Mrs. Houghton and Miss Pline Grades 5/6

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See you on Friday!
Kids should watch this 20-minute review of atomic structure at home today - very interesting, and it reviews the vocab. words beautifully

Other ideas for a learning adventure this snow day (not an assignment, just a suggestion) - Go to Colonial Williamsburg website and preview the next eft with the two games under the activities menu, read your AR book, read your OBOB book, pack your shoebox, practice your vocab, spelling,  math, ...

We have our OBOB teams: 5th girls- Danielle, Emily, Kira, and Nishita;
5th boys - Kolby, Kainoa, Nate, and Emmy; 6th girls - Kyla, Alexa, Maya;
6th mixed - Josh, Devin, Ariel, Dorianne


Last Tuesday's Field Trip to All-Classical & OMSI was great!
Thanks for giving us your time so we can enjoy OMSI and All-Classical:
Mrs. Stubbs, Mrs. Albertson, Mrs. Kriegelstein, Mrs. Bouneff

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Service Project: A shoebox gift for a needy child; ADRA animal bank for hungry families.
Anyone who wants to help can assist us with a donation to one or both of these projects. Or you can help a 5th or 6th grader find a chore that will earn money towards this project. Thank you.
Shoeboxes are due next Wednesday!

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