About The Teacher

Mr. Brandon Collins, M.Ed.

Greater Nanticoke Area John S. Fine Senior High School

Chemistry Teacher


About Mr. Collins

Mr. Collins is a 2003 graduate of Pittston Area Senior High School. Mr. Collins attended King's College 
in the fall of 2003, where he pursued the study of a Bachelors of Science Degree in Chemistry and 
General Science. 

In August of 2007, Mr. Collins became a high school Chemistry teacher at Holy Cross High School, a 
school of the Scranton Diocese. While at Holy Cross, Mr. Collins was the advisor to the school 
newspaper, Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Coordinator, and co-moderator of the 
Pennsylvania Bar Association Young Lawyers Division Mock Trial Competition.

During the Summer of 2008, Mr. Collins participated in Wilkes University's Science in Motion Program 
(SIM), which provides science teachers with training to develop and implement successful lab 
curriculum and how to incorporate lab resources from Wilkes University into the classroom.

In June of 2008, Mr. Collins began his career at Greater Nanticoke Area, working to co-moderate the 
Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Competition and GNA Science Olympiad team. Mr. Collins 
also advises interested Chemistry students in the ACS High School Chemistry Exam Competition each 

During the summer of 2009, Mr. Collins was selected to particpate in the Teacher in the Workplace 
Program in cooperation with Luzerne County Community College and Wilkes University. As part of the 
program, Mr. Collins worked with the Pennsylvania American Water Company at the Ceasetown Water 
Treatment facility, learning about the science and job skills needed for our students 
to be succesful in their future careers. 

Mr. Collins was selected to participate in the Susquehanna Aquatic and Biodiversity Network (SABN) 
Fellowship as part of the 2011 Pennsylvania Sea Grant Program, conducting biological and chemical 
research on the wildlife, plant life, and aquatic life within the Susquehanna River basin. Mr. Collins 
collected data as part of this research study and implemented  much of the information and 
experiences into his Chemistry classes. 

In the spring of 2012, Mr. Collins completed his Masters of Education Degree from King's College in 
Science Curriculum and Instructional Practices. Mr. Collins is currently working on his Masters of 
Education in Educational Administration through the University of Scranton.

During the spring of 2014, Mr. Collins was awarded as Favorite Teacher in Northeastern Pennsylvania 
through a contest run by local radio station 98.5KRZ and Dunkin Donuts. 

Mr. Collins became the Student Council Co-Moderator, along with Ms. Warman, in 2012 and looks 
forward to working to involve students in events and other happenings in the classroom, school, and 
local community.

In addition to being a High School Chemistry Teacher, Mr. Collins is a volunteer firefighter and 
Emergency Medical Technician for the Hughestown Hose Company. This experience has helped Mr. 
Collins to deal with emergency situations, provide first aid and other medical services, and how to 
safely work with Hazardous Materials.

Student Expectations

Chemistry is considered a very challenging subject and that notion is rightfully so. Chemistry is the 
central science, linking to all sciences and is very math intensive. Prepare to be challeneged. As a 
student, I can only ask for one thing from you, your very best effort each and every day. If you 
do your best, challenege yourself, and become involved in the class, you will have a very successful 
Chemistry experience.

The door is always open. I usually come to school very early in the morning and make myself available 
through the late afternoon. If you do not understand something, please come ask for help if class is not