Math Review

1. Money Flashcards made available by A Plus Math.  This is a 
great way to 
pratice counting money.

2. Analog Flash Cards made available by A Plus Math.  Telling 
Time is an 
important skill for our third graders, please enjoy this fun way 
to practice.

Measurement Game

4. Addition Flash Cards for practicing basic facts!

5.Subtraction Flash Cards for even more basic fact practice.

6.Excellent Math Games by Cool Math 4 Kids.  Best picks for 
basic math skills include ArithmATTACK! and  Number MONSTER!

7.Math Baseball from  
This is ANOTHER great way to practice math facts.

8.More from  Need practice with place value or 
This is the site for you.  A variety of levels lets you choose 
the starting 
point just right for you.

10.Practice comparing decimals + a great "how to" 

11.AAAMath this is a site has a variety of topics to choose.  
Each topic is 
explained in a brief "how to" section.  On-line 
exercises are provided to 
practice each skill.  Great for a variety of grade levels.

Sharp tune your math skills with these fun and educational games, 
lessons, and activities.

13.CyberBee Math Adventure
If you are looking for an EXCELLENT math adventure this is the 
place to 

14.Flash Card Index From A+ Math.
Select from a variety of flash cards.  This site has all of the 
basic math 
facts plus money, inequalities, geometry and more.

15.Pattern Block Fractions- Exploring relationships between 
pattern blocks.

16.Who Wants Pizza?  Learn More About Fractions

17.Fraction Games Galore!!!

18.Area and Perimeter Practice

19.Graphs made easy.  A picture can be worth a thousand words, or 
Use a graph to show a lot of information quickly.

20.Play "Bugs in the System" a game to practice bar 

21.Open Sentences: To practice sentences containing variables 
'Algebra' from the choices presented at this site.

22.Practice your geometry skills while discovering the hidden 
picture.  This 
game is a lot of fun.  Hint: If the there is not a picture to 
match the term 
on your game card, simply click "enter" to change the 
term.  Not every 
term is used in each game.

23.  Sample material from the PSSA test.  This material is made 
available by 
the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

24. More geometry practice!!!!  Play MATHO, it is very much like 
However, in order to win your game you must match geometry terms/ 

25. Geometry!!! Yes, Geometry flash cards from A+ Math!!! Click on

26. Cool Math's Times Table Lessons.  Effort * Practice = Secure 
Multiplication Skills.  Now learning math facts is fun!

27. Apples 4 The Teacher.  Fun interactive math games for 
preschool through 
elementary aged students.

28.Making Change at EduPlace.

Making Change at  A good way to practice making 

Learn to 'rule' the world!  Practice reading a ruler.  Both 
Customary and Metric measure.

Many different math sites for 3rd grades

Symmetry-An introduction to Symmetry and a few practice exercises 

Great third grade skill review page!!!!

A good review site for area and perimeter.
Reviewing Area and Perimeter

Interactive Area and Perimeter Explorer
Interactive Area and Perimeter Explorer

Learn to calcultate perimeter with Adam Ant.
Learning Perimeter with Adam Ant

Find out how many months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and 
seconds you've been alive. Also, discover exactly how long it is 
to your next birthday!  
Math Cats Age Calculator!

Icy Slides.  Slides, Turns, Flips, Learn more about moving shapes 
using this game from Harcourt Schools.  
Slides,Turns, Flips-Learn more about moving shapes

Your tutor for angles! 
Learn about Angles

Practice identifying types of angles! 
Practice identifying angles! 

Need a bit of virtual help measuring angles.  This site is 
fun to use! 
Using a protractor and practice

Practice reading an online protractor
Practice reading a protractor

Be a sport and review all types of angles.
Review the Types of Angles Using Sports

Practice finding lines of symmetry on common polygons.
Symmetry of Polygons

Printable Home Links frm the Everyday Math series.  A good place 
to go when you hear, "I forgot my boookkkk!!!"
Printable Home LInks

Equilateral? Isosceles? Scalene? You decide! 
Classify Types of Triangles

Congruent? Similar? Neither...
Practice Classifying Shapes as Congruent, Similar or Neither

Decide if a given picture has symmetry.

Can you identify the shape???
Identify The Hidden 3-D Shape

Do you know the properties of common quadrilaterals?  Can you 
it to the sixth level of this quad-quest?
Quadrilateral Quest! 

Practice identifying 3-D Shapes
Practice Identifying 3-D Shapes

Identify Angles as Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal to Right 
Identify Angles as Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal to Right Angles

Explore the relationships between pattern blocks online.  To 
rotate figures, click on the vertices.  
Use Pattern Blocks Online

20 Free Problems...Practice your fact families.

Practice Fact Families

Activities to go w/ our Everyday Math lessons. 
Math Activities Everyday Math

57 congruent/ similar/ neither

58. Many symmetry sites

Equivalent Fraction Game
Equivalent Fraction Game

A great place to practice solving written math problems.
Word Problem Practice

A great practice place for learning the value of parentheses.
Parentheses Practice 

Online Geoboard

Practice finding elapsed time.
Elapsed Time Practice

Skill Practice

Practice Setting Both Digital and Analog Clocks To the Correct 
Setting Time on Clock

Can you tell time on these difficult to read clocks?  A fun 
66. Weird Clock Face Challenge

Practice using the time line method to solve elapsed time 
67. Interactive Time Line for Elapsed Time

Use your sign in to practice your third grade skills.
Splash Math

Math Practice with Study Jam at Scholastic

Games and activities matched to the 3rd grade common core.
70 Math Playground Common Core