Mrs. Houghton and Miss Pline Grades 5/6

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Next Field Trip: OMSI October 14
We'll be looking at the Earth Science exhibits and data sets on the Sphere.
Our OMSI trip schedule is: early lunch at school, leave at 11:45, spend 2 hours or so at OMSI, return to TVA around 3:15. No shopping this trip
We have all our chaperone/drivers: Mrs. Kotyrlo, Mrs. Stubbs, Mrs. Hrabal, Mrs. Stephen, Mrs. Garbi, and Mrs. Bouneff - thank you!!

We had a perfect day at Mount St. Helens

Thank you, chaperones:

Mrs. Kriegelstein, Mrs. Garbi, Mrs. Kovanda, Mrs. Gobin, Mr. Easterly, & Mr. Albertson

Send me 4 or 5 of your best photos! I've posted a few of mine and Mr. Easterly's photos.

A few pictures are posted from 6th grade Outdoor School  at Big Lake.
Because I was accompanying one team, I have more photos of them. Other
groups please email photos for me to add.

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