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Members of the BCMCS Board of Trustees and the School’s Administration appreciate your interest in the Board meetings and business of the Bucks County Montessori Charter School.  Public understanding, participation, and communication are vital to a successful educational environment for students at BCMCS.  To assist in your active participation, you are encouraged to review our AGENDA posted on the web site prior to each board meeting, as well as our MEETING MINUTES for a summation of the issues voted on at the most recent BOT meetings.  A copy of our school's BYLAWS are also available.

Except as otherwise provided by law, by rules of the State Department of Education or by the Board, meetings of the Board shall be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.  Revised, when appropriate and practicable.   Procedures for compliance with the Sunshine Act have been established by the School's Administration and are followed at each open meeting of the BCMCS Board of Trustees.




Albert Tenaglia (Founder)

President and Chair of the Executive Committee and HR Committee.

Raymond Snyder


Vice President and Chair of the Curriculum Committee, Grievance Committee, and the Board of Trustee Search Committee.

Debbie Denofa


Secretary/Treasurer and Chair of the Fundraising Committee and the Finance Committee. 

Jeff Fogel


Trustee and Chair of the IT Committee and the Accreditation Committees. 

Board Composition: The BCMCS Board of Trustees is comprised of parents, and founders from the community.  All Board members have served the school for at least three years and have a full understanding of the school’s mission and vision. 

Board Duties and Responsibilities: BCMCS does not utilize an external management organization to oversee and manage the day to day operations of the school or provide a curriculum for our program.  All such functions are the responsibility of the Board, staff and other professionals who make up the Leadership Team. The business and affairs of the school are managed by the Board of Trustees who acts as a legislative body, determining general policies for the programs, care, management, and finance of BCMCS and insuring that the mission and vision of the school is upheld. The Administrative staff is responsible for the execution of these policies. The Board of Trustees approves the school calendar, appointment or dismissal of Administrators, adoption of the annual budget, purchase or sale of land, location on new buildings or change of the locations of old ones, creation or increase in indebtedness, adoption of courses of study, designation of depositories for school funds, entrance into contracts, and determination of salaries or compensation of administrators, teachers, or other employees of the school.

Participants at Board Meetings:
A quorum of three Board members is needed to conduct any official School business. However, a majority of the full Board is necessary for most financial and legal actions. In addition to the Board, the Principal, Operations Manager and Business Manager serve as members of the Leadership Team and will be on hand to provide reports and explanations on matters of concern to the Board.

Recognition of the Public:
An Open Floor Topics portion is reserved for public comment from anyone in attendance at each Business Meeting of the Board of Trustees. Members of the community, who wish to appear before the Board during this portion of the meeting, concerning any item, may speak for five minutes. The public is also invited to suggest topics for inclusion in the agenda of subsequent BOT meetings at this time.

How You Can Be Involved:
Community participation is key to successful school programs and is a critical resource to charter schools. Members of the community are invited to serve on such committees as Communications, Fundraising, IT, Accreditation, Library, Playground and the BOT Search Committee. If you are interested in participating with any of these committees, please contact the Committee Chair. Becoming an active member of the school’s PTA is another excellent way of getting involved with the school. 

How You Can Be Informed
: A “Meeting Wrap” is posted on the web site summarizing all key issues that were raised and voted on at each Board meeting. This is typically posted within 48 hours of the conclusion of each business meeting of the Board of Trustees. Copies of the agenda are also available in the administrative office and at each Board meeting. An advance copy of the agenda is also posted on the BCMCS web site prior to each meeting. The agenda contains business to be considered at each meeting. Board members receive the agenda and supporting documents before each meeting so they may be prepared to make decisions.

Contact The Board of Trustees: All questions for the Board of Trustees can also be e-mailed to

Board Meetings
The BCMCS Board of Trustees meets once a month for their scheduled public meeting, which is on the fourth Wednesday of each month. Additional round table meetings are also held during the year to review specific topics that are relevant to the school. Meetings begin at 8:15 PM in the multipurpose room or school library located at 219 Tyburn Road in Fairless Hills, Pa.

Interested In Becoming A Member of the Board? The Board of Trustees Search Committee encourages those interested in becoming a member of the Board of Trustees to submit a letter of interest along with a resume or curriculum vitae to the BOT Member Search Committee Chair at  Please see the BOT Search Committee index tab located on the home page of our web site for further details.


Open Records Requests: The following information has been provided in accordance with Section 504 of the Right to Know Act.  "The Mission of the Office of Open Records is to enforce the state’s Right-to-Know law and to serve as a resource for citizens, public officials and members of the media in obtaining public records."  The BCMCS Board of Trustees has designated the Operations Manager/CEO,  as the Open Records Officer for the school.  Procedures followed by the School are outlined in the BCMCS Public Records Request Guidelines & Procedures (includes fees) Doc.  Request for records should be made using the BCMCS Right to Know Request Form sent to the attention of Mr. Tony Stango, RTK Officer, Bucks County Montessori Charter School, 219 Tyburn Road, Fairless Hills, PA 19030.  Telephone (215) 428-6700     Fax (215) 428-6702     E-mail:          


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