard. We enter the staging area around
8:30pm. All students and parents that are participating have to be on the
buses when entering the staging area. We will enter the parade around 10
pm. We will be done around 11:15ish. We will then get back on the
bus and return to McMinnville. We will be home around 1am.

This will be a very long day, so please have students pack a
dinner to eat on the buses as well as some food for the way home. We will
have some snacks for the way home after the parade and also we have water as
well. Also please help your students to drink a lot of water the
days before the parade. We would like to make sure that all students can
successful make it to end of the parade. The parade is up hill most of
the way.

Remember - Starlight Parade practice tonight from 4-6. I will be coming from Salem so will be a little late, but follow directions from Hope and Carissa. If you are marching in the parade it is important you attend practice today and tomorrow.
Saturday morning is the Triathalon community service. I will send a newsflash out with details of when and were to meet. If you signed up and can no longer participate, please let me know.

Below is a message from ASB about the video that will be filmed next Friday. This will involve all of last years varsity and JV team. Wear your uniform for the filming - you can wear your hair down. I believe your station will be in the gym so you can stunt/tumble. A cheer sign will need to be made. Morgan - can you organize that for me?

Breaking away from the traditional senior only video, they want to make a whole school inclusive video. In
brief the idea would be to ask all students to wear class colors or Grizzly /team or club gear to school on Friday May 30.
Students may paint posters and banners to represent their group or club after school in room 226 starting
next week. And clubs may hold / carry props. (For example our International Club would hold their flags, etc.)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_01wJMrfLOM  This is an example of a video done by a high school in Colorado.

We would end the Spring Recognition Assembly (long assembly schedule) early, get students in their places, do a practice run through, then film the video. Our goal is to have everyone back in class by 10:55 (which would cut into 4th per by about 25 minutes.)

The student body is excited to be a part of this - we talked about it during class meetings last week. We need your help to make this happen.

Nathan will go over the route, and we will have groups in place by Wed of this week. The song the students voted for is "Best Day of my Life" by American Authors and we will also have lyrics out to interested students on Wed.

This could be a really cool experience for our students and staff to be a part of something huge and positive.

Link to the song/lyrics - it is really easy to lip-synch to:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyd_qWt_jJU

Thanks for your patience while being fitted for uniforms last night.

On Tuesday, we will have just a varsity team practice from 4:00-5:30 to work up stunt groups. Hopefully all varsity can be there. Then from 5:30-6:00 I would like to meet with those marching in the Starlight Parade to make sure you know the parade routine. Other parade practices this week are from 4-6 on Wed & Thur. You need to wear your uniform for Thursday practice as you will be marching to the district office as a dress rehearsal. Depending on how you look, there may be parade practice on Friday as well.

I will schedule practices for JV and Freshmen teams soon.
Coaches will be creating a DVD of football cheers/chants for you to learn over the summer. I will let you know when those are ready.

Very soon I will have a "billing" page set up with what each person owes, accessible only by using your school ID number. This individual billing will show all payments made so far, your cookie dough profit, your bonus money from cookie dough (once I have that figure), the clothing costs, camp costs, any other costs and the total balance owing. It takes me a few days to get all of those accounts set up but I will let you know when it is done.

As for cookie dough - below are the team totals.

Kirsten's team - boxes sold 245
Valeria's team - boxes sold 239
Brittaney's team - boxes sold 238
Carissa's team - boxes sold 173
Erin's team - boxes sold 134
Haley's team - boxes sold 126

1st place seller - Maddie F
2nd place seller - Burgundy
3rd place seller - Valeria

Team profit = $7,404.80 !!

Starlight Parade Info (also please check the calendar farther below for parade practice next week)

Good morning, here is the Starlight information. We
will be leaving the high school at 5:30pm on May 31. We will be back
around 1am. This will be depending on the traffic get out of downtown
Portland with parade traffic. The parade runs from 9 to 11pm on Fox
12, we are in the later part of the parade. Because of the time we will
be leaving, we ask students to bring a sack dinner. We are working on
getting water and some snack for during and after the parade. The student
will be hunger from the marching.

Each group is providing some parents to walk along side each
group to make sure the students are not overheating and are safe. Your
group needs to have 4 people and you are counted in that 4 and so if you can
find 3 more people to walk along side your group would be great. With
that the Rose Festival rules those people have to be dress in a uniform
type. So with that, we are wearing black tennis shoes or dark shoes
something they can walk the parade in comfort, jeans, and the Game Day
shirt. The Game day shirt glows in the dark and they are already
made. The parent will just need to buy one for $5 from Gina.

Everyone that is marching with the group has to ride the bus
in and out of the staging areas for safety. This is the requirement from
the Rose Festival. So parents that wants to walk with the group need to
ride the bus. Also we will be put glow in the dark ropes on the
students. So we are asking if students can help out with the cost with
$2. We will be getting them from the Dollar Tree.

That last thing is we are going over to perform for Dr.
Russell on the Thursday May 29, 2014 so she can see what will be in the
Starlight Parade on May 31. If you have your cheerleaders in the food
court, we will line up and march over to the DO and be there around 4pm and we
will perform for her.

If more information comes I will pass it on.


Joseph Demianew


Reminder - uniform fitting at Columbus Elementary on Thursday at 4:00. Girls need to bring shorts or cheer briefs and sports bra, or your swim suit to wear during fittings. I would like to get the boys fitted first, so show up first if possible or let me know if you want to come last.

Next week we will have some open gym time for stunting to create stunt groups for the year. I will send out those days and times soon.

If you are going to the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Portland, I need to meet with you on Wednesday at 7:00 pm just briefly in the practice area. I will need your forms and I need to know if your parent is driving and how many you can take in your car. I may need to cut down on the number of people participating if there are not enough drivers. We also need to decide if you are going with a theme and what it is. It needs to be something easy to pull off so be thinking about it.


These are the people who volunteered to help at Columbus today from 3:00-6:30.
Ariana, Marla, Brittaney, Lily, Xochitl, Andrea M, Erika, Mary, Carissa, Mariana, Jessica O, Lizette, Maranda, Andrea L, Jordan B, Sabrina. 

If you are at MHS and have an open period at the end of the day please come at 2:30 so I can have you be the ones to check in the rest of the cheerleaders and tell them what their assignment is. I will be in the library beginning at 3:00.

I will need Carissa and one other person (comfortable with 5 year olds) to help with the student assessments (the principal will show you how), some will be greeters at the front door, some will give building tours to families when they are done with the registration process, and one person will be needed to make photocopies for me. Wear a cheer shirt if you have one. New team members, just wear something appropriate to school dress code. An MHS shirt of any kind, if you have one, would be great.

If you are going to participate at the Rock & Roll Half Marathon, please return your waiver forms to me. I will be at the Freshmen Activity Fair tonight at MHS from 6:00-8:00 and you can drop it by to me there.

Jordan S, Erin, Carissa - please arrive by 6:00 for the activity fair to work at our table. In the past, our table was set up in the old commons.
I think three people will be enough for this job and the rest who signed up have signed up for multiple things so you won't need to come to this one.

Please note that the first shift for Columbus Carnival begins at 5:30, not 4:30.  Check to make sure I have your names under the right community service.

May 5 reminder. Arrive at 6:15 for the fundraiser meeting. Then right after that the parents will stay and talk about plans for more fundraiser, summer camp, etc. We will meet in the food court.

Parade practice today 4-6:00 with the band. Show up on time or you might not be able to find them.

Uniform fitting appointment will be scheduled for Thursday May 22 at 4:00 pm at Columbus Elementary. If you will be at Track State Meet don't worry. I will have some sample sizes for you to try on after this weekend.

Please remember the Cookie Dough Sales kick-off meeting at 6:30 on Monday, May 5. We will meet in the food court. Please be there by 6:15. Parents are welcome to attend because right after that meeting we will have a parent information meeting to go over plans for other fundraisers, summer camp and anticipated costs.

For community service I have 32 responses so far. There are 51 of you. I need to hear back from everyone.

May 2, Columbus Carnival 5:30-7:00, Makinzee, Sydney, Sienna, Katelynn, Madysen, Ariana, Marla, Jessie, Kaelyn, Erika, Maddie, Delanie, Haleigh, Mary, Lily, Mariana, Jessica O

May 2, Columbus Carnival 7:00-8:30, Sydney, Madysen, Ariana, Eliza, Marla, Brittaney, Jessie, Xochitl, Andrea M, Erika, Maddie, Valeria, Mary, Lily, Mariana, Jessica O, Jocelyn Fuerte

May 7, 9th grade activity fair, Jordan S, Marla, Brittaney, Xochitl, Andrea M, Carissa, Morgan, Jessica O, Erin, Lizette, Ariana, Andrea L

May 8, Kinder Registration Columbus, Ariana, Marla, Brittaney, Lily, Xochitl, Andrea M, Erika, Mary, Carissa, Mariana, Jessica O, Lizette, Maranda, Andrea L, Jordan B, Sabrina

May 18, R & R Half Marathon, Makinzee, Sydney, Jordan S, Madysen, Ariana, Marla, Brittaney, Lily, Xochitl, Kaelyn, Andrea M, Sienna, Valeria, Erika, Katelynn, Mariana, Nancy, Jessica O, Erin, Jessica M, Lizette, Maranda, Andrea L., Sabrina

May 31, Triathlon, Makinzee, Sydney, Madysen, Ariana, Brittaney, Lily, Kaelyn, Sienna, Erika, Maddie, Valeria, Haliegh, Katelynn, Mariana, Nancy, Lizette, Camille, Maranda, Sabrina

I believe this is who I have for Starlight Parade so far.
May 31, Starlight Parade, Carissa, Brittaney, Hope, Erin, Morgan, Emma, Chiharu, Pia, Jocelyn, Dominique, Jordan S

Please remind other cheerleaders to sign up for newsflash messages.

This year's seniors - I will remove you from the newsflash if you are not interested in attending the Starlight Parade. just let me know and I will take you and your parents off the list.

2014-15 team members - And so it begins!! Your first payment toward camp is due on April 30. If you plan to participate in selling cookie dough, you can make a payment of $100 and set a goal to sell enough to profit $250 or more. In the past, most people have sold at least 35 boxes and profited about $220 from that. If you don't plan to sell, you will need to pay $300 on April 30. The meeting to sell cookie dough is May 5 at 6:30 pm. Parents are encouraged to attend because you can sell for your son/daughter right along with them by offering to co-workers. (I do realize that cookie dough is not promoting healthy eating habits - but the good thing about it being pre-formed and frozen is that people can bake small amounts at a time for special events.)

Last year's cheerleaders - remember that tonight and/or tomorrow, if you are available, the dance team will be meeting to go over basics of marching in the Starlight Parade from 4:30-5:30. Wear your black shorts and the practice shirt with the black letters and go to the dance practice loft. Let me know if you are going so that I can let Coach Regalado know. This practice is not mandatory. The practice schedule for May is below. This is for last year's varsity and any of last year's JV who can get a varsity uniform to wear from someone not going. The Starlight Parade is the evening of May 31.

Later today I will have the community service page updated. The first need is for the Columbus Carnival Friday May 2nd in two shifts. 5:30-7:00 and 7:00 - 8:30. The first shift includes set up and the last shift includes clean-up. You are welcome to work the entire time, too. You will help run carnival booths. Please remember this is just for team members (no friends can come with you). Check that page this afternoon and indicate what you can help with.

Please remind other team members to sign up for newsflash messages.

Below is the Starlight Parade Practice Schedule:









Practice with the Band 4-6





Parade practice 6-7


Parade practice 6-7 With Band 


No Practice (Track


Parade practice 6-7


Districts for JV
Track meet

No Practice




Parade practice 4-6


Parade practice 4-6

With the Band


Parade Practice 5:30-7


Parade Practice 4-6

With Band





No practice this week







No School


Parade practice 4-6

Parade practice 4-6
 With Band

Practice if Needed

Starlight Parade!!!




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