Mrs. Houghton, Grade 5

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Performances at 9:15, 10:15, and 1:00
Come and join us!

Parents - I still need 2 volunteers to video at least 2 or 3 segments of the program; also need still photos

Thanks to Beth Stubbs for coordinating the refreshments for the kids' after-party. She and Katie have done it all themselves! Thank you.


 abalone, abscess, absence, absurd, accelerate

accent, accidentally, acclaimed, accompaniment, accumulate, acquaintance, adamant, adjunct, adolescence

adulation, aerial, aerosol, alibi, allowance, allege, altar, amateur, ampere, annoy, annual, annuity, antenna

anthropologist, antonym, appreciatively, appropriate, apron, aqueduct, arable, argyle, armistice, artillery, asparagus

aspirin, assessment, assistant, asylum, attention, auditorium, auspicious, aviator, bacteria, bailiff, ballistic, balloted

bankrupt, bankruptcy, banquet, barber, barometer, barrage, bazaar , beige, belligerent, besieged, bewildered, bilingual

biographical, biscuit, boisterous, bored, boughless, bouquet, boutique, brevity, bullion

cache, caffeine, caisson, cajole, calendar, callous, camouflage, campaign, camphor, caprice, carton, catamaran

catastrophe, caucus, cedar, cemetery, censured, centipede, certificate, chalet, chameleon, chamois, chandelier

changeable, chasm, chateau, chauffeur, chenille, cholesterol, cinnamon, coherence, coheres, colossal, commentator

competent, complaint, compliment, complimentary, computer, concede, conceited, concerto, concussion, condemn

condemned, condescend, congratulations, conqueror, conscientious, continuation, continuously, cordial, cornice

corporal, corridor, council, counterfeit, cryptography, curriculum, cyclone, cymbal, cypress, dachshund, dahlia, dauntless

debris, debtor, deceit, defamation deficient, delicatessen, deny, desirous, devious, dewlaps, diagnostic, dichotomous, diesel,

 dignity, dining, discernment, dishevel, divot, document, domesticate, drought, easel, eclipse, ecology, ecstasy, efficient

elegant,fluently, fluoride, flues, forbearance foreign, forests, 

 forfeit, forthright, fortieth, fragmentation, fraternities, fraught, frontier, gaiety, gales, gabardine

gaunt, gazebo, genealogy, genitive, geyser, ghetto, gigantic, gnawing, gnome, grandeur, grievous, hale, handicapped,

 happenstance, haughty, heifer, height, heirs, heritage, hippopotamus, hokey, humorous, humus, hydrolysis, intricacy

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