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The last parent/candidate meeting is tonight after open gym (7:35) in the food court. This is where you will pick up the tryout packet. If I don't see you tonight or hear from you (if you are sick and can't make it or if you are at an away spring sports event) then I will assume you are not trying out for the team next year. But you need to contact me if you have a conflict and can't make it.

There will be open gym tonight, but I am canceling open gym April 10th as I will be out of town. Even if you have been attending open gym, I hope you are still conditioning and stretching on the other days to stay in shape for tryouts, spring practices and summer camp. Remember - we take more on JV than we do on Varsity and it is very likely that we will take some on both teams that cheer games only as competition alternates. With over 50 different people that have been attending open gym (not all at the same time) everyone needs to be working on skills for tryouts.

Remember to turn in your money/unsold discount cards. If we do not receive those back you will be charged for them.

We would still like to remain a coed team so if you know any boys who might be even a little interested, invite them to stunt at open gym tonight. Permission forms are on the tryout page in order to be able to stunt.

Five of you have volunteered to be on hand at the ribbon cutting ceremony at Columbus tomorrow at 1:00. Please arrive a few minutes before that time to check in at the office. Wear your uniform and bring poms. I am not sure what your role will be exactly - someone from Columbus PTA will give you your instructions.

Seniors - I still need your help at open gym and tryouts whenever your schedule allows. I know some of you have jobs now and are in spring sports. Remember what it was like your first year trying out and how helpful the seniors where to you that year? Please pay it forward.

Crab Feed Decorating - 10:30-1:30, Bri, Hope, Brittney, Morgan, Kessia
Crab Feed Food Prep - 10:00-1:00, Maranda, Kirsten, Haley, Valeria, Marla, Merica

In addition to the tryout meeting tonight at 7:00, I will be able to meet with parents/candidates right after open gym on April 7 at 7:30. We will meet either in the practice area or the food court. It will take about 30 minutes. It is really important that parents come to one of the meetings so that I can answer any questions at that time.

April 7 open gym will also be designated as a stunt night for any boys interested in cheer. Even if they participate in a fall sport, they can cheer competitions and basketball season. If you know any boys interested, please get an open gym form to them so they can try stunting that night.

The Unified Sports Basketball games are at 6:30 and 7:15. Please arrive by 6:00 to warm up/stretch.

Community Service sign ups so far:

Game April 2:
Rochelle, Morgan, Haley, Marla, Nancy, Hope, Merica

Crab Feed April 5:
Maranda, Kirsten, Kessia, Morgan, Haley, Valeria, Marla, Hope, Brittney, Bri, Merica (this is not enough to cover everything)

June 18 performance:
Maranda, Kessia, Marla, Brittney, Hope, Erin, Merica (may have to cancel this)

Starlight Parade:
Morgan, Carissa, Hope, Brittney, Erin (this is an evening event and is an honor to have been offered this opportunity....)


Les Schwab Bowl (seniors) - the deadline to apply is May 1. This is a fun event and tumbling is no longer required.

Tryout meeting - April 1, 7 pm, Auditorium - this is for ALL who are trying out and you must bring a parent/guardian. Will take about 30 minutes.

Remember to attend open gym and to be conditioning/stretching on your own every day.

Seniors - you will taken off the newsflash list once tryouts are over :)

Two more items to add to our community service calendar.

May 18 - cheer on the runners at the Rock & Roll Half Marathon.

May 31 - March in the Rose Festival Starlight Parade with the dance team and marching band - Varsity only. This would be all of this years varsity including graduating seniors. I think this is a wonderful opportunity as we have NEVER been asked before. You will need to commit to April and May evening practices  (maybe a Saturday) with dance team and marching band so you will know how to march and what to do. I do not know the dates and times of practices but I would assume it would be in the evenings to avoid spring sports. If we turn this down, we may not ever be asked again to participate.

This is to all except Seniors - March 11 progress reports are done. In checking them, many of you are currently failing one or more classes. Remember that you must pass all classes this semester in order to cheer competitively next year. You may still make the team in April if your progress report shows an F, but if you do not bring the grade up and you fail in June, you will only be able to cheer games. Any parents who need to see progress reports can check through eschool if you are signed up to do so. If you are not and want to see the progress report you can email me and I can send it to you.

Remember - your number one priority is to get good grades. You need to have good attendance, study, turn in your work. That is your job for your four years of high school.

Thank you all for coming to the awards dinner last night. All of the coaches are going to really miss this group of kids that are graduating! (thank you so much for my picture, bracelet, necklace, flowers, card - I love them!)

Please let me know if you can help out with a few more things this year. I still need to hear back from people who can put these items on their calendar. April 2 -  Unified Basketball Game;  April 5 - Crab Feed; (these two are described below). One more addition - June 18 we have been asked to perform at the Yamhill County Connect Event to help local homeless in our community. We were invited to entertain along with the band, dance team, drum line and HS choirs. I think we could put together a few practices to do a dance/stunt routine by then. There may also be some spring marathons/runs coming up so be prepared to hear from me about volunteering at those, too. Graduating seniors can still be involved in all of this, too. 

I would like you to sign up using the Community Service Sign Up page on the website.  I will also bring sign up sheets to the open gym on Tuesday. Seniors need to remember that I need your help with tryouts and open gym. If you have a spring sport, please come and help after your practice. I need you to help - not just sit and watch, please .

Just found out the track team has a 30 minute meeting at 6:00 tonight so I will push our dinner start time to 6:30.

Still need help for the crab feed on April 5th. I will have a sign up sheet at the dinner tonight. I also need cheerleaders to cheer at the Unified Sports Basketball game on April 2nd at 6:30 and 7:15. The game structure is 6 minute quarters with a 6 minute half time. I would love for all the cheerleaders, JV and Varsity, to come and cheer for these great kids and show them overwhelming support.


I will need 14 cheerleaders to help with the crab feed in two different areas (6 to decorating 10:30 to 1:30 and 14 for food prep 10:00 - 1:00) on April 5th. Please let me know if you are available to help.

Dinner assignments for our awards dinner this Tuesday   ¯

Brittaney, Kaylee, Pia, Hope, Xochitl, Ariana, Yajaira, Andrea, Valeria

Marcus, Chiharu, Dom, Kamrie, Morgan (and twins), Jordan, Diana, Maranda

Carissa, Bri, Adi, Erin, Emma (gluten free), Destiny, Kessia, Marla, Jocelyn, Kirsten, Nancy, Sara, Merica

Thank you, Janelle, for organizing the meal plan.

Open gym tonight for those trying out for cheer in April. Tell your friends that the open gym form is required and can be found on the tryout page of the cheer website.

Bus leaves MHS at 3:15 on Saturday for the game vs. Sunset in Beaverton. Please arrive game-ready. We will most likely sit in the stands as we did for the girls playoff game earlier this week. Hopefully we will arrive in time to get seats all together near the court so you can still stunt during time outs/quarters.  The game begins at 5:00 and we might stop on the way home to get something to eat if a lot of you are hungry so be prepared for that. If we stop to eat I anticipate being home by 8:30. If we don't stop we should be home by 8:00.

End of year banquet is on Tuesday. I handed out flyers last night. If I did not see you, you will get the flyer delivered to you today. If you do not receive the flyer stop by the attendance office and pick it up. On the flyer it lists what you are supposed to bring. I will also post this on newsflash later today (when I get time).

Remember - varsity boys playoff game tonight, arrive by 6:15 game ready. Should be an exciting game!
Open gym begins tomorrow. Spread the word to anyone you know that wants to try out. I will need an open gym form from anyone who is not currently on the team. This form can be found on the tryout page.

If the boys win tonight, we will attend a playoff game on Saturday so keep that day open for now.

Today is the last day to vote for awards.

The bus for the girls playoff game tomorrow (Tuesday) will load at 5:15 so you should arrive by 5:00. Please arrive game-ready. You may wear your warm ups on the bus but with uniform underneath so you will be ready when we arrive and won't have to spend time changing. We may or may not have room to actually cheer. Most likely you will be sitting in the stands except for time-outs. We will just have to wait and see. Any JV who attend will need to pay the $4.00 fee to get into the game.

The Wednesday boys' game will begin at 7:00. Please arrive by 6:15. A few varsity girls have already volunteered to decorate their locker room.

I have not been give plans yet if the girls win their game (another game on 3/7), but if the boys win on Wednesday, they will travel (most likely to Sunset in Portland) and the bus will load MHS at 3:15 for a 5:00 game.


Updated information:

2/27 - Varsity Practice from 4-5:30
2/28 - Varsity perform at assembly Friday afternoon
2/28 - JV work at Patton (Maranda, Jordan, Sara, Rochelle, Haley,Marla)
2/28 - Varsity Girls Play-In game at MHS 7:15, arrive by 6:30, Vs. McKay
3/4 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba
3/5 -  Boys Playoff game at MHS 7:00, arrive by 6:15
3/7 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba
3/8 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/11 - Cheer Awards Potluck Dinner in the Food Court 6:00 p.m. *
3/12 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba
3/13 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/13 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba
3/14 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/15 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/15 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba

Open gym dates: 3/6, 3/10, 3/18, 4/3, 4/7, 4/10, 4/14, 4/17 from 6:00 to 7:30. We will work on basics, conditioning, tumbling, advanced stunts for returners. We will have some open gym dates in May and June, too.

4/1 - Parent/Candidate meeting for tryouts for 2014-15, in the auditorium at 7 pm
4/18 - Tryout Packets due to me
4/21-25, - Tryout practices in Red Gym, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm
4/26 - Tryouts beginning 9 a.m., Red Gym (yes, I know this is prom night)
4/29 - Begin spring cookie dough fundraiser to help with individuals' costs
4/30 - 1/3 cheer payment due
5/31 - 1/3 cheer payment due
6/30 - 1/3 cheer payment due
8/6-7, - pre camp practices, JV and Varsity
8/8 - 11, - NCA "Get Shocked" Camp at University of Oregon in Eugene, JV and Varsity
8/18 - Daily Doubles Begin

*I will have the page up soon for the cheer awards voting. Watch for that. Vote for who deserves the award, not your best friend. You will have to enter your name to vote so I will know if you vote more than once. Only one vote allowed.


Varsity practice Thursday 4-5:30 to work on the dance for Grandhaven assembly and new stunts for Friday.

Check out the district website at www.msd.k12.or.us for the article and pictures about the varsity cheer placing at state. There is also mention of it and a picture on the high school website (just go to "schools" on the district website and click on the high school website.

Varsity - would you like to perform the homecoming dance at Grandhaven's assembly on Friday afternoon? Let me know at the game tomorrow who would be able to  perform. 

Remember there is a girls varsity basketball play-in game on Friday.  JV need to let me know if you would like to work at the Patton Carnival on Friday. 5:15-8:30. So far two of you have responded.


Thank you Kessia and Kamrie for helping last night at Wascher.

JV - Patton Middle School needs help at their annual carnival on Feb 28. Varsity can't attend because there is a playoff game. If you plan to volunteer, please let me know. This is a community service job and you will be expected to work, not socialize with friends you know at Patton. You can't have other friends or boyfriends with you. Since you will need to wear a shirt that identifies you with McMinnville Cheer, I have high expectations of your behavior. Please let me know if you are willing to help and follow these guidelines. I need to get a list of names to Patton by Tuesday.

Varsity - we have practice from now until the end of basketball season on Thursdays from 4:00-5:30. You must attend practices and games for the rest of the season to be included in the end of the year awards. Remember, our season is not over until the last basketball game ends. Playoff and play-in games are mandatory, and some may be away games. At practices we will learn some new stunts, make signs for games, etc.

This Friday is a double header against Newberg. Next Tuesday we have a home girls' game.

Play-in game for girls basketball will be on Feb 28. There will possibly be a play-in game for boys on Saturday, March 1. Please do not make plans for these days. The boys might go directly to the playoffs which will begin on March 5. 

So - here are dates you need to know about. The boys and girls keep playing until they lose.

2/20 - Varsity Practice from 4-5:30
2/21 - Double Header vs. Newberg (JV and Varsity)
2/27 - Varsity Practice from 4-5:30
2/28 - JV work at Patton
2/28 - Varsity Girls Play-In game at MHS
3/1 - Possible Boys Play-In game tba
3/4 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba
3/5 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/7 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba
3/8 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/12 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba
3/13 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/13 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba
3/14 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/15 - Possible Boys Playoff game tba
3/15 - Possible Girls Playoff game tba


Can any Varsity and JV help with babysitting at Wascher Elem tonight from 6:30-8:30?


Congratulations to Varsity for placing 5th at State and to JV for placing 7th at Championships!! All of the coaches are so very proud of your accomplishments this year.  This was our 6th state placement in a row and 7th total over the last 8 years. That is amazing in such a difficult division.

Tonight is the practice for the parent/cheerleader dance @ 6:30. The performance is tomorrow at half time of the game. I know this is really quick but with the snow days and preparing for state my plans to do this last week did not happen. Emma assures me it will be a very fun and easy routine, and is just for fun. The crowd loved it last year and every parent had a great time.

Senior night is tomorrow. All seniors and their parents will be recognized, then you dance!!! Can't wait to see it. We have a lot of 4 year cheerleaders and seniors to celebrate!!

It seems that the girls will most likely host a play - in game on Feb 28 and the boys will probably go straight to playoffs.

Basketball playoff games are so much fun and we do travel to away playoff games. It is my hope that every varsity cheerleader will finish out the season and take with them the fun memories of cheering at basketball playoffs.  We still need every one of you in order to put together stunts at playoff games. Only a few more weeks left of basketball season - let's enjoy these next few weeks and then we will have the awards dinner for everyone that ends the full season.

I will be posting a voting page for cheer awards soon, and posting a date for the awards dinner. And I will get you an updated calendar of the remaining games. We will begin having open-gym once per week after basketball season to work on skills for next season and you can invite others who want to check out what we do at cheer. They will need to have permission forms. This can include 8th graders wanting to try out in April.


Happy Valentines Day!

Tomorrow the varsity need to meet Coach Karin and Coach Megan at MHS at 10:30 to get their make up done for competition. The bus will pick them up at noon (bus leaves at noon) and take them and any JV/spectators to Memorial Coliseum in Portland. Specific information regarding cost for spectators, parking costs, etc are on the competition page (zebra icon). The line up may change if teams drop, moving our performance time up a bit. If it changes a lot I will have girls call any parents that plan to come so you will know. Parking is expensive so you can park away from the Coliseum and walk in or ride the Max Train. Varsity will need to pack for overnight - bring a swim suit if you want to swim at the hotel. Don't over pack please as there is no need to bring a lot of items. Coach Karin and Coach Tracy will be staying with the team and they will have a curfew to be in their rooms. They will not be allowed to leave the floor they are on without the coaches. They will not be allowed to leave the hotel. If we need anything outside the hotel, the coaches will get it.  Coach Tracy's phone number 503-560-4751 if parents need to reach me. If I am working with kids, my phone will be on silent and I frequently check for messages.

After the competition the bus will take the varsity to Embassy Suites Downtown Portland. The JV and spectators will go back to MHS with Coach Megan. I have ordered pizza for dinner for varsity (including a gluten free pizza). Continental breakfast is included at the hotel Sunday morning. The kids can bring their own snacks. They will need to bring food or money for lunch and dinner on Sunday at the Expo Center.

On Sunday, JV will meet Coach Megan at MHS at 9:45, bus leaves at 10:00. The bus will pick up varsity in Portland and take both teams to the Expo Center in Portland where they will both compete. We usually stay to help put things away after the competition because I (Tracy) am on the board of OCCA and this is one of our projects each year - plus they pay us to do this.  After the competition, we will probably stop for a quick dinner and then home.

Again - venue details for spectators is on the competition page. There are costs to get into the venues and it is $10 on Saturday for adults and $12.00 on Sunday for adults.  Please make sure to check the  documents on the competition page.

Dr Russell just pulled our practice plans. She says no practice and all building are to be closed. Let's plan on varsity practice before the game tomorrow at 3:30.

We have permission to practice today - we have the red gym, full floor, from 4:00-6:00. Parents need to drive you to the school. I need one person to stay to teach kids clinic dance to one little girl.


No school Monday.. will try to get permission to have practice at 4 for varsity if roads clear up. I will let you know as soon as I can. Keep that time clear just in case.

The district has cancelled all activities for today and tomorrow (Feb 7 and Feb 8). The games for tonight will be played at home on Wed Feb 12. The K-8 clinic performance will take place at the girls game that night at 5:45. This means no competition for tomorrow. The snow is pretty but boy is it causing problems for the team. I am in the process of calling all of those kids from the clinic.

I have cancelled the varsity performance of their state routine at half time. This will take some of the stress off since we could not practice yesterday, today or next Wednesday.

Senior night for cheer is Feb 18. Right now we are scheduled to perform a parent/cheerleader dance on the 18th at half time of the varsity game. It is planned to be a performance to Footloose and we would love to have parents perform with their daughter/son. We will have to practice for that on Feb 17, which only gives you one two-hour session to learn a dance. Can you all pull that off?? Let me know. Girls need to get together to make up that dance, probably about a minute long. This can be for varsity and JV parents.

Here is the plan for next weekend. Varsity will be bussed to Memorial Coliseum on Saturday, leaving MHS at 1:00 pm. Your check in time is 3:35 so this gives us plenty of time to get there with time to spare. You will perform around 4:20 pm. We should be on the bus by 7 pm and will be staying at Embassy Suites Downtown Portland. The bus will take any JV that go as spectators and Coach Megan back to McMinnville High School. The JV & coach will be picked up Sunday morning at MHS(time to be determined by mid week) and the bus will stop in Portland to pick up varsity. We will then go on to Portland Expo Center where JV and Varsity will compete. We are helping tear down the spring floor for OCCA at the competition. I am not sure yet what our return time will be.

Not enough discount cards were sold to take both teams. Since it is Valentines day weekend, all of the hotels are very expensive. We did make enough on the kids clinic to cover varsity's costs. Next year we will try to earn funds for Varsity to go to Nationals in California so I am unsure if we will stay overnight in Portland next year for State.

Due to snow, no practice tonight. Not sure about Friday or Saturday yet.

Please bring your uniform tomorrow (Thursday) to practice.  We are having team pictures taken for the yearbook.  This is for both jv and varsity!

Tentative performance order and other information about the Tualatin Competition is now posted. The bus will leave MHS at 9:00 AM.
Remember practice tonight is 6PM to 8PM tonight.

Performance order and other information about the Clackamas competition is now posted. The bus will leave MHS at 10:00 on Saturday so that we can get there in time to warm up for the JV performance. Varsity performance is near the end of the line up. We will stop for dinner on the way home so cheerleaders need to bring food or money while there and for the trip home. It will be a long day this Saturday and even longer next Saturday when we go to Tualatin.  
Remember that the kids clinic is on Sunday. This is mandatory for all cheerleaders as you are teaching the material to the children for their performance next Friday. Please arrive by 12:30 on Sunday. You will be home in time for the Superbowl (in case you are wondering).

I would love to have parent help for registering the kids at the clinic on Sunday. We take registrations and money, give them flyers about Friday and give the students a name tag. I will need one parent to stay at the registration table the whole time to direct parents/children who come late and to make sure strangers don't wander into the building.

I need all cheerleaders to return the money for the discount cards and any cards not sold. Please bring to me on Friday at practice or give it to me on the bus Saturday. Remember, you are responsible to turn in all cards and/or money. Hopefully you have not lost the cards because you will need to pay for them.

Varsity - some of you will have small refunds from camp. I have figured out the expenses and what was left over and divided it up. If you still owe money to the cheer account I will deduct it from the amount owed. The rest will get appx $35.00 refund. Let me know if you need a breakdown of all the costs. I deducted for the bus transportation, gas for all vehicles, all of the meals we paid for, payment to Debbie for all of the food she prepared as well as reimbursement for what I estimated to be her water bill for 24 people using her showers and laundering towels for three days, etc., the team trip to OSU, the team trip to Hermiston to teach the clinic, team trip to Thunder and team dinner....... I can give you an exact breakdown if you need it.

JV Practice cancelled today. Coach Megan is sick.

Competition information is on the website. Look for the zebra. The bus will load at 11:45 and leave at noon. Varsity is the last of our groups to perform - around 5 pm. We should be loading the bus by 6 pm. We will stop for dinner on the way home so we probably won't be home until around 8:30 or 9:00. The drive time home without stopping is 2 hours. I will have kids call for their rides when we leave the Salem area. Remember - I prefer that team members ride the bus together - as a team.

Please bring either plenty of food or bring money to buy food. No one on either team will need to pay to get in as both varsity and JV are performing. You need to arrive at MHS at 11:45, in uniform with warm ups over your uniform, hair up, competition ready. JV needs to wear their top, spandex under competition shorts. Varsity needs to wear top, sleeves, spandex under competition shorts. Please remember your shoes. Boys need to wear competition shirt and pants, black shoes. No one will be allowed to change out of your uniform - this is why you have warm ups.

I have entered documents about the Lakeridge Competition for this Saturday onto the cheer website (look for the zebra icon). Varsity only is competing at this event and JV will begin competing next Saturday at the Springfield event. JV team members are more than welcome to go with us to Lakeridge. The bus will be leaving MHS at 9:30 a.m. JV members will need to pay to watch since they are not competing, though ($5). Everyone needs to pack a lunch or bring money to buy lunch. We should be done by 3:00 unless something unusual happens so they may want to bring extra food for the ride home or we might stop on the way home. The team usually is very hungry after competing! Our arrival at MHS depends on if we stop to eat or not. And keep in mind that the pace of the event depends on the speed of the judges so even my 3:00 estimate could be off due to that factor. I will have those who need a ride from MHS to call home when we are passing through Dundee so that you can meet us at MHS.

Parents are always welcome to ride the bus with us to competitions or you can drive there on your own. I would anticipate varsity to perform between 12:00 and 1:00 but that is just a guess.

I require all team members to ride the bus to and from the event. I seldom make exceptions and even then I prefer to receive these requests ahead of time as Dr. Olsen and parents must sign a transportation waiver form. Transportation with the team is an important part of making the day successful and working together as a team. I understand that buses are not that comfortable so you are welcome to bring blanket, pillow, etc.

I will be sending the competition fees in for both teams for Jan 18, 25, Feb 1, 8 and 16. I need to know who wants to compete as an individual. Please let me know tonight at practice.

Also, I will print a practice/event calendar for you today. It is easier to hand-write a calendar rather than use the one on this site. Then I will try to get the site updated over the next few days.


First competition is only two weeks away! State is 7 weeks away! As you return to school next week, please take extra measures to stay healthy. Wash your hands often and don't share drinks with others. There is a nasty flu going around and you need to avoid it if possible :) 

Mondays practice will consist of game preparation for Tuesday's game, competition stunts and tumbling. Anyone with tumbling in the varsity routine must stay late for tumbling, no exceptions, so please plan on that if you are arranging a ride home. We have a lot of work to do to get those stunt group changes. I know varsity team members are stressed about this and I am probably as stressed out as you are, believe me!! And I know some of you are less than happy about the changes but I assure you it will work out. You are more than capable to get this done. I believe in you.

JV has work to do to get their routine competition ready as well.

Continue to sell the discount cards over the weekend. I would love to be able to take at you to Portland overnight for State/Championship weekend.


VARSITY - Meet at MHS by 9:45 so that we can leave by 10 am for the clinic. You can drop off any items in our practice area you need to for our party before we leave. Please be on time.

Remember - no varsity practice tonight due to too many people missing (at least one from each stunt group).
Everyone really needs to do what they need to do in order to be at every practice. We have very little time left to prepare for our first competition. Partner stunt will practice 4:45-5:15 tonight instead.

Varsity has regular practice tomorrow - everyone needs to be there!

USA cancelled our clinic on 12/15. I am working to get a one day clinic with Tara from Thunder Elite. The date she offered is Dec 22. So I need to find out everyone's winter break plans and hope that the 22nd works, or find a day that will work for everyone. I will try to do an overnight sleepover afterward on the same day. We will still have team dinner at Spaghetti Factory, too. Please let me know what days you will NOT be in town.

Varsity - please bring your uniform to practice Thursday. We need to take a new team picture for the OSAA State Championship program since our little group has changed so much since August.

Remember there is a parent meeting tonight at 6:30 in the food court to sign up to help at the competition or decorating for winter formal.

Parents - please remember that both Varsity and JV will have competitions on the following dates. If there are team members who can't make these dates I need to know now because we will more than likely have to cancel that competition. When one person is missing from an event it makes it very difficult to perform the routine at all. When one person is missing, it affects 3 to 4 other people in the routine, and for pyramid sequences it affects the entire team.
For both JV and Varsity - January 11, 18, 25. Feb 1, 8, 16. 

On Feb 15, the Varsity will compete in the OSAA State Cheerleading Championship which is what we train for all year. Anyone not able to attend on this date will need to be removed from the competition team.

We had hoped to exhibition at our own competition on Dec 7 as well but we may not be ready.

This was all discussed at the tryout meeting in the spring. This is also why I give the team the entire winter break off from anything mandatory. If any team member will be missing more than one of the above dates it may be necessary to remove him/her from the competition team and just have them cheer at games.

On Monday December 2 at 6:30 pm, I will be holding a parent meeting to discuss the December 7 competition and decorating for the December 7 Winter Formal in the food court. We will need parent help for the competition taking money at the door and supervising the concessions. The competition begins at 9:00 a.m. with helpers in place from 8:00 a.m. to about 1:00. I don't have an exact ending time right now but should know more by Dec 1 as all of the team registrations should be in by then.

For Varsity Only - I found a stunt clinic that will take place on Sunday Dec 15 from 9-4 at Sam Barlow HS. It is being facilitated by staff from United Spirit Association (we went to USA Nationals last year) and might give team members a different perspective on some stunt technique. We will use the proceeds from the Winter Formal decorating fee that we receive to pay the $15 per person cost. The team can bring a sack lunch and then I will pay for dinner at Spaghetti Factory afterward before heading home. I know this is on a Sunday but I think the team could benefit from this greatly!

This is a month away, but I wanted to give you all a heads-up on this so that you could make plans to keep that day free. If one stunt group is missing someone, then it won't do much good for that group to go.

I will need drivers to help transport, too, and I will pay for your dinner.

I am excited about this clinic - I have been looking for a stunt clinic to either take the team to or hire someone to come in.

JV - you will have just tumbling practice today at 5:00, no regular practice at 4:00.

Varsity & JV. I am working on getting a bus to Westview HS for the pre-all state competition. We will leave at 9 am. Even though only individuals and stunt groups are competing, I would like the entire varsity team to go and would encourage JV to attend as well. The cost for all who are not competing will be $5. 

Next Saturday, Nov 9, is the All-State competition for individuals and group stunts. The bus for this competition will leave at 6 a.m. and not return until around midnight. We will be traveling to Springfield (2 hours away) and the competition lasts for the entire day. We might be home earlier but if we do you can call parents when we leave so they will know the updated time of arrival home. I would encourage the whole varsity team to attend and support your teammates. You will need to be prepared to pay the spectator fee and bring food to eat or money for meals. Since it is such a long day I understand if JV would rather not attend but you are welcome to come.  

Community Service @ Columbus Thursday 10/3 Jog-A-Thon, Bring your poms as you will be cheering on the runners. Wear your community service shirt (black letters) and warm up jacket.

8:10 am Madi, Morgan, Kamrie
12:10 pm Dom, Carissa, T, Sydney, Emma, Kamrie, Morgan
JV can also volunteer to help at the Columbus jog-a-thon but you need to be caught up in your classes and have transportation to and from Columbus. Talk to me about it.

Community Service on Saturday 10/5. Runtoberfest to benefit McMinnville Education Foundation. Meet at MHS at the stadium at 8:30 am. Wear uniform and bring poms. You will be cheering on the runners. I anticipate you will be done by 11 am.


Varsity - remember choreo is today 4:30-8:30. The more focused you are, the sooner we will finish.

If you are ordering shirts from MAC Club, get your order and money to Brittaney by tomorrow.

Varsity - remember to bring something to eat for dinner during our choreography tonight or $ to get something to eat. Meet in the corner of the parking lot by the stadium and we will all get into cars from there to travel to Tigard. It will probably be the same amount of time as last week.

Varsity report to loft at 5 pm for dinner (game ready), JV be at game by 7 pm in uniform to help with kids performance.

Varsity competition team-meet me in the corner of the parking lot by the stadium after school to head to Tigard for choreography. Bring dinner to eat during a break.

All cheerleaders JV and Varsity arrive at 12:30 tomorrow for the k-8 Clinic. 

JV and Varsity Cheerleaders please go to the McMinnville Cheer facebook page and learn the dance and cheers for the clinic tomorrow.  If you are not a friend of McMinnville Cheer you will need to add it and I will then add you to the private list of those who can watch the video.  

Fall season passes for parents are in my mailbox at MHS and I will get those out to the team members tomorrow right after school. Meet me in the cheer loft at 3:30 and I will hand them out. (the office where my mailbox is located is usually locked by the time I get there each day.)

I guess some of you have questions about why I am allowing kids to sell the raffle tickets through tomorrow. Many, many team members did not start selling last week when I gave them the tickets. For JV, selling the tickets will mean that you will not need to pay for the warm ups if you are able to sell all of your tickets. About one fourth of the tickets sold were sold in the last few days. I simply wanted to give those team members a little extra time to sell to teachers who they did not see before this week, or to family they did not connect with until now. Only three prizes were given out and there is still one tomorrow and four per week the rest of the month.

This is a new fundraiser for us and next year I will know to begin one week earlier, which will be easier since I now have a template to do next years calendar. Everything I did for this, I did from scratch with no experience of what to expect. I only know that I wanted to stay local with businesses. I tried to visit businesses on my own at first, then enlisted the help of the varsity co-captains, Karin and Kym H. I apologize if some think I should have stopped sales on Monday. I really do understand your thinking on this and will work next year to time it better. Hopefully it will not cause any ticket purchasers to think badly of us for extending it out through part of the game tomorrow. I just felt that since it is our first year, that the JV might be able to sell for the first quarter of the game tomorrow, if any of them choose to, to try to reach more people that did not know about the raffle. We will draw for the Michelbook gift certificate after half time and no more tickets will be sold after that.

Thanks for working hard to make this a successful fundraiser. It has benefited local businesses with advertising, and given the team members the experience of having to make a presentation about what this fundraiser is all about. I will have results for you as to what JV has earned for warm ups. Funds will also go toward competition fees and if any varsity need to order new warm ups what they personally earned will go toward that.

I am told that the check from the Kah Nee Ta room cost and food cost is in the mail. I hope to have a financial breakdown on that for varsity next week. I have yet to see the check or how much it is for but I will make a spreadsheet for varsity parents as soon as I know the details.

Please note that the trip to David Douglas HS on Saturday is no longer on the schedule. We will not make the trip to the clinic.

Enjoy your last few days before school begins next week You know you love it!
Use this weekend to sell your raffle tickets. The raffle begins next week. The money raised will go toward varsity and JV competition fees, JV warms ups, Varsity choreography. The raffle prizes are great so ask everyone you know if they will support you and the teams. If this goes well, we should only have to do this one each fall and the cookie dough sales each spring.

If any parent that drove to JV camp ended up with an extra bag, let me know. I am missing one. It had my insulated lunch bag among other things.

I updated the calendar on Jul 30 - make sure you check the upcoming events that were added then, like the Sept 7 Cheer Clinic. At the bottom of the calendar it always puts the date I updated it. That way you can tell if it has been changed since you looked at it last.

On Sept 7, we will be going to David Douglas High School for a cheer clinic. I will need drivers for both JV and Varsity. We will leave MHS around 8 am and will return by 4:30. You will need to pack a lunch and bring a water bottle. You need to wear red shorts and black lettered shirt. No need to bring poms.

Remember that the kids clinic will be on Sept 8. I need everyone there as we usually have about 100 kids. We will teach them a dance that the varsity captains made up plus a couple of cheers. They will get pics taken for a button and they will get a t-shirt and dvd of the material. Their performance will be on Sept 20. I could use a few parents to help with registration for the clinic and sit at the main door of the school during the clinic to monitor the door.

Varsity had fun at the OSU game, especially toward the end. They got to experience what the spirit at college games are like.

The bus to the varsity games leave promptly at 4:30 this afternoon. Please arrive by 4:15. Bring your dinner to eat on this bus. We will probably not be home until after 11 pm. Make sure you have rides home arranged. You can always call parents when we are almost home so your rides are here when the bus returns. JV is welcome and encouraged to attend. It does cost to get into the game - $4 or $5, so if you can not attend due to cost I understand.

Saturday - those varsity that are going to Oregon State University, your "bus" leaves MHS at 10:30. Yes - I will be driving the activity van. Most of you will fit on that and a couple can ride with Carissa. Looking forward to showing you what school spirit at OSU looks like and watching you perform at the pre-game show! Bring a lunch to eat on the way and extra to eat during the game - or bring money to eat during the game if you prefer. I am not sure what time we will be home. The clinic begins at noon and the game at 3:00. We will return after the game is over. Weather should be nice. Wear red shorts and t-shirt with black lettering. Bring your uniform(skirt). Bring any extra pieces of your uniform as we continue to try to fit the new varsity members with a uniform.

Varsity - please bring your warm ups today for JV and new varsity to try on for sizing.

JV wear shirt with black lettering and red shorts for practice tonight. Tomorrow wear Monday's outfit and Friday wear Tuesdays outfit. Sorry - should have told you that last night.


I have still not heard from Thunder Elite about a refund from Kah-Nee-Ta. Once I do, please know that I will share with all varsity families the amount received and how it divides up between 19 cheerleader and 4 coaches. I will give you the exact breakdown as well as the exact cost we spent for the activity van, gas and food. The van expense was already factored into the amount I charged the kids but we had to pay for a lot more gas than planned for the van, Karin's car and Chris's car. We had travel each day that we would not have had if staying at the lodge. The amount we paid for food (I have all the receipts for gas and food) turned out to be more than the food at Kah-Nee-Ta would have been because we got a discount for having 160 people to feed and house. I had to order and pay for food for every breakfast, lunch and dinner while we were gone. Please be patient with me as this all gets resolved. I have not heard from Thunder Elite and that will need to be the first step. If any of you want copies of the receipts and a copy of the check I get from Thunder, I can produce that as well and attach it to the breakdown that I will be giving you.

That being said, I had hoped to use some of the funds to attend the clinic and performance at Oregon State University instead of asking the kids to pay extra for that. That cost is written on the permission slips I sent home today, which I need back by tomorrow. At least two team members are not attending so I will not put that cost onto their breakdown of the refund.

I had also hoped to hire Thunder or Style Shock to come in and do a day clinic, keep the varsity overnight and have a team bonding activity. It appears that parents are not please with this plan so I will cancel that idea and just give you back the funds when the breakdown is figured. Please remember that the amount of camp for food and lodging was not the largest part of the fee, but you will get the breakdown when I know what the refund is.

In the end, I truly just wanted the team to experience what the JV team did at their camp and be able to feel like there was some kind of team unity to come out of this year. We have had such a rocky start with losing team members for one reason or another. I had hope an overnight camp would accomplish that but we will just call it a loss and I will refund to you the difference. The bookkeeper at MHS will be requiring all of these receipts as well so please know that it will all be done above board and honestly.

So - back to raising money for competition expenses, which means a new fundraising idea for the last week of August.

Next week I hope to create the raffle tickets ready for team members to sell. I am really excited about this raffle. For JV, it will pay for your warm ups and also put money into the cheer account to pay for competition costs. For varsity it will pay for competition costs and choreography. I hope to make this an annual fundraiser that will enable me to finally begin offering scholarships for cheer at MHS, if not next year then at least the year after as we build up the account.  Each year I charge only the amount need to pay for uniforms and accessories, competition costs, coaches yearly certifications, camp, camp costs including team building. At the end of the year, the balance is zero.
I hope to change that with this fundraising idea. I try very hard to order only what is needed, changing uniform design only once every four years. The district does not help me pay for costs of running the cheer program so I rely on parents to pay for items and fundraise as much as possible without taxing the community by doing so. It is a fine line to deal with.

I have gift certificates to raffle off, from places like Dutch Bros, The Sage, etc. I am still waiting to hear from some business. This raffle with advertise for these businesses as each purchaser gets a calendar of what will be raffled off on selected days, using the business logos on the calendar as well as list those businesses on this website and the first names of the daily raffle winners, their raffle ticket number and what they won. At the end of the month the final raffle, which every ticket purchaser will be eligible for, will be for an IPAD mini. We will draw tickets at each home game and the rest will be drawn by random staff members at MHS in order to validate the fairness of the drawing. Winners will be notified. I am trying to get gift certificates for at least $20 in value. Raffle tickets cost $10 each. I would like team members to sell 20 tickets, that is around 3 per day for a week. Please watch for these to come home with them soon. If all goes well, this fundraiser could pay for local competition costs each year and provide a scholarship or two for cheer, and it could raise enough money to pay for a portion of the cost for Nationals every other year.  

Practice Monday begins at 10:00 am at Columbus. Wear your green print shirt/green shorts.

Only 3 JV members have physicals on file at MHS. You will not be allowed to practice on Monday without a physical. No exceptions - this is a district policy.
Four varsity members need physicals. Same story for you - no practice.
If you are unsure if you need a physical, text me and I will tell you. I would rather not list all of your names here. (20 people!!)

I still need varsity to text me about when you can work at registration. If I don't get a response today I will have to ask the dance coach if her team can take over this project for us. The staff at MHS are counting on me to give them volunteers. I have only heard from four varsity (captain candidates will be working the middle shift).

I need 7 varsity members to work registration on Monday and Thursday from 11:00-1:00, 7 more from 1:00-4:00 and 7 more from 4:00-7:00. If I have open slots I will recruit some JV, but I mostly need varsity so that JV will not miss practice time. I realize there are not 21 varsity members so I know that I will need JV some of the time. My immediate need is the first shift on Monday. Others can sign up for shifts on Monday morning at the 10am practice so be thinking about when you can help. Each of the 7 people will have specific duties so that is why I need 7. You will not be able to register yourself while you are working so plan your registration around practices and working at registration. I will try to be flexible with practices but do the best you can to avoid missing practice (another reason why I need JV to not work registration - you need to be at every practice).

Please text me if you can work the 11:00-1:00 shift. I would prefer this not be the captain candidates for this shift. 

I hope you all made it for physicals on Wednesday (if you needed to). You will not be allowed to participate in cheer from this point forward until MHS receives your physical.

Seniors - please check the main page of the MHS website. http://www.schools.msd.k12.or.us/MHS/default.htm
There is information there about senior pictures for the yearbook. The website would not allow me to cut and paste the information. Senior pictures are due by Sept 27 and there are also size limitations. Go read the info. The registration dates and times are also there and MHS can now take debit/credit cards at registration. Plan your registration around practice times, if possible. For those new to high school registration, plan on it taking 60 - 90 minutes of your time. The lines are long.

Varsity - we will be going to Oregon State University on Aug 31 to participate in the OSU cheer clinic and pre-game performance at the OSU football game on that day. We will leave McMinnville at 10:00 and plan to be gone the whole day.  We will get there by 11 so that you can eat lunch (which you need to pack) and the clinic begins at noon. The game begins at 3:00 pm. Details will be given to you during daily doubles. If you are out of town on that weekend let me know so that I can form stunt groups with the remaining varsity members. This is not mandatory to attend. I will probably need a parent or two to drive. I have waiver forms I will give you at our first daily double practice on Aug 19. I MUST have these returned to me on Aug 20 as the deadline for OSU to receive the forms is Aug 23.

Team pictures - this year Claudio will be coming to MHS for our team pictures on Aug 20. JV pictures (in full uniform) will begin at 5 pm and varsity at 6 pm. This will take the place of evening practice.

We have only a few practices before your first game. Link Crew, school registration and other things will interrupt many of our practices so you need to come prepared to use the practice time wisely. I would like to have begun practices on August 12 but too many people told me they had vacations planned that week, so we begin Aug 19. If you miss any practices once daily doubles begin, you will lose game time no matter what the reason.

Wed @ MHS 6 pm for physicals for all 9th graders and all who did not get one last year. Also IMpact tests too

Remember that physicals are being offered Wed Aug 7 at MHS @ 6 pm for $20. This is required for all 9th graders and anyone else who did not get one last summer.

Varsity - I have not received any word from Thunder yet. I know they are waiting to hear from Kah-nee-ta about the refund. I am hoping to have them or Brian come for a one day stunt clinic/overnighter to make up for some team bonding time. I will put some of the refund toward that.

JV - remember practice tonight to get final info before camp tomorrow. So excited for JV camp!!

Varsity - It will probably take a while to get back money from camp for lodging and food. Kah Nee Ta will refund Thunder and Thunder will refund us. Then I will have refunds sent to you from the MHS account. I don't know the amount yet. I will get back all of the lodging money to you and will need to figure out how much of the food money. I have to figure out what I spent on food and additional gas for the vehicles as we had additional travel.  No way to anticipate that happening. It was a good thing that I took extra cash with me!!  As it turns out, the entire Kah Nee Ta area was evacuated on Saturday anyway due to the hugh brush fire that started after we left. All of the roads in and out of Kah Nee Ta were closed so it is hard to say whether we would have been stuck on the other side of the fire and would still be there, or evacuated with the residents who lived on this side of Kah Nee Ta. Definitely a camp "memory" for you seniors. For the rest of you, camp next year will hopefully be normal!

Team dessert 7 pm on Tuesday (JV and Varsity) at Church on the Hill youth center (Old Chemeketa building). No practice Tuesday. Wednesday practice 6:30-7:45 in the grass outside the food court at MHS.

I am hoping to get a facility to hold a quick team dessert for both JV and Varsity and parents on Tuesday at 7 PM to get the final camp information to all parents, get the remaining waiver forms, and hand out the rest of the camp clothes/uniform orders. I still don't have the uniform tops for JV and am really hoping the order arrives before we leave for JV camp.

With most schools having no personnel on site, I am not sure where we can meet. I am going to try to get the food court at MHS or the cafeteria at Columbus. I will let you know for sure where we will meet. I will have cake and all the supplies needed so you wont have to bring anything.

Please let me know if you will be unable to attend so that I can arrange to get the information to you.

I need drivers to get JV to camp in Corvallis and then back home again. Please think about this and let me know at the meeting if you can help. We will create a carpool list on Tuesday.

No drivers are needed for varsity.

I also would like to borrow one pop up tent for each camp. I have not been to either site and do not know how much shade is available for when the kids take breaks. Corvallis camp could be inside or outside. I am not sure which. Varsity will be outside on the 18th green at Kah-Nee-Ta.

See you Tuesday at 7 pm, place tbd.

I will have a captains information page updated on the site by Monday for Varsity members to review for captain tryouts.
I received emails today about both Varsity and JV camp information. There are quite a few flyers I need to get to parents about camp, especially JV parents. I will get the information downloaded on a "Camp" page this weekend. I handed out the camp waiver forms to both JV and Varsity members - in some cases more than once - and I have still not received all of the forms. I am hoping I get the JV uniform tops in before we leave for camp and when I receive them I will set up a time for you to pick them up from me. There are still team members who have not picked up any of their practice clothes yet either. When I set that date, please get your camp forms to me then.
Flyers - you should be stretching every day without exception if you want to achieve new goals this year. Everyone should be stretching and conditioning on their own. Remember to drink plenty of water.

In case you did not see the facebook post, I will be at MHS at 6 pm tomorrow, Monday, for about an hour if you have not picked up your things yet. A few more items came in, like the cheer bags. See you tomorrow! When the last of the items come in, I will set up another meeting time.

 ENTERED 6/28   
Tracy will be at the high school until 6 pm tonight (Friday night).  Please come to the high school and pick up your cheer items that have arrived at this point!  

The following team members have volunteered to work at the Habitat for Humanity Run Walk Ride on Saturday. This is the last community service I have on the calendar for now. Some may be added later.

Kessia, Emma, Erin, Ashley, Ariel, Marla, Jocelyn, Valeria, Kalista, Merica, Andrea, Sara, Hannah, Diana, Brittaney, Xochitl.

If any parent plans to be there please let me know. I will not be there as I have to be at an Oregon coaches meeting Saturday and Sunday and will be out of town, so it will be especially important for anyone attending to be on best behavior. If there are problems, you can go to Coach Regalado (dance coach) for help. She will be there. You will either cheer for people as they cross the finish line or you will be stationed along the route. Check in at the volunteer table for an assignment. They have a driver to deliver you to the route (unless a cheer parent ends up being there to do it). Arrive by 7:45 as events begin at 8:30 and the race begins at 9:00.

You will not be allowed to use your cell phones while you are working so please keep them in your pocket or purse. It is not appropriate to be on your phone while doing any community service. Emma is the only veteran varsity cheerleader attending and I will ask her to report any problems to me (behavior issues, cell phone use, etc). Please represent your team in a positive manner.

For all who have completely paid their bill, you are welcome to meet me at MHS in the commons by the bear on Friday at 4:00 and I will give you the items that have arrived at this point. Not everything is in, but the practice shirts, shoes and poms have arrived!! If you have not paid your bill off you will not be able to get the items from me. Remember - I can not take payments. Only the school bookkeeper can take your payments. If you are working the run Saturday, you will be able to wear one of the shirts I will be giving you.

As for bill payments - we are very close to being able to pay the invoices for camp, which means the remaining amount of money due by many of you will be used to pay the invoice for the camp clothes and uniforms. This is why you will not get the clothing you ordered until the full amount of your bill is paid. This invoice will be mailed to me in July (which is why your payments were all to have been made by June 30). Please understand the deadlines I have to meet to pay the invoices coming to me for what you are buying and for camp.

I just found out that the last date the Mrs. Kinion will create checks to pay for things (such as camp) will be Thursday morning. That means that payments need to be made to her by Wednesday before 4:00. If you could make a payment Wednesday instead of Friday that would be very helpful. Some team members have not made even one payment yet. What this means is that JV camp in in jeopardy of even happening. I have sent in half of the camp fee for JV and the entire camp fee for Varsity. I need to pay the remaining fee for JV camp and there is not enough money in the account. If Mrs. Kinion is unable to cut a check for JV camp on Thursday morning I will need to cancel camp for JV and possibly even Varsity. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get back some of the money and the deposit is non refundable. The problem is that some people have not made any payments toward cheer at all which makes it hard to pay for things on the timeline required.

Camp clothes and some parts of new uniforms have already been delivered to me and I will not release those to anyone who has not paid their entire bill. I will hold things until the bills are paid in full.

You can call her at 503-565-4209 ahead of time to make sure she is there. The main doors to MHS are locked but the doors by the Student Center (old entrance by Bear Hugs) is open and you can enter there.

The following people volunteered to help at a birthday party for a little girl named Maranda.
Kaylee, Hope, Sam, Hailey, Brittaney.
Please confirm with me by Friday that you are going - and anyone else that can would be very helpful. Hope's mom, Gail, will be in charge of you while you are there. The address is 432 SE College Ave #1. Maranda's mom, Mary, said they are across the street from the OX house at Linfield. The house is teal blue and you will see the kids in the side yard playing games. There are two people celebrating birthdays there - Maranda and Bobby. Mom of Maranda has created signs that say Maranda Rock &  Bobby Rocks. Just walk in together cheering Maranda Rocks, Bobby Rocks. Then you can teach the girls one of the cheers we do. At this time, I am going to say that Hope and Kaylee can decide what cheer to teach, etc. Gail will help you when you get there. Please arrive no later than 2:45. This should take less than an hour.  I am thinking you can just cheer those words as you walk into their yard. Maybe some of you can make a birthday card for Maranda between now and Saturday. She would like that.

Too much going on this week so I am cancelling practice Monday.

IMPORTANT - Mrs Kinion will be in the bookkeeping office each weekday to accept cheer payments except for the following times:
6/17 - she will not arrive until after 10 am
6/19 - she will be leaving at 1:30
6/24 - she may be out all day
6/25 - she will be in after noon
6/28 - she will be there  after 1:30.
June 28 is the day that all remaining payments must be made in full. If I have NOT listed a date, then she is scheduled to be there between 8 am and 4 pm. You may miss her if she is at lunch or running an errand. You can call her at 503-565-4209 to make sure she will be there.

Please make sure I get my copy of your payment receipt and check your bill page on the website to make sure I have been updating the information. It is easy for me to make a mistake when tracking 40 individual bills.
I received and already paid the final cost for varsity camp and the cost will increase per person slightly since I am taking less people than originally anticipated. The gas cost is divided up so it may cost slightly more. We can try to do a single fundraiser this summer, like a car wash to offset it, or I can charge each person after the fact. If there is a varsity parent that wants to supervise a car wash let me know. All fundraisers must be approved by the district first so there is paperwork to fill out. I do not do car washes myself as I have supervised my share already over the last 16 years  

I have also paid for JV camp and have been receiving the clothes and shoes for camp so I really need people to get caught up on their bills.

I have updated the SAT, ACT and PSAT dates page. Please, please, please look at these dates and keep in mind that we compete on Saturdays in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb. Plan your testing dates accordingly.
Captain Tryouts!! Please text me by June 21 if you would like to be considered for team captain or co-captain. We will most likely have two co-captains this year. You must have been on Varsity for at least one year to apply. You do not have to be a senior. There will be an application process and you will be expected to address the team with the reason you want to be captain and why you think you would be a good captain.

Practice Monday 3:45 for those not out of town. JV and Varsity.
Camp shorts, briefs, shoes and poms are in for those who have been making payments. I will have the info for those who signed up to help at the birthday party on 6/22.

I need a parent to supervise at the birthday party. Both Karin and & will be out of town. Karin has softball with Kamrie and I will be at the Les Schwab Bowl with the South Cheer Team. Please let me know.

The following people signed up to help serve at Duniway 8th grade promotion which is tomorrow June 11. Be there by 6:30 please. Wear uniforms w/skirts (except Xochitl - I know you don't have one yet.

We will have practice next Monday - both JV and Varsity, from 3:45-5:00 (I still have to work ). I know school is out and some will out of town but please come if you are in town. If we have too small of a turnout, we will just be done until camp in July.

Football games have been added to the calendar. I have not checked to see when homecoming will be yet.

Varsity & JV will have practice Monday June 10. Arrive by 3:45 to warm up to begin by 4:00. We will be done by 5:00.

Tryston is missing a peanut butter cookie dough. Did anyone receive an extra by mistake?

I have received calls about cookie dough not being delivered. Make sure you take care of your order/customers. This reflects on the team and people will not buy next time if the team is people cant trust that you will follow through. This kind of think reflects on the entire team. One man told he he felt taken advantage of. Not OK.

Remember the varsity team meeting after school tomorrow.

Wascher carnival - any more people going?? Helpers for Duniway graduation??

So far I have not heard from anyone that they are not attending one of the summer camps.

I have added your cheer bill to the website. Hopefully I have added/subtracted everything correctly as I had frequent interruptions while figuring the bills. If you owe still, your May payment is due today to Mrs. Kinion at MHS. I can not take your payment - it must go to her. Monday will be OK if you are unable to see her today. The entire bill must be paid by June 30. To access your bill you need to enter your student ID number. (Kessia - you know what to enter until you get an ID number)

There may be additional costs for varsity depending on the final camp cost. This is an estimate as we have to pay for the activity van cost and gas costs. Also the rooms are based on quad occupancy and rooms with less than 4 people will cost more. I divide the cost up between all who are going. If people quit the team, this will increase the cost for everyone as a result. That is why I need to know right away if anyone plans to quit. Anyone who quits after today will be charged any fees incurred.

June 5, Wascher Carnival - I need people to sign up
5:15 - 7:10

7:00 - 9:00 pm

I am getting ready to finalize camp reservations, uniform order and camp clothes order. You must attend camp. JV must attend the NCA camp at OSU and Varsity must attend Thunder Camp. If anyone on Varsity is unable to attend Thunder camp then they must make arrangements to attend with JV.  If you have been re-thinking your commitment to the team, now is the time to let me know if you are quitting. You will be charged camp and clothing costs if you do not inform me of your intent to quit by the end of today (5/31). I need to get the orders processed.

Varsity - we will have a team meeting on Wednesday at 4:00. This should take about 30 minutes. Make arrangements to be there.

JV Stunt practice Monday 3:45-5:30 at MHS


Varsity Stunting practice tomorrow, Wednesday 4-6. We would love to see everyone there so we can begin figuring out stunt groups.

Remember to deliver the cookie dough to people as soon as possible.   The team sold more than 1200 boxes altogether! I hope to be able to create your individual billing information this weekend which will show how much you made plus any bonus money you made which will be applied to your account, as well as camp costs and uniform/accessories ordered and the personal deposit made after tryouts so that you will know what your outstanding balance is. I have to create 44 individual accounts on the billing page so it takes some time. Thanks for your patience.

Be watching the calendar for stunt and tumbling practices to be added soon now that spring sports are winding down. Varsity and JV will have seperate practice times.

Remember any upcoming community service that you have signed up to do. The next one is June 5 - Wascher School Carnival.

Remember to pick up cookie dough order at 3:30 Wednesday in food court at MHS. You need to deliver to your customers right away after pick up!!

If you have not paid Emma for your shirt from last weekend, remember to take care of it.

For those going to R & R 1/2 Marathon, we meet at MHS to leave at 6 am sharp, so show up a bit before that. We will be back well before noon.

Update from our Rock & Roll Half Marathon meeting.
Attending on Sunday: Ashley, Kalista, Nancy, Emma, Bailey, Hope, Brittaney, Hailey, Carissa, Samantha, Maranda, Erin, Adi, Darby, Kalynn, Sara, Ariel, Sam, Diana, Andrea.
If you are listed above and not able to attend, let me know. We will meet on Thursday to finalize plans (make signs, t-shirts, etc). During the meeting yesterday it was decided that the girls would wear black t-shirts (Emma will purchase and bring on Thursday), black shorts, pink tights, white socks, athletic or cheer shoes, pink scrunchies. Bring $5 for the shirt to the meeting Thursday. The boys will wear the black t-shirts and jeans or shorts of their choosing. We leave MHS on Sunday at 6 a.m. We are near the beginning of the course and should have the last runner pass our station before 9:30. We will come home after we are able to get to our cars and leave. There will be some traffic congestion so I don't know exactly what time we will be back but it should be before 11:30. Make sure to bring your own water and snacks.

Tumbling today 4-6. Meeting at 6 if you are going to Rock & Roll Half Marathon. Need Marathon waivers. Need drivers. 
Parents, I am looking for gift certificates for a raffle fundraiser we will be doing for the general cheer fund to help pay for competition costs. If the fundraiser is not successful, parents will need to help pay for competitions this year. I need gift certificates need to be at least $20 each and I need 15 to 20 prizes. I will be purchasing an Ipad to raffle off as well. Once I get everthing complete I will need parents to sell the raffle tickets. I will have a meeting to discuss this as well as final uniform & camp costs soon.

Please remember to call your team leaders by 6:00 with your cookie dough order update.

I need to meet with everyone planning to go the the Rock & Roll Half Marathon. Meet me after tumbling practice tomorrow, Tuesday, 6:00. We need to have a plan as we are being judged by the runners while there. We need a theme, signs, etc. Also I MUST have your waiver form so bring it to the meeting. I will not be able to take you unless I get the form tomorrow. I have to fax them to the marathon coordinator. I asked for them last week and only a few of you returned them to me.

I need drivers Sunday morning. We need to be in Portland by 7 am and will be done by 10 am.

Please check below to make sure you remember to attend the community service projects you signed up to attend.
Some are at Memorial tonight to help and some to perform. Everyone please arrive by 5:45 tonight and check in at the volunteer table.
Tomorrow, those going to Portland meet at MHS at 8:00 to leave by 8:15. I have two drivers lined up plus myself. Hopefully we will fit everyone listed below in three cars!
Wear appropriate clothing. No halter tops, no spaghetti strap tops, no super short shorts. Please dress modestly. You will be working with the public so be on your best behavior and HAVE FUN!

Check your calendars for Team Tumbling on Tuesdays!!

Cookie dough checkpoint for yesterday shows Team Morgan in the lead with 253 boxes sold! Every person on her team has sold boxes.  Total boxes to this point for all teams is 757. Remember, your entire profit goes toward your cheer bill. Sam Farr is in the lead with individual sales! Good job, Sam. Many others met their checkpoint one goal of selling 15.

Cheer bills will be posted on a brand new Billing page as soon as I get the totals from Varsity Spirit Fashion. The first thing that will need to be paid is the fee for the summer safety training/cheer camp expenses. Varsity camp cost will be $425 and JV camp cost will be $295.00.  If you did not make your April 30 payment of $100 for the camp deposit, please take that to Mrs. Kinion (MHS bookkeeper).

Remember to call your team leader with your cookie dough report before 6 pm tonight so we can chart your progress.

Community Service events are listed below. I need the permission forms now for the Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon You can turn those forms in Tuesday May 7th at open tumbling. I will post it here on the newsflash screen. Since our last meeting, two other schools have requested our assistance at their school carnivals. Memorial this Friday and Wascher on June 5th. Memorial would be 5:30-7:00 and 7:00-8:30. Wascher would be 5:15 - 7:10 and 7:00 - 9:00. Let me know if either of these dates work and what time you could work. I know this time of year is very busy for you but the school really appreciate your help working with the younger children.

Thank you to all who worked at Columbus last Friday :)

If you have not paid your camp deposit, please do so today as it was due last week. Mrs. Kinion is in the bookkeeping office at MHS and can give you a receipt. Just tell her it is a cheerleading deposit.

May 10 - Work Memorial Carnival 6:00 until done (check in at 5:45)
Need people to sign up
Brittaney Albert
Sydney Brown
Rochelle Schoenthal
Haley Schoenthal
Andrea Montiel
Kaylee Baller

May 10 - Partner and Group Stunts perform at Carnival 6:00-7:00
Gina, Dominique, Tryston, Madi, Devin, Samantha

May 11 - Making Strides Against Breast Cancer - Portland International Raceway (need parents to transport-please call me)
 We will leave MHS at 8:15 sharp - you get a free t-shirt, too!
Hailey Small
Brittaney Albert
Kalist Leon
Merica Zoch
Andrea Montiel
Sara Tores-Soto
Diana Diaz
Gina Feston
KaLynn Feston
Erin Herrmann
Kaylee Baller
Driving - Michelle Albert, Tammy Small (4), Tracy (4)

May 17 - Grandhaven Carnival 6:00 till done
Hailey Small
Ariel Acevedo
Destiny Mendez
Kessia Tiedge
Nancy Macias
Marla Cazares
Andrea Montiel
Savanna McGee
Xochil Aguirre
Yajaira Martinez
Emma Leid
Erin Herrmann
Ashley Gray
Jocelyn Fuerte
Hope Flores-Austin
Sara Torres-Soto
Sydney Brown
Kaylee Baller

May 17 - Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon (time tba - need parents to transport)
May 18 - Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon (time tba - need parents to transport)
Cancelled - we were not chosen to participate on Friday or Saturday - Sunday is still a "go" however!

May 19 Rock & Roll 1/2 Marathon (need parents to transport - we need to meet and decide on a theme as we are judged by the runners for the honor of Best Spirit Group)
Hailey Small
Brittaney Albert
sydney Brown
Adi Diven
Carissa Collins
Ariel Acevedo
Destiny Mendez
Hope Flores-Austin
Nancy Macias
Emma Leid
Erin Herrmann
Samantha McCormick
Maranda McCormick
Darby Ramos
Kalista Leon
Ashley Gray

June 5, Wascher Carnival - I need people to sign up
5:15 - 7:10 or 7:00 - 9:00 pm

June 11
Duniway - serve cake & help set up for 8th Grade Graduation - 6:15 to serve cake & Punch.
Need 6-7 to serve and 3-4 for set up. Set up time tba
Sydney, serve at - 6:15

June 29, Habitat for Humanity Run Walk Ride, work check point stations
Kessia Tiedge
Emma Leid
Erin Herrmann
Ashley Gray
Marla Cazares
Jocelyn Fuerte
Valeria Alvarez
Kalista Leon
Merica Zoch
Andrea Montiel
Ariel Acevedo
Sara Torres-Soto
Hannah Ingebo
Diana Diaz

Remember the uniform fitting appointment Thursday, May 2nd at MHS at 6:30 pm. This will take longer for new cheerleaders than it will for returners. We will meet in the freshmen commons downstairs. This is for all new team members and any returner who needs to order anything (poms, different size skirt, shoes, etc.)

Please text me to work at Columbus School carnival this Friday, May 3rd, from 6:00-8:30.

Please check the community service coming up on the calendar. I will need cheerleaders to cheer on the walkers/runners at a few events this month plus I need parents to drive to those venues.

You can bring your cheer deposit to me at Columbus or at the meeting tonight. I just found out that the MHS bookkeeper, Mrs. Kinion, is out all week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Bills will be going out in the mail soon for the coffee card/money not turned.

Forms for tryouts are past due. Without the contract and district liability form, you will not be allowed to participate in tryouts.
Seniors - you are expected to help with tryouts.

Anyone attending open gym MUST bring their permission form. Remember that the complete tryout packet needs to be turned in by April 19 in order to participate in tryouts. Seniors need to be there to help with open gym and tryout week after you are finished each day with spring sports.

Remember - parent/candidate tryout meeting tonight @ 7 in the MHS Auditorium. Spread the word.

Memorial School would like us to perform at their carnival. The coed group (Tryston, Gina, Madi, Dominique) and the partner stunt (Devin, Gina, Samantha) and the varsity girls homecoming dance. Please mark your calendar for May 10 performing twice between 6:00 and 7:00 pm.

I will be deleting some people from newsflash soon (seniors & their parents) and anyone not trying out next year. If you are getting this msg and want to be removed now, text me.

No tumbling tonight.

Team Banquet - thank you so much for coming last night, bringing & sharing some wonderful food and celebrating every team members successes this year. If anyone would like a cd copy of the slide show please let me know. It only plays on a computer (not a dvd player) which I discovered last night! It really does have music - old style Def Leppard rock, Journey, and some Fun and Phillip Phillips, which you did not hear last night. It contains both JV and Varsity pictures for the whole year. Let me know. Thank you to Brittaney, Samantha and Morgan for providing the pictures!!

Things you need to know - for current and future team members!!

Remember - tonight is the first parent/candidate meeting for the 2013-14 cheer team. Tryout packets will be handed out and we will discuss the overall cheer program at MHS. There will be another on on Tuesday if you are unable to attend tonight.

Crab feed helpers still needed. At this time I have Samantha, Darby, Brittaney, Hope, Ashley, KaLynn, Gina. Times are Saturday (tomorrow) from 11:00 to about 2:00.

Wascher Elementary needs helpers during their Kindergarten Registration on May 9th from 3:00-6:30. You dont have to commit to the entire time. Those of you who plan to go into the educational field might want to have these community service hours to record.

Last year a group of about 10 JV and Varsity volunteered to cheer at the Making Strides 2 mile findraising walk at the Portland International Raceway. The coordinator of this event still brags to people about how impressed she is with the McMinnville Cheer program and has specifically asked us to do this again! The event is May 11 from 7:30 to about noon. If you want to know more about how fun the event was last year ask Samantha, Gina, KaLynn, Dominique, Sam F, Hailey - just to name a few who attended.

We have also been invited to cheer at the Rock & Roll Half Marathon in downtown Portland. Only a select number of cheer teams have been asked to attend and they will actually donate to our cheer fund for doing so. This event is on May 19th. This event requires waiver forms. I will get those to you at the uniform fitting appointment. Graduating seniors can also participate. It looks to be a really fun event.

Relay for Life - June 21st. The new teams for both JV and Varsity will take part in this event so put it on your calendars.



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