Mrs. Houghton and Miss Pline Grades 5/6

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February 20th - Friday Chapel
9:00 a.m. 6th grade is in charge
They will lead a few songs, then do a skit, "Family Values".  They've done almost all of the rehearsals and preparation on their own. Special thanks to Kyla and Sabrina for directing this performance.


    You can help your child prepare for the bee by using the list words found at the following sites:
Grades 1 - 5 or 6 - 8

A shorter practice list for 6th grade (and links to 5th) is found at:

February 18  - The kids were GREAT!

The 5-8 Choir performs at the Beaverton SDA Church, 14645 SW Davis Rd. (near intersection of Murray and Allen) for the Oregon Conference constituency meeting. Boys wear dark slacks and white shirts; girls wear concert dresses.
Arrive 6:30 pm

"Our choir was personally invited to sing for the Oregon Conference constituency meeting. This is a very special opportunity and it is imperative that all students attend any performances as they are equivalent to test grades in music class. Should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please refer to your child's class syllabus or feel free to email me at adollar@tvja.org.  Thanks much!" Ms. Dollar

Cheer on our OBOB teams: 5th girls- Danielle, Emily, Kira, and Nishita;
5th boys - Kolby, Kainoa, Nate, and Emmy; 6th girls - Kyla, Alexa, Maya;
6th mixed - Josh, Devin, Ariel, Dorianne

Service Project Update: A shoebox gift for a needy child- we sent 21 boxes! Way to go 5th and 6th! We are excited to see them go to the Philippines! We're praying for each child who receives a box.

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