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Mission Statement

Bucks County Montessori Charter School will make an individualized educational experience consistent with Montessori principles available to elementary age students within the Pennsbury and other surrounding school districts. Montessori principles are based on the philosophy and methodologies of Dr. Maria Montessori, a physician in Italy at the turn of the twentieth century, who believed that children learn best by doing. In our Montessori school, this goal is accomplished through active pursuit of many different integrated learning experiences: physical, social, emotional, kinesthetic, as well as cognitive. The environment we provide facilitates intellectual, emotional, and social growth, thereby empowering our students to become responsible, confident, and caring global-citizens. Our goal is to enable children to become young adults possessing strong independent and analytical thinking skills, as well as an enduring love and passion for learning.

March's Message

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Dear BCMCS Parents,

March, named after the Roman god Mars, originally held its place as the first month of the year. In ancient Rome, several festivals commemorating the god took place, presumably preparations for the pioneering or campaigning season, since Mars was the god of war. Ironically, preparations for our Montessori 'pioneering and campaigning' coincides with March as well, as this month the BCMCS Montessori staff prepares for its 'crusade' at the American Montessori Society's Conference, which this year is being held in San Diego. It is our hope that the staff's involvement in the plethora of conference workshops will serve as a springboard for new ideas and new connections for the remainder of this year as well as into next.

This year, typical of past years, we have a significantly large number of applicants wishing to enroll their child(ren) into our school. With well over 150 students vying for limited spots, the community's overwhelming interest is just one testimony of our school’s success. BCMCS will continue to persist to educate children within an authentic Montessori pedagogy, validating our method as the most effective, educational approach. Despite our successes, we will never believe that we have 'arrived' as a school, as we will persist within our sustained objective to be pioneers in education, evolving to meet the demands of today's, and tomorrow’s, educational needs.

As always, please be sure to periodically check the school website and calendar, as we have a number of clubs, meetings and special activities scheduled.

As always, Take Care and until next time. . .
Mr. Brian Long

Latest News and Notices:

Family Dance
Family Dance Flyer and Order Form
This year's Family Dance will be held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 89 Pinewood Dr., Levittown, PA--Please note new location. It will be held on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The cost is $10.00 per person (adults and children) – 3 years old and under is free. Please see hyperlinked Flyer and Order Form above for all other information.

BCMCS Family Dance Basket Donations
Basket Donation Form
As has been done in the past, the BCMCS PTA is asking for your help in collecting items for the 'themed' basket raffle that takes place during the PTA Sponsored Family Dance on April 1st. Please see hyperlinked form above for a complete listing of class by class themes. BCMCS and the PTA thank you for your assistance.

My School Account
"MY SCHOOL ACCOUNT" is officially our designated payment portal for lunch, as well as all additional school sponsored activities, such as field trips, fundraisers, the purchase of year books, play tickets....etc. Cash and/or checks are no longer acceptable forms of school payment. See the above hyperlink for directions on how to create your My School Account or to Log In and Manage your account.

BCMCS Volunteers: BCMCS School Lunch Servers
SignUpGenius BCMCS Lunch Volunteers
Lunch servers are a necessity to help run our school lunch program. Training will be provided to make this simple process easy as 1-2-3. Please consider becoming a weekly volunteer or just fill in a day here or there whenever you can. Thank you, in advance, for your help.

2017-18 Academic Calendar
At the March 1, 2017 Board of Trustees Meeting the above school calendar was approved for the 2017-18 school year. The calendar, which includes 186 class days has a start date of 8/23/17 and end date of 6/15/18.

Lottery Results: Updated March 3, 2017
2017-18 Lottery Enrollment Results
These are the results of the recent lottery at BCMCS. Yellow highlighted names are those who have most recently been selected, green refers to formal acceptance, with a strike-out indicating a denial on the part of the applicant. List will be updated according to student acceptances and school grade openings.

2015-16 School Performance Results Are In ...
BCMCS Achieves Top Score in SPP
Once Again Bucks County Montessori Charter School receives the highest School Performance Profile Score of the 50 Public Elementary Schools in Lower Bucks County. Check out the above link for full details.

School Fundraising Program
GIANT A+ Reward Program
Support the school simply by registering and using your GIANT Food Store Bonus Card! Click on the hyperlink above for detailed information related to this school fundraiser.

OneCallNow System Options:
One Call Now Self Update Portal
BCMCS communicates all important information to our parent community through the One Call Now System; therefore, it is important that we have your most up to date phone numbers and email addresses to ensure that you receive all phone communications, email blasts and/or text messages. Our Self-Update Portal provides our parent community with a secure, convenient tool to keep your contact information up-to-date so you don’t miss out on current events, news, and emergency alerts. Sign Up Now at the above link to make sure your contact information is correct and up to date!

Upcoming Events & Reminders:

Thursday, March 23rd

* Start of Thursday Yoga Club -- 3:15p-4p

Monday, March 27th

* Service Club -- 3:15-4:15p

Tuesday, March 28th

* Reading Olympics COMPETITION
** Tuesday Yoga Club -- 3:15-4p

Wednesday, March 29th

* Young Rembrandts Art Session IV 3:15-4:15p
** Crochet Club -- 3:15-4:15p
*** BOT Meeting @ 8:15p

Thursday, March 30th

* Thursday Yoga Club -- 3:15p-4p

Saturday, April 1st


April 3rd

* PSSA [ELA] / TerraNova Testing Day
** Service Club -- 3:15-4:15p
*** Start of Shining Knights Chess Club 3:15-4:15p

April 4th

* PSSA [ELA] / TerraNova Testing Day
** Tuesday Yoga Club -- 3:15p-4p
*** The Next Step: Middle School Transition Club from 3:15-4:15p

April 5th

* Crochet Club -- 3:15-4:15p
*** Start of Young Rembrandts Art Session V 3:15-4:15p

April 6th

* PSSA [ELA] / TerraNova Testing Day
** Thursday Yoga Club -- 3:15p-4p

April 7th

* PSSA [ELA] / TerraNova Testing Day

April 10th

* Service Club -- 3:15-4:15p
** Shining Knights Chess Club 3:15-4:15p

April 11th

* Tuesday Yoga Club -- 3:15p-4p
** The Next Step: Middle School Transition Club from 3:15-4:15p

April 12th

** Young Rembrandts Art Session V 3:15-4:15p
*** Crochet Club -- 3:15-4:15p
**** Thursday Yoga Club* -- 3:15-4:00p
***** PTA Meeting @ 7:30p

April 13th

* Half-Day School -- Start of Easter Break

April 14th & 17th

School Closed -- Easter Break

April 18th

* Tuesday Yoga Club -- 3:15p-4p
** The Next Step: Middle School Transition Club from 3:15-4:15p

April 19th

* Young Rembrandts Art Session V 3:15-4:15p
** Crochet Club -- 3:15-4:15p

April 20th

* Thursday Yoga Club -- 3:15-4:00p

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