Pictured above left to right Mr. Nestorick, Mr. Gartrell, Mrs. Keifer, Mr. Traver, Mr. Palfey, Dr. Duffy,
Mr. Shaffer, Mr. Rushmer, Mr. Riley, and Mr. Bradshaw

Dr. Thomas J. Duffy, Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Jeffrey Shaffer, Director of Secondary Curriculum/Middle School Principal
Mr. Thomas Traver, Director of Elementary Curriculum/Dallas Elementary School Principal
Mr. Jason Rushmer, High School Principal
Mr. Greg Riley, High School Assistant Principal
Mr. Brian Bradshaw, Wycallis Elementary Principal
Mrs. Dawn Keifer, Director of Special Education
Mr. Bill Gartrell, Director of Technology
Mr. Daniel Nestorick, Student Information Management Systems Administrator
Mr. Grant Palfey, Business Manager

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