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Bucks County Montessori Charter School makes an individualized educational experience consistent with Montessori principles available to elementary students within the Pennsbury and surrounding school districts. The vision of the founding coalition was that the BCMCS would be a model Montessori School, providing a superior learning environment for its students through implementation of individualized Montessori curricula.

April's Message

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Dear Families,

The month of April and the season of Spring go hand in hand, as both can be viewed in sense of ‘renewal’ and ‘new beginnings’ – fittingly, BCMCS Montessori Staff have, and will soon, experience both.

‘Renewal,’ in that our Montessori team has just returned from the annual American Montessori Society conference. New and inspiring ranges of topics reinvigorated our staff’s Montessori understanding, with the conference’s theme promoting diversity of thought and passionate consideration for choice. Abiding the development of Montessori education, the conference induced and stimulated fresh, innovative ideas and perspectives, with our time together collectively strengthening the bond of our Montessori trained and Leadership team.

‘New beginnings,’ in that our Montessori team will soon make changes, as Ms. Dietmeir recently announced her early retirement, with the BOT accepting such at last month’s meeting. Her last day at BCMCS will be on April 15th. Ms. Dietmeir has been with BCMCS since 2010, serving both the school and the students in a ‘true’ Montessori fashion during that time. We wish her all the best in the upcoming years which she plans to devote to family and travels. With Ms. Dietmeir’s announcement, Ms. Ramus will shift from her Co-Lead position to that of Lead Teacher, with Mr. Ogden moving from his teaching aide post in Ms. Bernheim’s room into the setting with Ms. Ramus. Terri Grant, who has validated herself in roles of Intern and substitute, will take on a permanent Long Term Assisting Teacher role in Ms. Bernheim’s setting for the remainder of this school year.

Of safety importance, I would like to remind you that with the recent warmer weather, we insist that parents who pick up their children after school [or after an after school event] park on the opposite side of the parking lot of where the afterschool students play. If there are no available spaces, then we suggest that you pull to the side of the entrance or exit lane, and walk down to get your child.

Finally, please note that our 3rd Marking Period grading time needed to jostle due to the changes in this year’s school calendar. As a result, Progress Reports will not be completed in time for the upcoming Student-Led Conferences, as they will be sent via email distribution on or by April 25th. As these conferences are Student-Led, we hope the extra time away from the written progress notes will allow more time for your children to demonstrate their learning, as well as allow for extended quality conversations between parents and teachers.

As always, we thank you for your continued support of your child’s education. On behalf of all of us here at BCMCS, we wish each of you a warm spring filled with fun and family.

Mr. Brian Long

Latest News and Notices

Reading Olympics
Competition Update:
Congratulations to the BCMCS Reading Olympics teams, as the BCMCS Polar Bear Readers, BCMCS Reading Red Dragons and BCMCS Infinity Readers all received BLUE RIBBONS as top performers at the competitive event.

We want to thank the teacher coaches for their hard work in preparing the students. WAY TO GO!

Chess Club Enrolment - Spring Session
Application Form
Chess club, Spring Session, is starting at BCMCS April 28. If you are interested in the club, please click on the link for further information.

2014-15 Enrollment Lottery Results
The results are in!

The lottery for seats in Bucks County Montessori Charter Schools has been held and all valid applications have been assigned a position on the wait list.

To find your place in the lottery, click on the above link. The order of placement is determined by the lottery results and placement numbers refer to where the applicant was drawn in the lottery and does not reflect acceptance. Spaces will be filled in accordance with situational needs.

Offers of placement and wait list letters will be mailed out by March 31st and will include all pertinent information.

After the initial notice of your placement in the lottery, you will be contacted by the school if a placement becomes available.

Thank you to all who participated in our enrollment lottery and good luck!

Changes to this year's School Calendar:
2013-14 Revised School Calendar
As a result of the instructional time missed as a result of the recent snow storms, on 2/19/14 the BCMCS Board of Trustees approved a revis111ed 2013-14 School Calendar, changing the current Teacher In Service Day on April 11th and the four Intersession days on April 22nd through April 25th to full school days, with the understanding that student absences due to previously booked vacations would be excused.

School Performance Profile:
2012-13 School Performance Profile
Bucks County Montessori Charter School grades highest among the 50 Elementary Schools in Lower Bucks County, with a Building Level Academic Score of 94.2.

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Upcoming Events & Reminders

April 14th & 15th

School Closed -- Parent/Teacher Student-Led Conferences

April 16th through 21st

School Closed -- Easter/Spring Break

April 23rd

BOT Meeting @ 8:15p

April 25th

3rd Marking Period Progress Reports Completed

April 28th

Service Club 3:15-4:15p

May 1st

PSSA Science & Technology Tests [4th Grade ONLY] and
Photography Club 3:15-4p

May 2nd

PSSA Science & Technology Tests [4th Grade ONLY] and

May 5th through 9th


May 5th

Service Club from 3:15-4:15p

May 6th

UE Field Trip--National Liberty Museum and
3rd Year Field Trip--Churchville Nature Center

May 7th, 8th & 9th

7th Annual FLOWER SALE

May 8th

Photography Club from 3:15-4:00p and
Book-Fair Family Night from 6-7:30p

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